Thursday, April 03, 2014


On my way home from the grocery shop yesterday afternoon, I 'happened' to be travelling along the same road Brylee was, on her way home from school.

And guess what?

The silly little girl had her skirt rolled up ... AGAIN!

So, I pulled over beside her and told her to pull her top up... which she did.  Eureka!  Rolled up skirt.  So I told her to get in the car, and we continued on our way home.

As a consequence, she had to go to bed after dinner again.  But that was AFTER I had told her what I would do if she did it again :

I told her if she really, really wanted to show off her legs by rolling up her skirt, I would help her.

I told her I could take her skirt OFF her, and her PE shorts too... then everyone would be able to see her legs.... oh, and her knickers.

The look on her face was PRICELES, as she flounced out of the room!  Bex was struggling to stop laughing her head off!  

So... wonder if she will be silly enough to do it again?

Now, here's the coffee table mat I made last night:

ABOVE:  I won't be doing that stitch around the edge of anything again, it was almost impossible to keep it straight.  

ABOVE:  It fits on the coffee table perfectly.  At least I got that right.  

Now... I got two new photos of little Paisley yesterday from her Mum, Denise.  They live on a farm, and Miss Paisley gets to run around like a mad thing.  Apparently she ♥ LOVES ♥ running in the water race, and this is how she looks after she's had enough:

ABOVE:  Just a 'little' dirty!  Denise won't let her back inside the house until she's dried off and had a brush to get the dirt off!
I sure in hell don't blame her.   What a little ratbag!   *smiles*

OK... time to get myself sorted out ... and go and finally pick up me medication.


While driving along the road yesterday I did indeed have a chance to look at all the other girls walking home from school.
The majority of them had skirts the same length as Brylee... on the knee.
So I do not believe Brylee is getting teased for the length of her skirt.

I had, prior to yesterday, thought of shortening it for her, not too much, but a little.  But now?
Ain't gunna happen for  a while. 

It's now a 'principal' thing.  I said don't roll it up, and she did, so I can't turn around and shorten it for her right now can I?

Maybe in a week or so.

So, Brylee and I went out to the mall to pick up me meds, then we had a wander around.  On our way home we stopped and bought some lunch too.  
I had a mother-daughter discussion with her about the skirt thing.
And I told her that if she stopped rolling it up, I would consider shortening it in a week or so.  But she had to NOT roll it up in the meantime, as it was making me mad.

So... all good on THAT front now.  

Now we await the arrival of Stewy, he's going with Brylee to school for the Parent/Teacher interviews.  Brylee has today and tomorrow off school, because of the P/T Interviews.

Right now she is pushing Dante around and around in his little car.  He loves it.

Well... the P/T interview went OK.  No surprises.  All is going OK... a few little issues to work on, but on a whole she's doing as expected.

Once home I got stuck into making a cloth for the TV cabinet, in the 'nautical' theme still.

ABOVE:  That gorgeous stitch around the nautical fabric is probably my most favourite stitch ever.  It took an hour and a half to do it too!
I have quite a bit more to do before this cloth is finished, maybe by tomorrow it will be.

Right now, Stew, Brylee, Griffin and I are off to Carl's Junior for dinner.  Steve and Bex are staying home.  

End of Day:  well it's been a lovely day/evening.  We are thoroughly enjoying a new programme on TV called 'The Art of The Architect', which is where we get to see some amazing New Zealand homes being built from scratch to the finish.  
nite nite 


  1. The girl wants to be cool like her friends.....

  2. Maria8:31 AM

    Re Brylee's skirt. Maybe you should park outside her school one day and see what length the other girls are wearing their skirts. I don't like seeing very short skirts but from memory Brylees is very long. I remember at school a thin girl like Brylee wasn't allowed to shorten her nearly ankle length skirt, to knee length like the rest of us, and was teased & bullied about being an old woman for years at school,(I hope this is not happening to Brylee). She rebelled big time when she left home, was not pretty! Maybe you can come up with a compromise with Brylee about the length.

  3. Oh my gosh, I remember doing the exact same thing as Brylee !

  4. I looked back at Brylee's first day at college and her skirt is very long. My opinion - for what it's worth - is that I'd sit down with her and treat her like a college aged girl, not a child. She is at a very "tender" age and while she shouldn't be disobeying you I think you need to perhaps listen to her side as well. There must be a compromise. I say this because at her age I sewed myself and actually took my skirt up myself. I remembering it being a very important in my life, just as it is probably for Brylee. You will get a lot more respect going forward with her if you listen to her and not dismiss her. Yes, I know you've raised girls before and I don't want to tell you anything you don't know but that's my opinion.

  5. LOL I feel for Brylee - my mum & i had a similar battle. In the mornings I'd sit in the bathroom & take it up by hand, every time it went into the wash, mum would take it back down!!! I was never brave enough to cut it & re-hem it!! I do remember hitching it up with a belt & having to wear a jumper over the top to hide it!!! My uniform just seem sooooooooooooooo much longer than all the other girls (the cool ones anyway!!!)!!! Good Luck!!!

