Friday, April 11, 2014


When Lacy and Keera were over here the other day I let them play with torches, and the toddlers had so much fun.

 ABOVE:  Having fun with Aunty Lacy.  Keera kept putting her little torch in her gob.  Typical toddler thing to do.  Dante couldn't do that with the torch he was playing with!  lol

ABOVE:  Last night I finished a new fireplace cloth... it's matching all the new cushions etc in the lounge.  I really love how pretty they are.

ABOVE:  Dante really loves the buttons.  He wanted to count them, but once on the other side of the fireguard, he didn't really want to be in there. 

One of the dogs is getting groomed today.  I will have to see where Coco is in relation to being in 'heat'.  She's on Day 19,  and two days ago was still clearly in season.  So, if she's still showing signs of being in season, Teddy will be groomed today. 

While I'm out, I plan on looking in the cheap $1 $2 $3 shops to see if any have some of those plastic food covers.  I want some more if I can find them.

Once I get home I want to make a few little mug rugs for the lounge.  I should be able to churn out a few today.


Well.. I have scoured all the Asian shops in both Sylvia Park and Manukau to no avail.  Nobody has them.  So, fingers crossed Stew can find out where his client got it from.

It is now lunchtime, I've been out all morning.  Teddy is at the groomers, and will be brought home by Stew.   That's great, one less trip out today.

LUNCHTIME!  Off to find food and then watch Home and Away.  OMG they better not kill off Brax!!!

FROGGY:  Yep.  The one Stew brought home was a large rectangular one, Brand name ElianWare, made in Malaysia.

NATALIE:  thanks for that, I have already found several of those Asian shops that stock ElianWare here, but none of them have those food covers.

I might try contacting the Malaysian manufacturer, but I'm guessing they will laugh at me if I ask them to send me two food covers!

AWESOME NEWS.  Stew has found out where to get the food covers from.  In a little Home Decor Shop in Royal Oak.  We are going there tomorrow. I can't wait!  

I am not drawn towards the fold up ones or one's like umbrellas, I love the solid plastic one!  And apparently there are different shapes and colours available too.  *squeals*

End of Day:  and as so often happens, I didn't get to do any sewing.  Best laid plans and all that.  It's been a very lazy afternoon just catching up on some TV programmes and chilling out.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Morning, i think you may find those in the asian shops, they have all kinds of bits and bobs. For a decent price too. Hope you have a wonderful day today.


  2. Hey Chris, is it something like this you need?

  3. You can get the mesh fold away ones the same size from the cheap shops - I'm sure I've seen them. More practical than a solid one because it folds away.

  4. i got my food covers from asian shops but mine fold up like unberellas so makes store them a breeze

  5. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Elianware has a website, which I found by googling it. You may be able to find the item you want on there, and then try to track down a retailer locally from that. The website is in english, so there may be someone answering emails at the company who would be helpful.

  6. Here's their website: They have a 'contact us' so maybe you could ask who their NZ stockists are?

  7. Oh god and now you will need another cupboard for the plastic covers OTHER sizes ohhhhhhhh can't wait to see those. RAINING all night and all day here and it's still raining a wet weekend ahead.

  8. I was going to say I'd seen them at Royal oak mall... :)

  9. Hope you find what you are looking for. Have a lovely weekend.

  10. All caught up. I bet Teddy looks adorable when he gets back :) That's a neat basket!


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