Sunday, April 06, 2014


Daylight saving ended last night, so while it would have felt nice to get a sleep in, having Miss Muppet here means.... no sleep in for me.
But, tomorrow... now that's another matter!
I might just stay in bed till the kids have gone to school.

I am totally loving the fact that they can now make their own lunches, get themselves ready and get off to school... without me having to be up!  I don't know why I didn't do that with my first 'lot' of kids!

Oh well.  Hindsight's a wonderful thing.

Now, as for today.  I'm hoping that the guys will sort out my gate.  I'm not going to push them... cos I think they know just how much I want it done.
Like YESTERDAY... or LAST WEEK... or LAST MONTH.  Ya get the drift eh?

I think I have become a very patient person in the last few years.  Well... somewhat patient.
If it goes beyond a joke I tend to spit the dummy.
But that doesn't happen too often now.

Last night, once Keera was asleep, I finally did a little sewing.
I got all the stitching done on the TV Cabinet cloth.

 ABOVE:  Now I just have to add the binding around the edges.  That shouldn't take too long.

Steve had a happy moment yesterday.  He got to buy his first item of 'tools' of the trade.  He got himself a drill set.  

ABOVE:  Checking out the new drill set.  Maybe he will get to 'christen' it today on my gate?
Wouldn't that be nice.


Right, I better get off and see what's the haps around here.  Feed Keera, bla bla bla.


BECKYANNE:  "Spit the dummy" means lose one's temper.  
I am sure there are heaps more ways of saying that, like:

Pack a wobbly, crack a shit, go nuts/mental, get crabby, get hot and bothered and so on.

What do YOU say when you get all annoyed? 

I DID get a sleep in today!   Stew got up to Keera.  Though, it's now 9.30 am and he just remembered she needs breakfast!  lol

The guys have gone to Bunnings.  I'm getting excited.  Maybe a gate will be built today.  *squeals*

Stuff going on around here...

 ABOVE:  dumm dee dooo.... 

ABOVE: last night in the spa with Keera.  *sigh*  Why, when ya look in the mirror you never actually SEE how big you really are?   
So, I got crabby this morning and ate cake.  For breakfast.
I've got none left now, and I hope I can resist buying any more.
(that round patch is me blood pressure patch.  It looks like I've got a nicotine patch on eh? )

ABOVE: We have a gate, and at some point I will add, and take the side posts up to the ceiling and make an arch above the stairs as well.
I've now got me thinking cap on, trying to come up with a 'nautical' themed arch!

End of Day:  a lovely day again. Miss Muppet was a delight to have... and Dante didn't get too overly possessive of his family... but he sure did over his favourite lounge cushion!
nite nite


  1. On the gate, you'll have to make sure it can't be climbed by a certain youngster!

  2. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Good Morning Keera nd DCR :-) ♥

  3. This is a question from a Yank: what does "spit the dummy" mean?

  4. Haha man and his drill, he will now find loads of things that will need doing and win win for you!!!! Enjoy your day..

  5. Ohhhh I'm all caught up on pics and news finally. Your lint idea is hilarious!!

  6. I'm in a foul mood today Chris so I'm keeping out of everyone's way cause if I don't I could " blow a fuse" lol

  7. Gate looks awesome! Toddlers eh....worlds of danger at every turn!!

    I have just finished the first 6 weeks phase of the HCG diet. Was incredible for me to give up sugar, carbs and dairy. And seemed not as hard as the thought. Lost 12.2kg and 51.5cm....freaking incredible!!
    But I agree...we never seem to "think" we look as bad in the mirror as photos always show. I HATE photos for this reason! Damn reality always bites us on the arse :(

    Emotional eating is the hardest thing ever to get over I reckon...wish there was a wand. As I bet you do as well!

  8. The gate looks really good. I like that it has openings you can see through in case of a shoe, a dog, or a child, sitting in the way. I know you could see over it.... But still. I like that. I am also loving your phrases for having a temper tantrum! I can't think of any good American versions. If I think of some, I will report back.

  9. YEAH for the gate!

    Ugh yesterday I was STARVING and came inside and there was cake. I ate a bunch of it too.


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