Thursday, January 23, 2014


Hot flushes are ruining my life.  
So I'm going back to the Dr.
Surely there is SOMETHING they can give me to stop them once and for all?

I can't keep pretending I can wait for them to be over.  9 years and counting.  Hot flushes.  Mood swings.  Depression.  Anxiety.  

Anyone living with me knows I have pretty much had enough.

I'm going to try and get an appointment either for today or tomorrow.

What else?  Bugger all.  I shall do some sewing today if I can.  The housework is pretty much keeping up to date.
I've got to name all the new uniform for Brylee, and name and sort out all the new stationary too.
Freakin joy.  I don't feel like doing a bloody thing to be honest.  In a funk.

 ABOVE:  Dante using Griffin as a climbing platform.  Those two played together for ages.  Lovely to see.

While we were out yesterday Dante saw himself in a full length mirror.  He was so cute!  I don't think he realised who that baby was... he even tried finding 'that other baby' behind the mirror, and kissing his own reflection.

I'm going to put a big mirror in front of him today and see if I can catch a photo of him checking himself out.

Teddy is in a cone again.  So sad.  His allergies have kicked in and he's miserable again.  We caught him chewing his rump before he'd made an absolute mess of himself.  God knows how long he will be in the cone this time.

He always seems to get itchy over summer.  I know it's not a food allergy, at least that something positive.

Right, I'm off to do some washing, housework doesn't get done on it's own.  *sigh*


Got an appointment to see a Dr this morning!  Was a bit surprised they could fit me in.  I'm seeing a Dr who I've not seen before as both my 'regular' Drs are away.
Here's hoping this new one can help.  

I had fun at the Dr's!  The man I saw was new to me, so I kinda had him on a bit. (as I do)

He asked me what was my problem today? 
And I said "I am going mental with hot flushes, and when I get one I literally want to kill everyone around me!"
The look on his face was priceless.

Then ... I got a hot flush.
And he said "Are you alright? Hold on, I'll find you some cold water" ... and he virtually RAN out of the room!
It was so funny.

He stayed out of the room for a full 5 minutes, then he came back and asked if I was feeling better? And I noted ... that he forgot me cold water. (like I would drink water anyway!)

I'm still smiling about it.

Anyway... he gave me a new blood pressure pill to try, as it's known side effects are they help with hot flushes.  So ... I stop taking me regular blood pressure pill and try this new one.

Fingers crossed.

It's lunch time and so far I've only done a bit of washing, so I better pull finger and get moving.

I forgot to mention, I cannot take HRT due to having a blood clot in me lung after my last operation.  
ME:  wish I could find someone like your lady.  I hope she recovers and is back doing her magic soon.

A productive afternoon!  I made the strip that goes at the top of me quilt.  It is very simple as it will have our pillows on top of it.
It didn't even take very long.  Now I can sew it on,  then move onto making the borders.
So exciting!  It's going to be so beautiful, even the blokes in the house like it.  *smiles*

End of Day: just watched the start of the new series of Doc Martin, which Stew and I thoroughly enjoyed.  Next week Home and Away starts again too.... YAAAaaaa!
Bex and I have really missed it.  We always have our lunch while watching the previous night's episode.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Good luck with the flushes - sounds bloody awful!!!!

    LOL @ Dante using Griffin as a step :0)

  2. Get Brylee to name her own books and clothes. I'm sure she's capable, just say it in the way that makes it's sound like a privilege for her to do it herself, as she is becoming an adult etc etc ;-)

  3. I found that when I saw my local GP she really wasn't too much help with menopause. I managed to find a lovely dr who specialises in womens hormones and it was only after I had been to see her that I started to see some improvement in myself - hot flushes and night sweats, the itches, the depression and mood swings - once we got my hormones sorted a lot of the other stuff seemed to calm down heaps. I have an appointment to go back to her in 2 weeks but she is in hospital at the moment with pneumonia - as she is an elderly lady, I'm hoping she is OK because I don't want to have to try to find another life saver like she has been.
    I hope you manage to find something that will help you - I only suffered for about 18 mths before I found Maura - don't know that I (or my family) would have lasted much longer - as hard as it was for me, I do think it was even harder for them - poor buggers !!!
    Sending heaps of hugs from one menopausal lunatic to another !

  4. I hope the new pills work.

    I agree with Maria, get the kids to name their own books, my kids have been doing it for years, they love it, nothing like nice new stationery.

  5. Hot flush is my middle name :) They went totally away using hormones but that just didn't seem right so I've been off them for a year now. Some days I'm better than others but at least I no longer get moody and crabby!

  6. Anonymous3:32 PM


    There is an anti depressant drug they use for menopause, it helps with the hot flushes as an alternative to the is called Efexor...look it up ..I went to a talk by specialist on menopause and they talked about the various treatments etc..

    Cheers Peta

  7. Can't wait to see the finished quilt, hope you get your manic menopause hot flushes sorted soon!!

  8. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Do you want some more Calming Gel etc?
    Mary H

  9. I'm watching Doc Martin now. Love it.

  10. Hope you enjoy the new series of Doc Martin. I love it too and of course the beautiful Cornish countryside.

  11. I hope the new pills can give you some relief really fast.
    I have become a real Doc Martin addict....I have watched all six seasons over the last few weeks.

  12. I hope the new meds help you out!


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