Thursday, May 01, 2014


Steve arrived home last night after having been away doing a job in Rotorua since Monday.
It was nice to see him home again.
But, as mentioned last night... he can be a right pain in the butt.

He was sitting next to me on the couch, while we all watched Two Broke Girls when I asked him to pass up my basket full of wool.

I should have known better...

 ABOVE:  The shit tipped it over me head.

 ABOVE: That is my 'Not amused look'.  And hell!  I've got no makeup on.  At least he's fun to live with ... I suppose.  *sigh*

Dante was on the go all day yesterday, and when Steve got home it was playtime for a while, then he had his dinner and promptly fell asleep watching TV.

ABOVE: He must have been exhausted because Bex undressed him, changed his nappy, put him in his pyjamas and he didn't wake up!
He's so cute asleep.

So, today I'm going to sew for a little while, then maybe take the kids for a walk.  I feel like I should start walking again now that it's not so hot anymore.
And I need the exercise badly.  
I feel so sluggish and ikkk.

Today is the first of May!  


We have had a very nice morning.  The kids and I went down to Manurewa, had a browse around a few shops, then we went to Spotlight AGAIN.  I got a ball of purple wool so I can continue knitting the Chevron patterned strip... to either become a baby blanket or knee rug.

Then I felt the urge to pop into the Hospice Shop where I work, and I had a lovely catch up with Debs (the boss).
I spotted a cute little beside table, and kinda went "MINE!", and so it was.
I got it for a ridiculously cheap price too!

ABOVE:  how cute it that?   I'm going to use it as a coffee table, then I can put wool, patterns and so on in it.
It belonged to Debs, and she thinks she has another one at home that I can have too.  Yaaa!

It's lunch time here, so I'm off to feed me face and watch yesterday's Home and Away.  
Then I might just have to make a topper for that little 'coffee table'.  *smiles*  And give it a wipe down and polish.  

Bex caused me to have a panic attack this afternoon.
She went out in the morning and I expected her and Dante back around lunchtime.
Well... lunchtime came and went ... and by 2 pm I was starting to feel a bit worried.  I tried ringing her, no response. So I rang again... and again... and sent her a text, and rang again.  NO REPLY.

Because she has ALWAYS been home by lunchtime with Dante, I was starting to feel really panicked.
Then Griffin yelled out that Dad was home!  

Stew home hours too early?

My brain went into overdrive and I ran down the stairs thinking he was home with bad news about Bex and Dante.

YES, my mind can conjure up all sorts of dreadful scenarios!

(Remember, I've lost both my brothers and my Dad in tragic circumstances, so I know only too well it can happen).

ANYWAY.... it was Bex and Dante home.  So what did I do?  I kinda cried.   

So, all's well again.  And I calmed down and gave Bex and Dante a hug and followed them inside again.

Anyone else do silly things like that, or is it just me?  

Bex and I are off to a Tupperware Party at the Playcentre.  Pray for me.  I might spend more money.

Well... we had fun at the Tupperware party!  I spent money on some containers for the fridge.  We are always putting left overs in bowls and they take up so much space in the fridge, but no more.  These containers will be perfect, and they ain't round.  Oh, and a new rolling pin and pastry sheet.

End of Day:  a funny sorta day.  But, all good at the end.  I love Tupperware!
nite nite


  1. Steve not cute Dante super UBER cute!!!! so I guess cause he is half of Steve, Steve has to be a lil cute! May is the best month cause it is my BIRTHDAY MONTH!!! haha

  2. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Oh ur such a worry wart lol i was driving and couldnt answer my phone or we were in a shop with a over it dante lol. :) love me lots bex :p

  3. Yes, absolutely I've been like this. One day many years ago, both my kids were coming home from a trip (separate cars, separate holidays). They were both due home that afternoon so I went outside and did some gardening while I waited. A police car pulled up in my driveway and I simply froze. All I could think was "no no no….. which one, what's happened". Then the car started up and drove off, wrong house!!

  4. love the not amused look. think i do that too|. I always worry = over reactive brain

  5. Anonymous12:39 AM

    You are not alone - I have done that before. David went surfing one morning before work, and he is always out and home in time (he would never be late for work). Work start time arrived and he had not come home - I freaked out. He turned up eventually, just lost track of time out on the water, but I thought he must have drowned. Also, when we are staying in different places, if I can't get hold of him every day I worry. Usually I can, so when I can't I try not to let my mind go into overdrive, but sometimes it does. It is because you love them. Penny xo

  6. This is what happens when you don't whoop the kids often enough.

  7. I like that not so amused look. Should of took the basket and pour it on him. Someone did a good job capturing all those pictures.

  8. Happy May Day! Looks like you had yourself a super busy day. Try not to worry so much.

  9. Oh dear...I LOVE the "not amused"'s really very amusing :) xx debbie *giggles*


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