Monday, April 28, 2014


How do I know it's winter?

In winter my right arm/hand gets freezing cold to the touch, while my left arm stays warm!

I know.  It's weird but true.

So, I have a 'Winter Arm'.  It never fails to do this once the temperatures drop.

So, all the beds have their electric blankets on, and warm flannelet sheets.  We will be warm and toasty now.

Sad.  Stew has to go back to work today.  I will miss having him around.

I think Bex is going over to Lacy's today, I will stay home and knit/sew/do the housework I think.

"Date my arse" means:  Like hell is going grocery shopping with Stew a 'date'!    Not literally 'date my arse'... cos well... the rest of me is attached to me arse eh? lol

Steve is away with the Building Company he works for in Rotorua for three days.  I'm sure we will all miss him.

Now: how about I show you that rather difficult knitting pattern I got my head around and accomplished last night...

ABOVE:  It is called 'Homes of Donegal Castle'.  I wouldn't want to be knitting that pattern for a big project!  It's 26 rows long, and every row is different. 

I'm really chuffed I managed to decipher the pattern, and stick with it.

Now I have to find the next one I'm going to attempt.  It's a bit like finding complex patchwork blocks to sew, challenging but fun.

Right, I'm going to bugger off and get some housework done, so when I do sit down to either knit or sew I won't feel guilty.


I went back to bed after feeding the dogs, checking emails, etc.  Only for about an hour, but it was so nice.

Now I'm doing housework.  I didn't think there was much to do!  FUNNY HA HA.  There's always heaps to do.
So... I'm doing it.  

Griffin is stuck in his room until it's a safe place again, in case Dante wanders in there and chokes on something on the floor.
Lego... is not good for a toddler.  Nor is batteries.
So... here's hoping I can instill in Griffin the reason WHY it's so important to have a clear floor.

So... there's a few jobs done!  It's taken me hours to clean the fridge, tidy some cupboards in the kitchen, do the washing, and general mucking around.  
Now, lunch.  Then watch some Home and Away before getting down to doing some sewing or knitting.

I've got a big pot of Pea & Bacon soup on for dinner too.

I just laid out some of the knitted blocks on the chair to see how it might look.

The only blocks I like on the chair are the Chevron Patterns, indicated by the arrows. So, I'm going to use the other blocks to make a baby blanket, Bex is taking a couple to unpick for her crochet.  And I will make heaps more Cheveron Blocks... and I will stick to Pink, Blue, White, Purple and the Multi-Coloured wool.
NOT YELLOW, or GREEN, or any other colour.

I just cut Griffin's hair, now he can see where he's going again.  And I need a shower to get all the hair off ME.  It's itchy on me boobs!

End of Day: well... so little is happening around here, I'm signing off early tonight.
nite nite


  1. eeeekkkk Steve be cold then cause it freezing down our ways! That is an intricate pattern but I like it nonetheless. Good luck on the tidy up front. My mum always said no rewards or no punishment for not doing the chore BUT believe me the mere threat OF COMING HOME to no draws no bedding no BED was very real! lol

    1. Now I am as impressed with your knitting ability as I am with your sewing ability
      AND you can cut hair. You are a very talented woman.

  2. Hmmm definfintely not a fan of knitted squares for the chair... being an upholstery seamstress I think you need to unpick the chair and re-upholster it in a fabric of your choice! By the look of it not much sewing involved!!! Just unpick with a good staple remover and do it!!! You have a great project there...

  3. Holidays go too darn quickly. Keep warm.

  4. I was wondering how that was going to work with all the different colors and patterns. I think if you used the same colors it would be nice.


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