Saturday, April 19, 2014


Well, while I'm not that keen to be on the road on a holiday weekend, we are heading down to Hamilton for the day.

Steve and Bex have a friend's birthday party to attend, so we are going to meet them down there for a family lunch.

Stew, Brylee, Griffin, Keera and I will then head out to the Cemetery to visit Stew's Mum and Dad's grave, and make sure their headstone is all tidy.

After that we might do some shopping, I certainly want to visit the Hamilton Spotlight shop.  Who knows, they might have some different wools/fabric?  Oh, and I hope we can visit the Patchwork shop at Gordonton too! 

Even if I 'just look'... I don't have to purchase every time I visit a fabric shop I suppose.
It's not like I don't have a fairly healthy 'stash' of fabric.

ABOVE:  A knitting pattern I tried last night.  It was a right shit to do, I kept making mistakes ... so it ended up being a 'small' block.

I'm hoping the next block I make is lovely, cos I've now done a couple that sucked.


HI!  We have had a really lovely day out in Hamilton.  Lunch at Chartwell Square, some shopping, spending time with the kids.
The roads were very busy, but not too many traffic jams to contend with.
I didn't take any photos as the weather was rather crappy.

Once home again, we had a surprise at our 'back door'...

ABOVE: SEE?  Somebody left these for us!  So... if it was YOU... 'Thank You!'.... and let me know it was YOU ok?
We didn't have many Easter Eggs, but now we have more. YUMMO.  And of course the flowers are lovely.

It just occurred to me!  The flowers and Easter Eggs might have been for BEX and STEVE!

Whoops!  Oh well... we are all in the same house.

I bought my printer today.  I waited until Steve could come with me, so I got the 'right' one.  He seems to think I can't buy anything 'electronic' without him checking it out first!

ABOVE:  It's not even out of the box yet.  No doubt it will be plugged in after dinner and given a test drive.
I am going to take photos of my knitted blocks and type out their instructions... then I will have them on hand for the next time I want to knit blocks... after I've done my secret project.

ABOVE:  My wool 'stash'!  I got about 8 balls of wool at Spotlight in Hamilton today.   It was all 40% off.  SCORE!

Now... time to have dinner, and relax for a while.

Dinner was Beef Spare Ribs cooked in a Sticky Rib Marinade, and we had potato wedges with them.  It was delicious. 

ANON:  No name?  Come on, I'd like to know who I'm thanking while I'm eating a chocolate egg!

I've plugged in me new printer and even printed a couple of photos.  It works SO FAST!  Literally in a couple of seconds the photo is printed.
So awesome.
Now I can send my Mum photos of the family.

End of Day:  well a really cool day.  Nice to leave Auckland for the day and do a little shopping too. 
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Good.Morning Keera xoxo

  2. Maria7:35 AM

    Check out Grandmothers garden 1042 Gordonton Road RD 1 if it's open. & Donnas Quilt Studio 8 Railside Pl, Dinsdale

  3. Take your camera manual to read up on...... Drive safe.

  4. Drive carefully :-)

  5. Anonymous6:58 PM

    They are for everybody in your lovely house Chris.

    1. Come on! Who are you? I would love to know who I'm thanking!

  6. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Your wool srash is a bit bigger than mine :)

    Bex :)

    1. Maybe you need to 'borrow' some of the 'stash' Bex

  7. We need a new printer ASAP to print legal documents ( who on earth has 3 executors in a will especially when one hasn't spoken to the others in 20 + years) so will have to see if I can find one of these as it is very similar to our dead printer

  8. Sounds like a nice day!

  9. I reckon we have the exact same printer. If it's not, it's eerily similar! Great machine!


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