Sunday, April 13, 2014


Last night I finally go back to some sewing.  I'm making half a dozen coasters for the lounge.

ABOVE:  these two are nearly finished.  Fiddly things, but cute.  And yes, the bottom one is upside down.  DOH.

Today?  Dunno.  Sewing no doubt.  I also might give felting a go, adding in some of Teddy's wool too.

Maybe Stew can think of something to do? Usually he just watches sport on the telly, unless there's some lawns needing mowing or weeding to do.  

I will come back later and report in... who knows, we might have found something more interesting to do?

I might even suggest we go for a walk down at the waterfront?  An ice cream on the beach might be nice if the weather is good.  I have no idea what our weather is supposed to be like today?

SHIT.  It's grocery day.  That just popped me balloon. 


It's a gorgeous day, so we are going to do the shopping soon.  
I suppose shopping on a nice sunny day is better than on a pissing down, wet day eh?
Trying to find positives.


For MONTHS and months we have not been able to use our range hood, or the power point behind the fridge.

 ABOVE:  So, we have been running an extension cord from the fridge to a power point on the bench.  And of course, couldn't use the range hood at all.

We had NO idea why, except that obviously there was an electrical problem with both those points.  

Today Steve climbed up into the attic area, and started ripping the insulation off the back wall of the kitchen, in the hope of finding out why we had no power to those switches.

ABOVE:  in the process of pulling all the insulation off, he saw all the electrical cables running into just one area of the kitchen wall... and he recognised and realised that they must come out on the other side at one point, a switchboard type point.

So he climbed down, came back into the kitchen and went right to the area he knew all those cables came out.... and he found...

ABOVE.... exactly where our 'PROBLEM' was!!!  

OMG, there were three switches for the fridge's power point, the range hood and the oven.  The power point switch and the range hood switch had been turned OFF.   
Clearly they must have been knocked off by accident months ago... 

ABOVE:  both now GO.  Talk about feeling like idiots.  We had been worried about having to get an electrician in to 'fix' it as some stage, at no little cost by the way.  

NOW?  Sorted.  Thanks Steve... our handyman.  (I want a new kitchen.... ta )

The groceries are bought, and put away.  It didn't feel quite such a mission today, even though the supermarket was packed.  We even had an ice cream too.  

Time to relax for a little while before heading downstairs to sew for a while before dinner.  Shit, just realised the time!  Where has the day gone?

End of Day:  well I got a bit of sewing in, Steve cooked dinner (pork chops with veges, homemade apple sauce)... lovely.
nite nite


  1. Groceries sound HUGELY expensive. You should hold a contest by naming a few grocery items and the non-NZ guesser who gets closest to actual cost will get a mention in your next post. Because it's crazy how much stuff is there! Just crazy! It would pop my balloon as well...

  2. I think what you call coasters and I call coasters are different things. to me, coasters are little round things you set your drink on so it doesn't make the table wet.

  3. (But yours look very nice!)

  4. Groceries I hate buying them packing them lugging them up a flight of stairs putting them away then having to repeat it every week WHY oh WHY.... Love the new coasters.

  5. Funny, bet you are so please to have that problem sorted tho.

  6. How. FUNNY!! It's only funny because it didn't cost you any money, tho'! :)


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