Thursday, April 24, 2014


HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY STEVE.  He's the child who was responsible for maiming me during childbirth.  He was 10 pound 12 ounces and he got STUCK.  
I finally got all that damage surgically 'fixed'  in 2008.  And it nearly killed me!  

I had a quick look back to that time on my blog, and it was scary how badly that all spiraled into a nightmare!  If you are interested in reading all about it:    edit:  sorry, wrong date!   Friday 27th of June, 2008 is the start of the operation saga.

RIGHT .... onwards!

Since grabbing me knitting needles, you poor buggers have been visually assaulted with me knitted blocks.

Sorry 'bout that.  

But, as this blog is about anything and everything I do in me life... you just have to put up with me, or leave!

But, I am aware I'm probably boring you to death!  

Today I will show you blocks 10 & 11.  Then hopefully later on I'll have some photos of other stuff.

Stew has suggested we go out and about, and see if we can find something to hold me knitting patterns upright while I'm actually knitting.  I've been using a cushion, but it sucks.

So... here's those two new blocks:

ABOVE:  this one is called Star Stitch.  It's a tricky bugger to do, but I'm pig headed and determined.  Which is just as well... cos this one:

... was a tricky one too.  It's called Smocking Stitch.  It looks like the smocking on the front of a baby's dress/shirt.  I love it.
But it's a shit to knit too.

Oh well... it wouldn't be interesting if it wasn't a challenge eh?

So, I'm looking forward to getting out of the house today.  Yesterday I literally stayed inside all day, except to hang out washing.  
Need some fresh air. 

It's getting a bit cooler here now.  I am wearing socks!  And a long sleeved thin cardigan too.

And the freakin' hot flushes are settling down again too... thank god!  Maybe the weather is helping?

I swear, they really do drive me mental.  It's now been about 9-10 years for me.  So not fair.  Some women never get any!

I was talking to a woman at the Hospice Shop recently, and we got to talking about hot flushes, and I said I'd had them for about 10 years, and she said she'd had them for four.  

I said : "Four years, you poor thing".

And she said "No, I have only had four hot flushes ever!"

Pfffffft.  That sure made me NOT feel sorry for her.

Try almost 10 years, and up to 24 times a day (and that is a VERY conservative guess)!

I hope like hell I'm not grizzling about them in another 10 years!

Right, time to go make a start on the day...


COTTONREEL:  thanks for that, I will go have a look when I've got a minute spare.

PAULA & ENZ:  yep, I think we are going to Warehouse Stationary to look.

Well... we had a look around and saw several options.  Some cheap, some bloody expensive!
And got neither.
I am sure I can make something from stuff we have here at home.  edit:  Stew is making it for me... even if it takes hours and hours for him to get it done.  nah nah na na.  MEN!

ABOVE:  Bex has made a Banana Cake for Steve's birthday.  she is going to ice it with Chocolate icing.  YUM.

ABOVE:  Stew made me a pattern holder.  And it didn't take hours after all.  Thanks Darling.

End of Day: such a nice day.  The temperature is dropping, so much more comfortable for everyone.
Steve got a Birthday cake made by Bex (photo tomorrow), and we all had a lovely dinner of Pizza and Cake.
Very happy that my 'knitting area' in the lounge is workable and comfortable now.
nite nite


  1. Take a look at Crafty cats corner and see what she has done with her scraps of wool . It was posted about 2 days ago

  2. I love your blog and I love your stories :)

    What about a typing stand for holding your patterns? You know the stands used for typists to copy from? Or a cookbook stand?

    I'm sure you'll let us know what you find :) I am glad you are enjoying your week with Stew home.

  3. I love the smocking stitch block, both the pattern and the yarn. I wish I had a baby around somewhere to knit a blanket for, but the truth is I never finished a blanket I started for one of my grandsons who is now 10 yrs old.
    Happy birthday to Steve.

  4. Hi Chris. For your knitting pattern holder, check out document holders at a stationery shop. I have one on my desk for my typing at work - kind of like a clipboard on a stand. Have a good day.

  5. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Happy Birthday Butt Munch xoxo

  6. I wanta knit wish you were me neighbor!!! I have hot flushes and take hormones. Even a small dose makes a huge difference and I have had em 10 yrs plus, more like 20. CANNOT deal with it I'll tak e my chances and YES hot weather brings them on which is whine all summer long that it's HAWT!!!!

  7. They say it takes about 10 years to go through the "change" so you MUST be nearing the end. I started very early (mid 30's) so I've been done for a while ....and I don't miss the hot flushes one bit!
    You are so very talented ...I knit, but do not have the patience for those intricate patterns!

  8. my friend uses a music stand beside her to hold her patterns height adjustable and easily moved around. Cold here today rains back oh joy. I like the star stitch I'm sending you a photo of your next project feel free to share!!!!! lol

  9. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Happy Birthday Steve!!!!

    LOVE the smocking stitch!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Steve :-)

  11. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Stew seems like such a lovely man, and he and Dante seem to love each other so much...Stew is like my hubby, cooking, fixing and caring.. and watching the


  12. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Happy Birthday to Steve, another great guy, who loves his mum....


  13. WHOOPS! Sorry Felicity, I deleted your comment by mistake, so here it is:

    FREEDOM has left a new comment on your post "HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE...":

    Clearly that man loves you to bits. Making you a pattern holder clever fella

    Hope Steve has had a great day

  14. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Your hubby is a man of many trades, just like yourself a woman of many talents.
    Make a very compatible couple. 😊
    Happy birthday Steve 🎁🎂

  15. Happy Birthday Steve! I love banana cake and that looks especially good!

  16. Yummm cake!

    Stew did a great job!


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