  6. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Heyy about brylee I know her from alftiston she was crying one time when a group of girls were calling her bony legs so I would agree with your argument that it may be slightly inappropriate for her to be rolling up her skirt. Its good to see you do take interest in how brylee presents herself . I hope she can understand why you do what you do. ~ Sincerly a friend from alfriston

  7. I think Brylee would respect you more, (and feel more loved) if you compromised now instead of in a few months time. It is not letting her "win" it is starting to treat her like a young adult. Have a heart to heart with her and make sure she understands why you feel like you do, and then let her explain why she wants to have a shorter skirt. Come up with a plan you are both happy with. Just laying down the law with teenagers doesn't help them learn to make good decisions.

  8. Well now that's a random comment? re the bony legs anonymous comment, we had a very strict head mistress and Deputy Principal we also had THE STRAP and major detention which I got on more than a few occasions, remember the black jeans saga? Samuel saved up $110 black skinny jeans CONTINUED to wear them down around his ankles ( felt like it) I said you get 3 warnings and THEN CHOP CHOP JEANS long story short on 3rd time he gets home IM cutting onions with sharp sharp knife I said take off those jeans I RAN the knife up both legs cut through the crotch and flung them on the ground IT took him 2 years to pluck up the courage to ASK to buy more jeans with his own money!! I then said IF you go INTO YOUR ROOM and slam doors and cupboards and hrrrrmmpfffff and roll your eyes ALL YOUR CLOTHES incl the ones you just bought in JAPAN will be cut up IN front of you and all you will have to wear IS YOUR school uniform!!! HE to this day some 4 years later has never done it again....... I know ( Mean Maori Mean) but it worked.

  9. Maria1:00 PM

    Really pleased to hear you and Brylee sorting it all out. I hope Brylee doesn't roll it up in the mean time! Some kids understand they need to do as their Mother says a lot earlier than others. I remember over hearing my eldest (when he was about 7) telling his younger brother to "do as Mum asked, then she would say yes when you ask for something later" Still makes me smile when I remember that! The younger child still doesn't really get it and he's 19 now.

  10. Nice one Chris - Brylee will appreciate you talking to her and hopefully not blow the opportunity to get the skirt taken up :)

  11. I remember being at school especially in 3rd form when our uniforms were waaay too big, you stick out like there turd formers you were. If rolled them up and clipped the back of your blouse to tighten it you looked less like a third former. Brylee is only a year younger than Siobhan and I have noticed Sio becoming more self conscious about her looks too. It is all part of growing up - so is the rebelling and doing the opposite go what your Mum says.

    I can't believe they have 2 days off for interviews, ours are crammed into 2 hours on a Tuesday night - no time off school for GC kids :-).

  12. Oh this skirt issue reminds me if a similar thing Anthony did. He hated his rain coat and one day he left home dressed for wet weather raincoat long cord pants and gumboots. I drove past him standing on street corner he was waiting for his mate. Bucketing with rain and he had shirts t shirt and jandels on. So I stopped the car and walked over pulled his short off and slapped him on bum. Without saying a word then walked back to car. He was putting his coat on when I looked in the mirror little rat. Of course I am afterall the meanest mother in the "whole" world.

  13. Anonymous5:34 PM


    Luckily Brylee is only rolling her skirt up, there are a lot worse things kids can do these days,! sounds like a good idea to take it up in a week or so...good Mum..



  14. drats... what is going wrong today with my comments.... I start again for the third time. Even I rolled my skirt up at High school and I was a "geek" at school. But I think you have made your decision on how to move forward with the issue. Brylee will be very appreciative if you do shorten her skirt - I certainly would have been had my mother done that for me. Turns out I did it myself and my parents never said a word. A chat about not attracting the "wrong attention" and that too shorter skirt will do just that too.

    I know you've gone through this many times raising your daughters, so I'm not trying to teach you to suck eggs and I get the feeling you know it will strengthen your relationship with Brylee if you are supportive of the shorter skirt.

    PS. Isn't Keera the cutest little wee muppet in the whole-wide-world!! She is incredibly photogenic!!

  15. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Just saw the photos of Keera. Boy she's grown and what a cutie. She looks like she's going to be quite the cheeky monkey. Kate444

  16. Some great comments above - and hands up here - I did the same thing with my school uniform! If you shorten Brylee's to a reasonable length, it probably would look better and stop her doing it herself. Jeez I can just imagine you turning up when she is least expecting it and giving her a bit of grief:-)

  17. You are just so talented ...wish I was half as creative as you! I have a new blog and hopefully I can keep up with it, but it will never be as interesting as yours! Sue a.k.a. coffee slut

  18. Have you asked her WHY she is doing it? Perhaps she is trying to fit in with friends that do and these girls may not be the ones you saw walking home. And have you told her why you don't want her to do it?

  19. Your covers are so pretty!


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