Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Well I'm sadly lacking on anything riveting to blather on about right now, so I give you these:

 ABOVE:  He's kissing the fan (it's going).  Why?  I don't have any idea, except he was rather taken with it.  

And ewwww, look at all that dust on the darn thing!

 ABOVE:  A sweet moment in his madness...  You will see what I mean in the next photo!


I only got ONE knitting block done yesterday, but I was thrilled with it because: 

 ABOVE:  FINALLY!!!  A Chevron Pattern that works!  Now that I've found it, I won't lose it.
Someone thought I was making a Pattern Book or some such thing, and that gave me the idea...

ABOVE: to actually make one.  Thanks whoever it was.
Seeing as I have been trying out all sorts of knitting patterns, it seems a sensible thing to do.

Right, I might just go and get started on a few household jobs... and rope the kids into helping too.  I'm sure they won't mind....  And pigs can fly.  YEAHhhh... NAH.


I'm on the warpath.

A certain person in this house seems to think 'tidying the bedroom' means throw everything in the wardrobe or on top of his bed.  Ahh, no.

HE is now sulking, because after asking him numerous times over the past few days to tidy his room, and not seeing a tidy room, I've banned him from the XBox for the day.

BOYS ... well KIDS really.

Why do they think their throats have been cut when I ask them to do some jobs around the house???

Do they think the house keeps itself clean and tidy?

It may look like I do NOTHING all day, but in reality, I never walk from one room to another without picking something up, straightening something up, or cleaning it.  It's a HABIT I had hoped to install in all my kids.

Waste of time.

I don't think there is one single kid I've raised who is tidy like me.

Maybe Mike is?  I wouldn't know because I haven't seen his 'living space' where he lives now.

Sometimes I despair at how untidy my kids are.

Yaaa, I now have 9 knitting patterns in my Pattern Book.
And now... I'm starting on another block.
Such fun.  No ... really it is!

I absolutely ♥love♥ sewing, and will never NOT sew, but I'm also loving knitting right now.  *smiles*

Watch out though, I'm good at up and trying something else too.

In my lifetime so far, I have done:

Knitting, Sewing, Patchwork,  Card Making, Pottery, Crochet, Painting, Lead Light Glass making, Woodturning, Embroidery, Felting, Rug Making & Chocolate Making.


I am sure there's a few more I'd like to add to that list eventually.

Have any of you done any craft type stuff that is totally different?   I'd like to know.

FROGGY:  You are lucky to only be picking up after ONE person. 

NUMBER 5:  Dream on sunshine.

KAREN: ummm ... none of those ideas tickle me fancy!  *smiles*

TRACY:  trouble with letting them have a pig sty for a room?  They can't find stuff.  Clothes don't get washed and they stink!  AND they then start making a mess in other areas of the house too.

I am trying to teach them that living in a clean and tidy home is better than living in chaos.  

Seems some lessons are never learnt.

End of Day:  Well ... got a bit of housework done, not much, but better than none.
Also got one more knitted block done, and a 2nd half done.
I've started trying to do really intricate ones.  I will show you the two latest tomorrow... cos I need something to post!
nite nite


  1. I have the knitting bug at present . I'm using a yarn called King Cole.It is made in Yorkshire UK .

  2. Mittens? Are you making mittens?

    1. Anonymous6:22 PM

      Wake up girl!! She's already told us!

    2. Anonymous7:41 PM

      Calm down anonymous....take a chill pill.....gezzzz

  3. I'm the same, Chris. My Mother used to say never leave a room empty handed. But, do you think I can get Dobby to do anything like that?? I spend all my spare time picking up after her!! lol

  4. Anonymous11:25 AM

    I'm tidy, organised choas works well for me, I always know exactly where on the floor each item of my clothing is thank you.

    lots of love from me, the number 5 from your womb but number one in your heart

    1. Anonymous3:20 PM

      Bahahahahaha number 5 thats b.s as ur partner ur really untidy. Im always cleaning up after u and ur son.
      From u darling wife to be :p

    2. Anonymous4:47 PM

      You guys crack my shit up lol...
      I #2 from the womb is the bomb diggidy at keeping shit clean....I just chose not to cos that way my mummy will come do it for me coz....she loves me the nearest.....
      Oh Ma I need a foot rub xoxo :-p

    3. Bahahaha number 2ur full of shit lol ur room U can't even walk in it. And U only clean ur house (clean mess) wen U get bored lol from ur to be sis in law :)

    4. Anonymous10:31 PM

      Haha my room isn't a mess lol it is organised chose lol...and as for the rest of my house....would you like a job lol hehehe....butt munch xo..I'm sure together we could rule the world...
      Love ya sis in law :-p

  5. Samuel did that once and once only he was made to choose 5 favourite toys 2 WERE binned black bagged and walked to the rubbish truck cause I heard it coming THEY were crunched in front of him a howling kid tromping back up drive BUT I TELL you this HE NEVER let his room get in a state again I KID YOU NOT! he tidies before bed and before he walks out the door EVERY day without fail he remebers that hard learned lesson very early on, he was 7/8 maybe no older but he remembers to this day.

  6. Also every Friday is our cleaning house day in the afternoon it is Samuels job to vaccum edges wipe windowsills and skirting board and dust high roof line etc, some of his weekly chores he has been doing since 6/7 wiping skirting boards, etc he now vaccums bedrooms I do lounge kitchen while he moves all the furniture takes as only an hour or so then we all done ad everyone has contributed. THAT has added to the household mess etc, but we are only a family of 2 it is easy for me.. I do mopping and kitchen bathroom toilet he makes the beds if and when I strip them and washs heets I put the pillowcases on though and he does the rest.

  7. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Chris, thought of G, when I saw this... get him to read it or read it to him, he might think twice. LOL. I had one who was an absolute shambles most of the time, glad to say now its a whole lot different. xxx Michele

  8. What about macrame, making toys from Leggs pantyhose contaIners, Wombles with fizzy bottles, string art, jewellery making,

  9. I crocheted wool baby blankets And sold them when kids were small too. If we didn't keep our hands busy what would we do?

  10. I make my kids keep the common areas tidy, their rooms are up to them. Mostly they are bomb sites:-)

  11. Loving all your crafts - belated props to Bex for her crocheted dolls, they were super-cute! I've done silverwork before, which was expensive and a bit boring, and painting on ceramics, which I actually really enjoyed. Platters and plates, tiles, cups and vases galore!! xxxx

  12. These are crafts I've done which are not on your list: tatting, beadweaving, screen printing, stamp carving, bookbinding, needle lace. Bookbinding is the easiest to learn. Have you tried it?

  13. You are very crafty and good at whatever you try. I keep thinking I need to take up something but never get around to doing so. Cleaning the house is never ending :(

  14. My kids always loved to stand in front of the fan and make noises.

    I let the kids do what they want in their room up until a certain point and then it needs to be cleaned up. Usually it's disgusting.

    I've done tons of hobbies too. I always says I have too many lol

  15. I will look up this chevron scarf pattern - I found a couple of chevron patterns but they were a little 'holey' for my liking.
    Sorry for the comments going backwards - I started at the end and am working my way back to where I last read !!!
    Enjoy your evening !
    Me xox


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