Wednesday, April 09, 2014


So.  Today I am just feeling ...blah.

I'm tired.  Frustrated. Sick to death with Stew's job situation.  6 months of uncertainty, and still it drags on.  It feels like there is a guillotine hanging over us... about to drop.

Then there's crap with certain kid(s).  So over all the drama and drama queens.  I wish our lives could just FLOW easily.... be enjoyable instead of fraught with boulders.

We don't have any scissors like Chuck.

I have every intention of staying in bed for as long as I can stand it today.  Then I might get up and sew.


Just in.... gorgeous photos of Miss Polly, the mad dog from our last litter:

ABOVE:  Robyn assures me Polly is STILL a right nutter of a dog.  That means she fits in with her humans just fine.  lol

My house is silent.  Everyone is out except me and the dogs.
So I'm just sitting here contemplating my next move.  I've got a huge pile of washing to fold and put away, so that's me next job I suppose.

Interesting.  I'm in a crabby mood, and no one wants to talk to me on here.

Sigh.  At least I'm not like... happy happy joy joy and lying through me teeth.

Teddy is going to get a pre-groom brush over from Lacy tonight.  I'm taking both dogs over and they will be having a sleep over with Lacy.  That way there is no rush for her to get him all tidy tonight. 
And I'm sure she will enjoy having the dogs for company... lol... well maybe.

Dante came home from Playcenter covered in green dye, so he's in the bath early.
Can't have green dye all over things in the house that's for sure.

I'm thinking about making a felt something or other... just as a break from sewing.
So... what have YOU been doing today?  It has got to be more bloody interesting compared to me and my day.  I'm over myself right now.

I took both dogs over to Lacy's this evening.  She put up the baby's playpen and put the dogs in it.  With heaps of blankets and cushions!
I came home and not long afterwards, Lacy rang.  

Get this.  She wanted to know if she needed to keep a light on for the dogs overnight, and did they need any music playing too?

WTF?  THEY ARE DOGS!  Bex text'd her and told her she needed to give them a bottle and rock them to sleep, and Steve suggested gentle whale music!  *lol*

End of Day:  well it started off crabby, and it looks like it's going to end crabby too.  Nothin's changed.  In a right funk.
Steve is cooking Chocolate Caramel Slice.  It's my current 'favourite' sweet.  
nite nite


  1. My god Chris you have every right to feel crabby good god the shit you put up with would have made mother Teresa crabby. Hope u feel the warmth of sunshine and the smiles of grand babies today to brighten your day

  2. WHOOPS. Sorry Libra, I hit delete by mistake, here is your comment:

    libra has left a new comment on your post "CRABBY":

    Hope things get better on the job front in the same situation myself and it sucks, my last day could be the 17 of April but they have "other" things in mind to keep me not that I have seen anything yet...hate it when other people play with your life and just leave you hanging....

  3. I do hope the news front resolves itself soon for the positive. Kids hmmmm holidays coming and YOU have loads of jobs do to around the house I am sure you will have a list for everyone to help with.

  4. Gym at 530am. Work at 8am. Home at 430pm. Boring. At least the kids are on holidays at their dads so the house will be the same as I left it.

  5. I feel crabby too. Tired, want to sleep, but work to do.
    Friend coming over to sew tonight. Yay.
    Just go sew/make something, that always makes me feel better.

  6. Hummm... usually you don't let things get you this down. Are you eating ok? I hope you are taking very good care of yourself.

  7. I've been working. .. feeling blah too... tomorrow is another day and it can only get better.

  8. If Dante was covered in blue dye would he be allowed on the furniture?! *ducks for cover*

  9. I'm having a lovely time in Spain with my grandchildren. My 4 on Saturday grandson told me to clench my fists as the wrinkles on my hands vanished!!! I love him to bits

  10. Anonymous7:18 PM

    I have been to physio, and to meet with my student to tutor her. Very ordinary day! Sorry you are feeling so down, it's no fun waiting for news and like Libra said, being at the mercy of others. I hope things get better soon. Thinking of you, Penny xo

  11. What have I been doing today? Just working .... and trust me, your day sounds much more fun! I'm hanging out for Friday when I get to go on a girl's road trip with my Mum and cousin .... Central Otago ... here we come!! Love the pictures! :)

  12. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Haha ya twit's lol I just want to try make sure the puppies have a nice sleep over and are happy....nd if they do get upset or stressed I will.get up and rock them back to sleep :p
    Night DCR

  13. Sorry your day sucked. Love Lacy's question about the dogs, I hope she doesn't take Bex & Steve seriously :-)

  14. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Haha Lacy you're and awesome doggy sitter to be so thoughtful. Yummy Chocolate Caramel Slice.

  15. Oh Lacy darling, that is so cute, I had a crap day and that comment made me laugh. I leave the light on for my dog ! That is so cute and caring

  16. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Sometimes things just pile on and it is hard to keep a positive frame of mind. Please take good care of yourself in spite of the mental clutter.

  17. As you know from experience, I NEVER get crabby, do I?

  18. Thanks for your note on my blog the other day :) It cheered me up to know you're thinking about me :) Life has been a bit crazy whilst I am still job searching and coming to the end of my benefits I am in panic mode. I keep meaning to post but when I start to write it all comes out whingy and depressing so I keep hitting delete!

  19. I hope you are having a better day today. Some days are just like that - go with it and hopefully you had a good sleep and feel better this morning.
    Me xox


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