Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Today Lacy is going to be visiting me... after lunch I hope.

I have asked her to come over and comb out all the knots on Coco.
Because we have had some wet weather lately, Coco's developed knots all over her.  I simply cannot get them out myself because the bending over her is mega painful on my back.

AND Lacy is much more assertive with Coco, whereas with me Coco fights non stop.

I feel really bad because she really is a mess.  I've not taken good care of her in the past two weeks.  The dogs have been confined due to Coco being in 'season' and I kinda forgot to do their weekly mini groom. 

Teddy is fine, he does not knot up like Coco, all I ever have to do with him is his ears and tail.
Coco?  Gets knots really, really bad.  Her coat is totally different to Teddy's.

I've booked Coco in for a professional groom on Friday, so she should be all good after that.

Teddy can get his groom next week.  

Now for a change of topic.  DINNER last night.
Bex cooked Spaghetti Bolognese.  
When she put my dinner in front of me... well all I can say is it's not very often that I'm rendered speechless!

ABOVE:  Blue/green spaghetti!  Apparently she added food colouring to it.  I was struck dumb when I first saw it, I must admit.  Then I ate it and it was perfectly fine of course.  Just a weird colour.
Bex had thought to make it red, but I really think if you are going to colour spaghetti, that colour works better!  It's quite pretty eh?

ABOVE:  Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth ... and pigs can fly.  She's in HOT WATER... and finally about to be brought down a notch or two.  Wish I was there to see it.

Now, today?  After yesterday's marathon effort in the housework department, I think I'm going to .... SEW.  Yep, I am indeed.


Yikes, haven't been back in to say how me day is going.
Well... Bex and I went to Spotlight and got a few supplies, then we came home, had lunch and I ummm... took an unexpected cat nap on the couch!

Lacy and Keera should be here soon, then Coco will be getting a mini groom from Lacy.
Fingers crossed Lacy can get the knots out!

I'm really tired today!   

Bex and I are wondering how Brylee is going? Today she reaps the 'benefits' of being a nasty little madam.

I have not put details on here as it's a public blog and well... some people who read this don't need to know.  'Nuf said.

ABOVE:  It has begun.  Fingers crossed she can sort Coco out.  And would you look at that darn dog!  Lying there quietly, not fighting or growling.  Little tart.

Lacy did an excellent job of de-knotting Coco. It took hours!
I was going to take Coco to be groomed at Animates on Friday, but she is STILL in season!  Day 16 and she's still got it.  So, Teddy will get groomed on Friday, and Coco can get done next week.  She should be well and truly finished by then!

End of Day: another day where I actually DID NOT get any sewing done.  Oh well... maybe tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. ha blue spaghetti funny, Poor Coco it is almost as bad as having your own hair brushed as a child PAINFUL. Have a productive day sewing..

    1. Anonymous10:59 AM

      As assertive as I am with her I am also very gentle, I try talking to them an praising them while I am brushing them.
      I try and do it in a way that I am not actually pulling at their skin, I have very rearly been snarld at or had them wimper at me apart from Teddy lol hes a sook lol.
      Lacy :-)

  2. Well, it matches the plate!

  3. oh dear what did little miss do...

  4. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Oh no what did brylee do :-(

  5. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Well blue is your favourite colour!!! Too funny, good job Bex! Lacy obviously has the touch, Coco looks relaxed! Great job Lacy and great pictures of yourself!

  6. Anonymous12:54 AM

    Lacy is really looking her age!


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