Friday, April 18, 2014


The start of a wet Easter... perfectly normal for this part of the world I must say.  The weather has been shocking in parts of our country, lots of storm damage.  Today is expected to be nasty too.  I hope if you are travelling you take extra care on the roads.

We are all home today. We shall just chill at home no doubt, no point going out.  All the shops are closed and the weather is ikky. 

Here is the finished block that took me ALL DAY yesterday to get right:

ABOVE:  it was a right shit to get done.  I don't think I will be doing that pattern again!

ABOVE:  He has a snotty nose.  So, he can blow and wipe his own nose... clever wee man.  He now has to learn that it's not the best idea to put the rag in his gob afterwards.  

ABOVE:  Stew scored the basket from yet another client at his work. It was full of chocolates I think, but they got eaten by his colleagues.  So Stew bought more chocolates for us. 

ABOVE:  Dinner for Dante.  Messy business.

We pick up Miss Muppet tonight.  Then we shall have fun watching the two toddlers play together.  It's so lovely to see them together.

Right, I better go and feed the dogs... and do something productive.


BLONDIE:  Ahhh sounds like a good plan, stay in ya pj's girl!  It's lovely up here right now... we are supposed to be having thunder and lightening... but none to see.

It's now lunch time and we have done NOTHING all morning.  Really is a lazy day here.
I'm doing a bit of knitting, then later on I'm going to do some sewing I think.

What are YOU doing on this Easter Friday? 

BLONDIE:  Ahh NO. I'm not knitting covers for tree limbs!

Stew is heading out shortly to pick up Miss Keera, AFTER he's dished up dinner!  Yes, I get heaps of night's off cooking now days.  I'm rather lucky. 

End of Day:  well as I thought, it's been an amazingly lazy day.  AND I cannot lie.  I've eaten chocolate Easter Eggs.
But not HEAPS.  Just a few.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Have a good Easter Weekend, with your loved ones.


  2. Wild down our way rain a little wind thunder last night or early this morning don't know BUT boy it was LOUD... easing off but overcast crisp wind and more rain due I slept in am still in me Pj's at 11 am nice have doen dishes and washing and thats it might still stay in Pj's...

  3. I've had a crazy week, I'm not sure how it's Thursday bed time and I can barely remember Monday.

    Tomorrow's a holiday and there's no food in the house, it may be MacGyver meals until Saturday when the shops open again!

    Happy Easter.

  4. It's a lazy Good Friday in our household - well for me anyway. My husband had to go to work at 5.15am but he's home now and chillaxing (chilling/relaxing) on his laptop. I haven't done much other than feed my face and do the dishes. Time to hit the shower I think - and tackle some housework. Weather is very un-inspiring here in Christchurch today - lots of flooding in parts, and power out in other parts of Christchurch.

  5. I know what you're knitting IT'S those knitting covering up tree limbs craze isn't it GO ON it is right? lol

  6. Sounds like a nice relaxing day. I managed to do bugger all today, hubby did the washing & got dinner on. I managed dishes & some couscous for dinner. Enjoy your time with Keera :-)

  7. I'm at work :( Hope the weather improves. Happy Easter to all. Have a lovely long weekend.

  8. Ummm chocolate. Going to be a tough weekend haha.

  9. You are working on dog sweaters. Am I right??


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