Wednesday, April 30, 2014


My knitting ... is not going to become a cover for the little wing back chair.  *sigh*

I had another look at how it looked on the chair late last night, after I'd knitted a heap more of the first 'strip'.  It still did not look good.

So I am throwing in the towel.  My knitting will have to become a really pretty scarf or blanket.  I might try and knit a jumper or two for the littlies with some of the wool I've accumulated over the past couple of weeks.

It won't go to waste.

My next project in the sewing room will be a couple of mug rugs for some people, then I might just get back to my Dresden Plate Quilt.

It is constantly glaring at me from the sewing desk... I've not put it away, I've kept it out so it is 'IN ME FACE'.

TODAY?  Well because I have put the chair cover 'on the back burner', I might take a break from all craft for the day and just blog, read blogs, read the news, play a game or two, just fill in the day with other stuff for a change.

I might pop out this morning and check out a couple of fabric shops.  I've not bought any fabric in a few weeks!   I can always do with some more, now that I'm not buying wool!
Or maybe I can look for a pattern or two for summer dresses, shirts/shorts for grandkids next Christmas?  No time like now to get a head start on presents.

WOW!  I just realised it's the LAST day of April!  Where the hell has 4 months gone already???


I've roused the kids out of bed.  The one thing I LOVE about kids this age?
They sleep in.  It's so GOOD.  *smiles*

A BIG THANK YOU LYNDA.  I took the wool I bought yesterday back for a full refund.  Now I have $$'s for fabric!  

After returning the wool at Spotlight, the kids and I enjoyed an ice cream at the mall before coming home again.

Now I think I will pop around a few blogs.

Nearly dinnertime, and I'm happy to say I'm not cooking it!
Bex is.

I've popped around a few blogs and feel good about that.  I've also done some knitting, I'm tossing up what to do with my big Chevron Strip... it's either going to be a baby cot blanket, or something else.  Time will tell I suppose.

It's just as well I can change my mind, cos I do it every half and hour!  lol

ME:  I left the pattern as a comment on your last blog post.

End of Day: not a busy evening.  It was nice to see Steve home, even if he was a pain in the butt.
I'll elaborate tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. If you have your receipts Spotlight do refund for wool not used. I still think a lovely blanket for snuggling up in winter would be great! I'm going to crochet a cool chevron pattern one for the new baby's cot. I'm doing it in sort of blues and taupe and white... on instructions from the mother :)

  2. Well you gave it your best shot at the chair cover. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh the Dresden when you do finish it celebrate have champagne even! good ides refund reuse recycle the $. We slept in too only cause it was 1 degree here! and the bed was the warmest place.

  3. Bizarre.... my comments are now disappearing mid-typing them. Not sure if it is a problem at my end... but the holidays are coming to an end so not too much longer putting up with Brylee ;-)

  4. Any ideas here? Very cool colours on this furniture :) I'm glad you got your money back... especially after I said you could. I only took one ball back but if they refund for one then I thought they'd refund for more.

  5. I feel like I've been gone from your blog FOREVER but it's only been what, a little less than a week? SO much happens at your place, and yet every day it seems the same old gang is there. GL on your recovering the chair! It looks like it's going to be one of those projects you learn a ton from.

  6. THANK YOU so much - am off to check it out. I looked again this afternoon but I could still only find some 'holey' ones or else ones that you got the chevron pattern using plain and purl stitches as opposed to creating the chevron effect with the pattern.
    Thanks again - enjoy your evening !
    Me xox
    PS I found the diamond brocade so will have to decide between the two which one to use first !!! {After I get our tax returns done :( }

  7. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Are the blocks knitted with wool yarn (vs. acrylic)? If so maybe you could felt the squares that you have knitted. You can Google to find instructions on felting knitting using your washing machine.

  8. Glad to hear you got you money back. I'm not expert but you did a good job. Anyway you do have the crafty touch at whatever it is you're attempting to accomplish. FYI answer to your question is Dad is at a point where he can barely walk, and breath, thus he can't go on his own. However I have decided that appointments I can not take him, it is up to him to make other arrangements. Try as she might, he is not my responsibility alone.


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