Wednesday, April 02, 2014


It is one of those rare days when I really don't have much to yabber on about!

I'm going down to the local mall this morning to pick up a repeat prescription of my blood pressure patches.

Did I mention I don't take pills?  I have a patch that sticks onto me arm/back ... and it gets changed every week.

So far it seems to be working fine.  I get a bit dizzy sometimes, but apparently that's 'normal'.

Steve is going to make a proper gate for the top of the stairs.  So I'm going to spend a little time today coming up with design ideas... probably be pathetic examples ... but maybe I will hit on something I like?

I think it will be made of wood, but I want something that is suitable for inside the house.  I don't want a thumping big wooded monstrosity that is more suited to outside!

Any ideas people?  Gimme a hand here!

I'm thinking of maybe some sort of design cut out with a jigsaw?  Or painted in some way?
Perhaps with a 'nautical' theme?

I had a quick look on Pinterest last night and saw these, which is giving me a few ideas:

The bottom one is probably never gunna happen, but it is nice... ideas, ideas....


2 hours (so far) just tidying up cupboards and china....  and me back is already killing me.

Today I have moved ALL of the kitchen appliances/gadgets into a hallway cupboard, and put all the platters and serving dishes in the big free standing, marble topped unit in the Family Room.  Then I re-arranged my entire computer area again, this time adding the wooden cupboard that used to be at the top of the stairs into my computer area too.

This is so we can have a gate at the top of the stairs that is not hindered by the wooded unit.

ABOVE:  I only added about 1/2 a meter to my 'area', but it looks so much bigger now!
And it's way more tidy than before, now that I have all the cupboard room to put stuff in.
A morning's work, well spent.

Who knows when I will get down to my sewing again!

AND my medication will have to wait until tomorrow now.  Bex and I are going to the mall together then.

I just went down to the local supermarket in Manurewa to get a few fresh veges for dinner.  I'm going to try and make a vegetable/bacon quiche.
Maybe I should look on Pinterest for a recipe?

I didn't find any recipe I liked the look of, or had the ingredients for, so I just used my Salmon Quiche recipe, doctored a bit.

Oh and I  did the recipe X's 5... cos I don't see the point in just making one!

ABOVE:  Vegetable and bacon quiche, ready for the oven.  I hope they taste as good as they look.

*** if you want the salmon quiche recipe, type in Salmon Quiche in the top left hand search area of my 'home' page.***

As I said, I substituted veges and bacon instead of the salmon.

ABOVE:  Bex made me take a photo of all the dishes I used while making the dinner.  I didn't even notice till I had to clean them all!

Yaaa... I finally got to do a bit of sewing this evening.  I made a small quilted 'mat' for one of the coffee tables.
I will show you tomorrow.

End of Day: well it's been a very productive day, and I am happy to be heading to bed shortly.
nite nite


  1. go to your local demo yards? they will have loads stuff and you may be able to recycle? single wrought iron head board? garage saleing? maybe .

  2. Anonymous11:18 AM

    I quite like the 2nd one as its blue, and blue is my favorite colour as well.

  3. the quiches look AMAZING - Surrey

  4. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Man look at those dishes oh man :) bex

  5. hahaha I cook like that! They look delish :) My son gets so cranky as he is chief dish washer at my house. (I work full time and raise them solo so Master 16 and mater 10 have set jobs. hehe

  6. Anonymous11:07 PM

    Wow that is around dishes but shows that you worked hard

  7. Well done mum . And wow at the amount of dishes you made love the new computer area looking in good

  8. Cooking is fine, cleaning up is another story. Supper looks yum.

  9. I like the gate with the palm tree.
    I like the way your house is arranged. I wish I could re arrange mine as cool as yours.

  10. That looks yummy!

    I like the last gate of course lol


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