Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Well, after deciding that individual blocks joined together would look hideous on my wing back chair, I've started working on long strips of the Chevron Pattern...

 ABOVE:  I started this strip last night.  And this morning I'm going to Spotlight to try and get as much of the 'foundation' pink/blue/multi-coloured wool I can.  It's a limited line and they didn't have much left last time I looked.  Fingers crossed I can get enough for my chair.

Bex was in the family room yesterday crocheting, and she could hear this little 'beep, beep, beep'... and didn't know what it was at first.  Then it dawned on her...

She looked behind herself, into the kitchen. Yep.  His nibs has found the microwave, and he knows how to make it beep.  *sigh*   
Next thing we know he'll be warming up his bottle, or some toy!

Luckily, he actually needs to grow about 2 inches taller before he can get something in it.

So, as I said, I'm going out this morning to Spotlight.  Griffin is going to a movie with a friend.  

I think Bex is coming with me, but time will tell.  Sometimes Dante really needs a sleep before lunch, so maybe she is coming, maybe she's not.
Of course, Brylee will have to come with me ... oh yaaa.   Right now I'm tempted to put masking packaging tape across her mouth, I'm so sick of her mouth.  edit: Packaging tape takes more effort to rip off than masking tape!

I know... that doesn't sound nice of me.  But really, ya have to live with her to know where I'm coming from.

After I've been out and about, I plan on catching up with a few more blogs.  I miss feeling connected to my favourite bloggers.  

This year I have probably been the worst blogger ever when it comes to keeping in touch, and I'm sorry about that.  

I was spending too much time on my computer, so I took a step back from spending so much time reading blogs.  I needed to devote a bit more time to my interests outside of blogging, and just spend more time with the family.

So, I hope in some way that explains my slackness.

Anyway.... I am off now to make a start on me day.


Easter was very generous to me.
It gave me 2 pimples, and 3 kilos.
Now I have to pull finger and really work on my will power, or lack of it.

Did anyone else go mental and stuff their face with chocolate?
I'd like to think I'm not alone.

WANNA B: if my knitted 'cover' still looks hideous, I will have a go at recovering the chair... even though I have NO IDEA how to go about it!

FROGGY:  I have wanted to give her a right bitch slap on MANY occasions, but in this country you are not ALLOWED to slap you child.  You end up with a criminal conviction for assault on a minor.  WE know this only too well.

Been shopping.

Bex thinks I have a HUGE stash of wool.
I don't think I do!

While I was out I had a brilliant idea for something to sew, so I'm off to do that now.

I'm starting to think NO ONE wants to see me knitting... cos there's not many remarks about it.  *sniff*

I'll come back after I've made my 'thing'.

LYNDA:  I am inclined to half agree... so if the knitted strips (once pinned on) don't look good I will scrap that idea and turn them into a blanket.
All will not be lost, because either way, I will have made something pretty.

And I can decided what to do with the chair later.  

I have finished my little 'project' ... and now just need to take a photo to share.

ABOVE:  I made a big drawstring bag.

Explanation:  I used to have a jug on the bench for all used plastic bags.  Every Monday I'd take them to the Hospice Shop with me, as we need all plastic bags we can scrounge from people.
We are not supplied with plastic bags from Hospice very often.

Anyway, I decided to make a nice bag, in the same fabric I've used in the lounge and family room (cushions, mug rugs, etc) and hang it in a handy place near the kitchen.  

So, there ya have it.  One gorgeous bag hanging out of the way, but in a handy spot. edit: it might not stay there, I will see how it goes.

End of Day:  Well, not a bad day... not a fantastic day either.  It was nice to get out on my own for a little while.
Griffin was out till almost dinner time, so he was happy.
Brylee?  Bored shitless.  I bet she can't wait to get back to school!
I can't wait either.
nite nite


  1. I know what you mean with the mouth. I don't know how many times mine copped a slap on the cheek for back talking, but it never worked. Still and issue now and she's just turned 17….

