Sunday, April 27, 2014


So, Stewie has to go back to work tomorrow... I bet he's looking forward to that like a hole in the head.

While we have not gone 'away' on holiday, we have enjoyed having some nice times at home together.

Sunday.  Hmmmm.  Might do some sewing or knitting .... or, grocery shopping.  Probably grocery shopping.  Has to be done eh?

TODAY:  I'm feeling really tired.  My mind is going around and around, wondering why? some things happen.  Is it possible to mend a broken bridge, when you need more than one person to want to do it? 

Here's some photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Steve and all his new tools.  Combined with what Marty gave him, he's got most of the 'essentials' now.
Ha, now all he needs is a van to carry it all!

 ABOVE:  Master Dante chillin' out on his favourite cushion.

 ABOVE: cute.  And see my snuggly electric throw?  It's out and ready for when it gets cold.
Which won't be long now surely?
April and it's still warm!  That's nuts.

ABOVE:  I love how my lounge looks with the new blue/nautical accessories I've made.  That colour even matches the rug!  Didn't even realise it until now.

Right, I'm gunna go and check out the cupboards, see what we need when we do the freakin' shopping...


MARY H:  all Steve's tools are covered under his Employer's Insurance.

I'm actually COLD today!  Feels GREAT.  I am going to put the electric blanket on my bed today.  Cos it was just a bit chilly climbing into bed last night.

I'll also change the kids sheets to warm ones, and put their electric blankets on too.

After lunch Stew and I will do the grocery shopping.  I'm actually not dreading it for once.

Steve and Bex are going to stay home and babysit B & G for us too.  Yaaa, no kids in tow.

NATALIE:  ha ha... you are a funny girl!  Date my arse!

Well, another fortnight's shopping done, and put away.  It sure is so much easier when there's so many hands to help put it all away.

The dogs got a treat:

ABOVE:  I'm sure they thought Christmas had arrived early.  I have come to the conclusion that Teddy's allergies are Environmental, not food related.  So, they can have bones to chew on.  
I doubt we will see them for a long while now.

Well... it's been a quiet afternoon/evening.  I decided to give a knitting pattern I'd given up on another go... and I blindly followed the pattern, even though it made NO SENSE to me at all.  And it worked!

I will show you tomorrow.  

End of Day:  a nice, productive day.  Sad it has to end, as tomorrow Stew goes back to work.
I will miss him.
nite nite


  1. Today I walked downtown and met a friend for lunch. We both said, "April and it's still this cold? Nuts!!".

  2. Wow impressive haul of tools alright... YOU can just here Tim Allen growl coming from said throat!!! Dante would probably love love love a nautical bed cover and cushions for a BIG BED one day there's a project. As to bridge building if YOU are doing all the repairing and other party is continually sabotaging repair efforts I SAY blow the FCUKER up and move on! excuse my morning language.

  3. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Don't forget some insurance on that impressive collection of tools. Would hate for them to get nicked Mary H

  4. Supermarket date time..... you've got to get the romance in where you can! ;-)

  5. Anonymous8:06 PM

    No one wants to date your arse!! Believe me no one does, except perhaps Stew? Bet he gets to grab it once in a while hahaha!!

  6. It would pay to check just what Steve's company's insurance covers. Most only include Employees Tools to $5,000, and there are iften limitations on what is covered. Problem is, to insure them himself is between 7 & 10% of the value + levies & GST.

  7. Dante and that pillow <3


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