Thursday, January 09, 2014


ABOVE:  So... when did I start this BIG project?  I'm damned if I can remember!  But, I took it down the other night to show me sister, and it's not gone back up onto the high shelf in my room.
I am going to work on it NOW.

And I won't stop until the bloody thing is finished!  That is it.  I've been putting it off for far too long.

NOTHING else will be started or worked on until it's done.... well... except a baby quilt I have to finish too.  Those two projects are my aim for now.

Next... Stew's Birthday Cake:

I made a Pina Colada cake, and then tried to make some chocolate numbers.  Failed miserably.  So he got a ruddy big chocolate heart on top of the cake and '53' in sprinkles.  Very unsophisticated, but it tasted awesome.

ABOVE: this is the basket I got from the Hospice Shop yesterday.  It's quite a good size... I might use it in the linen cupboard for all our hand towels or similar.  We have A LOT of hand towels!... or I could put bog rolls in it!  That's a better idea.  

I tidied that linen cupboard yesterday too.  I hope my 'tidying' bent is over soon... all I seem to be doing is tidying.

Today:   hmmmm.... as I really don't have anything pressing, I might have a go at catching up on some of my blog friends, and read a few blogs!
I know... it surprises me too.  lol


ABOVE:  Miss Polly at home.   Her Mum & Dad had to put a ruddy big gate up to keep her safe in the back yard.  She looks very cute all wet... Robyn and Polly had a tussle with the garden hose apparently!  lol

I can hear left over birthday cake calling me from the fridge.  What to do... what to do....

So far, the cake is NOT WINNING.  I'm trying really hard to resist.

Sitting here, reading blogs, and it's really quiet... then we had a sudden heavy downpour!
It came outta nowhere, wind, rain and hail.  Even Dante was surprised.

Now... it's fine again!  Stupid weather.  I feel sad for all the holiday makers who are camping.
We have had a very wet summer so far.

JEANIE!!!   Enable comments on your blog, you have disabled them. 

Bex has been 'hovering' around the top of the stairs all day... waiting for a parcel to arrive.
It finally did:

I doubt I would have been so excited to get crochet hooks in the post!  She is really loving doing crochet... she made a plastic bag holder and I still haven't taken a photo!  Oops, sorry Bex.

I must admit, I almost caved in and had lashings of cake just now... but I had a very serious talk with myself, and I'm proud to say I won!
I have taken another step to help me stay on track.  Will show ya tomorrow.  (I have to save something to yak about tomorrow after all!)  lol

So... I've done NOTHING but read blogs all day!
If I have missed you, humble apologies.  There is only so long I can sit on me butt without getting a really bad backache... so I'm done for the day.
Now I shall prepare dinner for the family.
Tonight we are having Macaroni cheese with bacon/tomato and onions.  Mega YUM.

I finally caved on the cake, and had some after dinner.  Then what was left went down the sink!  NO MORE for me to crave.
I will need to work a bit harder on resisting temptations obviously.  Feel a bit like a failure, but there is always another day to get it right tomorrow.

End of Day: Just watched a gory, shoot 'em up bang! bang! movie called 'Safe House'.  Not too bad if ya like those sort of movies.  It had Denzel Washington in it, and I really like him, so it was worth watching.
nite nite


  1. Happy birthday to Stew. Dante is getting too cute isn't he? He is entering what I called call the little monkey stage :)

  2. Maria8:32 AM

    April 2011 is when you started ;-)
    (I used the search box at the top left of the blog to search for it.)

  3. The cake is so cute!! I like the gate, too. :)

  4. Doesn't matter that the cake doesn't look that good to you, as long as it taste good. Happy Birthday to Stew. That look like a very big project.

  5. Happy New Year :-) Thanks for visiting and leaving such lovely comments on my blog. Good luck with your 2 quilty projects - I too have a quilt project that I will not put aside this time!

  6. Thanks for the heads-up Chris. I turned comments off when I went on a break and I am such a twit that now I can't figure out how to turn them back on.....but I will get it done.
    Congrats on your determination to stay on track. You have lots of support from your readers.
    Can't wait to see the "big project" when it is done.

  7. Good girl for resisting the cake!!!!! Get the family to finish it tonight so it us not there tempting you.

  8. diet coke rocks vs the chocolate cake. I declare you the WINNER!!! :)

  9. We had an intense hail storm here and severe rain then stop!!! too, Dante and Grandad precious, WELL DONE all my nagging and NOT starting something first brfore finishing the quilt you will thank me in the end!! oh and others.

  10. Happy New Year, and happy birthday Stew. I hope 2014 brings all you desire. Miss Polly looks delightful. :) So that's where the rain has been! It's been a dry season for us this year, particularly after floods last year. And I think you won where the cake was concerned. You didn't eat it all, after all. I know I would. :(

  11. I have struggled with cake. Cake always wins with me. I've seen Safe House. It's my kind of movie. Very watchable esp with Denzel.

  12. Happy New Year, glad to hear all is well. Enjoy the summer weather for me. It's super cold here for the past couple of weeks. Would you believe the windchill was near -40C one day! It's warmed up to a balmy -24C. Feel almost like summer. Take care have a great 2014

  13. The beautiful dresden plates are back! That's going to be one gorgeous quilt when it's put together.

    Ugh the cake!! Every day every day there is something calling my name. Such a struggle. WTG on putting the rest down the drain! I almost did that with the zucchini bread yesterday.

    Thanks for all the blog comments!


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