Thursday, April 10, 2014


So.  Last night Lacy had the dogs.  She was going to de-knot Teddy, he had a few matted areas around his collar area.
Certainly not as bad as Coco was.  But I thought, rather than make her travel over here, I'd take him to her last night.

I took Coco too, so they wouldn't cry all night.
But ... maybe they did anyway?  Away from home and all that?

 ABOVE:  Teddy and Coco in the pen last night at Lacy's.   Spoilt little buggers.  Blankets AND cushions!

ABOVE:  it's hard to let a day go by without a few photos of our wee man Dante, so here's some happy snaps.

ABOVE:  Steve baked Chocolate/Caramel slice last night.  It's one of my favourite sweets at the moment.  Yum!

ABOVE:  we had visitors in the house last night.  We were hoping for some 'action' but no... neither was interested in the other.  Maybe he didn't want his head bitten off!  I'm sure in the top photo he's checking her out.  *smiles*

 Most years in the lead up to Easter, Stew and his staff are given hot cross buns from one of their clients.  Last year they were presented in a lovely cane basket, which I got to keep... 'cos I rather love baskets eh.

ABOVE:  This year... they arrived in this awesome plastic thing.  It's going to be awesome to cover food on the bench.  Yaaa.  Now I want to find out where I can get a couple more.  They will come in so handy!

Now, today.
I'm going over to Lacy's this morning to pick up the dogs.  I hope like hell they have been good for her.  If not, they won't be allowed to visit again.


Well... the dogs were VERY WELL behaved at Lacy's overnight.  That's great.
When I arrived to pick them up they went ape shit... barking, whining, crying!  Awww they loves me.
So, home we came.
And I've managed to do a little sewing, and now I'm taking time out for lunch.

Feeling more bright minded today.  Even though nothing has changed.  Just have to try and get over shit I can't change I suppose.  Easier said than done.

I was just reading the news online (as I do several times a day) and came upon this, and just HAD to share:

AMAZING.  Almost made me cry.  I'm not sure if I'm even allowed to 'share' it... and now that it's on me blog... I CAN'T GET IT OFF!  WHOOPS.

End of Day:  a nice day, sewing always cheers me up.  And Steve's Chocolate Caramel Slice was darn nice too.  Gave me heartburn though.  Sad.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Good Morning DCR :-)
    Both puppies were absolutely brilliant all night, they have both been outside this morning for there morning piddles and then.back inside for there breakfast and now for the 'big brush' lol

  2. Yumm caramels slice my favourite, Dante looks so cute and very pleased with himself and that basket. Well done tot he dogs being well behaved who wouldn't with a comfy bed like that...

  3. Recipe please!!!

    1. Awesome, thanks for the video...I loved it!!

  4. Love the Priest I had to on my FB this morning and shared it around......

  5. Anonymous4:11 PM

    What a beautiful video, thanks for sharing! Thanks for making us jealous with the caramel slice picutre :) I made the Lolly Cake last night and my kids loved it. Definately a recipe that will be made often. I didn't try any, I'm trying to be so strong while on a diet/lifestyle program.


  6. Great video, I saw it on Facebook, so wouldn't worry about sharing it.

  7. Love the video….man oh man..he can sing!! Loved it…

  8. Loved the video. If you watch the TV show Cadbury dream factory. On TV3 at 730 you would have seen one of my best friends get proposed to man i was crying the whole way through. It was awesome. Good to see the dogs behave well for lacy .

  9. Sounds like a very pleasing day!

  10. Lovely video, very moving. I'm do ok, thanks for stopping by to ask.

  11. Anonymous3:44 AM

    Oh, that video made my night. I cried as well!! Thank you for sharing :)
    ~Nicole from CA

  12. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Glad you couldn't get the you tube off your blog. That was just lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!


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