Monday, April 07, 2014


Well, our weekend was lovely ... I got lots of photos of both grandkids, one's of Miss Keera are on my 'Friends' Facebook page and PEPSI.

ABOVE:  Master Dante at his cutest.  He's in love with that cushion, seems to think it's HIS and his alone.
 ABOVE:  Here he is taking back HIS cushion from Keera.  

 ABOVE:  He's fairly possessive of his Mum too... even when it's his Dad swiping a kiss!

ABOVE:  He still has a fascination for my lens cap!  
 ABOVE:  I have a fairly large collection of baskets, these are a few of them.

So.  I still can't resist buying another one...

ABOVE:  I got this one from the Hospice shop LAST week!
I wonder if I shall find any treasure today?  I do my regular shift this afternoon.

But for now... I think there's bound to be some housework with my name on it.


Monday.  Housework.  And I'm home alone and I look around.  Entire house needs vacuming. Floors need washing. Dusting. Polishing. Bathroom. Cobwebs. Windowsills. Finger/hand marks on the walls. 

And sometimes I just think... am I the unpaid Housekeeper or what?

Right, bitching over, I suppose I better make a start.

*** Oh and I won't be going to Hospice today either.  I completely forgot Brylee has an Orthodontic Appointment today and she is bringing a friend home after school.

I've been cleaning for over two hours, and I still can't see any difference!  I've been cleaning pictures on the walls, just in the stairwell/lounge and Family Room, and I've just managed to get the kitchen/family room floor washed.
Two HUGE loads of washing are out.

And the house looks like it's been tipped upside down right now!   When I decide to clean thoroughly, it always becomes a massive mess before it looks good again.

I so wish I could afford a housekeeper!  My back IS KILLING ME.

Well... I'm DONE.  4 hours of solid cleaning and I've sat down and that's it.  Me back needs a rest.  I might do more this afternoon... after lunch and Home and Away.  *smiles*

Griffin and Dante are playing outside with rubber, bouncy balls.  Dante cried cos he hit his face on the gate, so Bex goes out to investigate.

She asked Griffin what he was doing, and Griffin said... "I'm playing with Dante's balls". 
Now, that did NOT sound right!

(Griffin was over the fence retrieving two of Dante's bouncy balls of course!)

Bex had to laugh and say "Please stop playing with Dante's balls!"

Anyone listening would be forgiven for wondering just what the hell sort of family we were.

Playing with Baby's balls indeed.  *lol*

Brylee visited the Orthodontist this afternoon.  She's ready for braces.
Now we have to wait and see if we can commit to her getting them.  Stew's job is still up in the air.
So for now... no braces.


End of Day:  Well, it's been a very rewarding day ... I love getting my house all ship shape and tidy.  I've been rather slap dash over housework lately, but I'm feeling great after my efforts today.

The tail end of the day?  Not that fantastic, totally gobsmacked with Brylee right now.  Not massively upset really, just dumbfounded that she can be so.... UP HERSELF, and has not learnt any lessons from her past.
nite nite


  1. When I worked full-time I had a housemaid that came in one day a week and it was the thing ever…wish I could still afford to do that !!!

  2. I thought Lacy was meant to be doing your housework? Dante is so cute with that cushion, he could be interested in SEWING!!!! Maybe Brylee and Griffin could wash windows or Bex or someone wipe windowsills and skirting boards is a good kids job....

    1. Anonymous1:36 PM

      Yes I was while mum was taking Keera to see her bio, she did that so I did her housework, now that is not happining anymore but in saying that if mum wanted me over to help with anything I would as I am tomorrow.
      But you do realuse I do not live as close to mum anymore so getting there and back is a bit harder on me and Keera.

  3. haha love that picture of Dante giving his dad the stink eye.

  4. Anonymous3:51 PM


    The look on Dante's face is priceless when watching his Dad give his Mum a kiss...too cute...should be sent away for a prize!



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