Saturday, April 12, 2014


Here are some photos of Teddy from yesterday, after his groom:

 ABOVE: My stunning boy.

ABOVE:  Teddy: "Hi Dad. How was your day?"

 ABOVE:  Hmmm, what have you had for dinner then?  Let me check... tastes nice.

 ABOVE:  Giggling, that tickled me TEddy!

ABOVE:  Just perfecting me nonchalant look.  I do it so well.

ABOVE:  Yes, I am gorgeous.  And tired.  It was a long day at the 'salon', looking this good takes time people!

Needless to say, I am thrilled with how good Teddy looks.  Coco will get her groom next week, by then surely, her season will be over!

I nearly forgot.  I asked the groomer to save Teddy's hair for me.

I want to incorporate it into some felting project.  I know it sounds a bit weird, but hey, where does wool come from?   An animal, and last time I looked, Teddy was an animal too. Teddy's coat is very fluffy and thick, so I don't see why I can't use it.

ABOVE:  I have a really good amount from his coat too!  I think I will have a go at felting tomorrow.  I can't wait.

Today we are heading off to Royal Oak to check out those plastic food covers.  I have a feeling I will be coming home with a couple....


Shopping happened:

ABOVE:  we found the shop we were looking for.  It is for sale (the shop) so I grabbed all the food covers I wanted today.

ABOVE:  I'm pretty sure I've got all I need now.  Steve?  Crouching down so he wasn't in the food cover photo.  What a dick.  I got those two cute fish hooks in that shop too.

 ABOVE: Bex grabbed a few things too.  Including that cute little hammer shaped cookie cutter.

ABOVE:  Found this shop there too, but while it LOOKS like it's got heaps in it, it doesn't.  Particularly patchwork type fabric.  It had bugger all.  Disappointing. 

Home and it's lunchtime.  Steve is making us bacon and egg sandwiches.  YUM.

Elizabeth Marley:  I am sorry you are grossed out at the thought of me using Teddy's hair.  It has been cleaned.  

End of Day:  well a lovely day, and ended with some sewing, so all good.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:45 AM

    what a handsome boy. Lookin' good Teddy!


  2. Maria8:01 AM

    I went to a craft expo once where there was this lady who spun her dogs coat on a spinning wheel. (she had like 3 of them and each was a different colour) she was wearing a jersey she had knitted out of the dogs wool and selling socks etc. She had one of the dogs with her, and photos of the others. I can't remember what breed the dogs were, but the one with her was large, not small like teddy.

  3. Teddy looks so handsome. And Dante is such a cutie.

  4. Wow teddy looks so they and handsome. If you find those covers can you let me know how much I would love one

  5. Wow that's the best groom yet nice Dante looks so funny when he likes him! Have fun sewing felting or shopping .....

  6. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Chris don't you have to treat the dogs hair first before thinking of doing anything from it? The idea isn't appealing to me (personally) but I suppose each to their own! Isn't it smelly? The thought grosses me out.
    Elizabeth Marley, Yorkshire, UK

  7. Sounds like recycling at its best to me :-).

  8. The hair is a very interesting idea! I wonder if anyone else has done this.


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