  2. Anonymous12:06 PM

    So no more from the blogger with the son who is interested in me...or was that just someone playing a nasty joke....

    1. Oooh I hope not! I have been checking in to see if there has been an update hehe

    2. Oooh I hope not! I have been checking in to see if there has been an update hehe

    3. Anonymous6:32 PM

      You and me both Bee :-) from Lacy

  3. your not a slacker about anything. your little babes are so cute although it's time to teach him "no no" microwaves can be dangerous. I think I would go nuts with what you deal with. love ya

  4. Honest opinion? I don't like the knitting on the chair. You are incredibly talented and have some wonderful projects and superb results but I think you've got this one wrong. You could buy some material with some stretch or give in it to make a cover - might be easier than using standard fabric. Sorry I I'm offending you but I believe you put these things on for our opinion. Really, step away from the knitting - use the wool to make a wonderful warm snuggly blanket.

    1. I agree Linda . Make a knitted throw or something similar and buy some fabric for a cover, maybe some patterned polar fleece ?

  5. Dante so clever you can put a kiddie lock format on your microwave it is in the manual. I love the new pattern and colours of the knitting block, Hope you were all warm and toasty last night I love it when you change over all summer linen to winter linens....

  6. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Hope it wasn't a joke Lacy!

    Microwaving: my 2 year old nephew microwaved my sister's Iphone, so watch out for Dante!

    Commenting and blogging: haven't noticed you doing less commenting, maybe because I don't blog very regularly, but you leave me lovely comments! Thank you. Plus, family is important.

    Knitting: I like what you are doing. I get the idea of consistent focused colours and patterns too, although I enjoyed seeing each of the blocks. I need to work on my commenting, I think, not you!

    Always reading Chris, even if I don't comment. I only met you a few times and I miss you. Penny xo

  7. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Hahahahaha u scared them off lacy or he was invisable :) ur fav sis bexs theres pleanty more meat in the supermarket lol

    1. Anonymous6:29 PM

      Haha you really do crack my sh*t up sis....yea he didn't even met me and hes like....nah nah ill be ok, your a bit crazy lady...oh well yea plenty more meat in the supermarket lol wahhhhhhhhhh lol....
      What's that movie 'Never been Kissed' well iv never been Dated....offers lol...or does that just sound desperate lol.....oh well got my vibratory in the top draw :-) hehe YOLO

  8. If it's any consolation, I *totally* pigged out on Easter eggs.... since their arrival in the blimmin' shops, in JANUARY. Horrible!!!

  9. Hi Chris. Love your bag for the plastic bags - very cool! Re the chair, check out this website .... http://www.voodoomolly.co.nz/ ... my friend looked into doing one of their upholstery courses for beginners a while back and seemed quite impressed. Has your microwave got a child proof lock on it - our old one had a button you could hold down for a few seconds and it put the door and keys in "locked" mode so nothing could be turned on or opened until it was "unset"? Was a great feature!

  10. Poor you with Ms Mouthy. Hope you survive the rest of the school holiday. Take care keep warm.

  11. I just ate a ton of those robin's eggs. This is the first year my mom didn't give me a basket and I bought the kids stuff in a package so I'd stay out of it.

  12. I love that pattern you are knitting. I knit heaps of baby blankets for charity and am so tired of straight patterns. Would you mind sending me the pattern - if you could scan it that would be great (and easier than typing it out) or if you know a link to a site on the internet.
    LOL that is definitely not a huge stash of yarn - I think I have about 8 of the big packets from Spotlight - I sneak them into the house or leave them with my parents as K always gives me a hard time about how much yarn I have - but I like a choice of colours when making blankets and it isn't as though she is paying for any of it anyway !!!!!!
    I know exactly what you mean about how you feel about Brylee and her mouth - I am so over K and her attitude and the tone of voice she uses to talk to A and myself - it's driving me nuts - while I know I will miss her when she leaves for USA - on another level I can't wait for her to go so I don't have to put up with it every day !!
    Have a great day !

  13. Your wool is beautiful! Love the colors.


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