Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Because... I gave myself time to change my mind about those blasted borders AGAIN!

Who's sick of me blithering on about those borders?   I know I am.

But... I do have ANOTHER OPTION to show you.

I think I should shorten the length a bit more on the bottom, so the points of the 1/4 Dresden Plates are almost touching the blue binding at the bottom.   I tweaked a photo on the computer last night (at 11.30 pm!), and it looked much better with the bottom points just touching the bottom binding.

Today I am staying home as Griffin has a friend coming over to spend the day with him.  Griffin spent all of yesterday with him as it was his friend's birthday.

As far as I know Bex and Lorraine are going to our local Hospice Shop for a gander.  My sister loves op shops too.
Something we do have in common.  *smiles*

I am feeling a bit drained at the moment, my hot flushes are getting bad again.  I am wondering if it's the medication not working now, or if it's just down to the summer heat making them worse?
I dunno.
What I do know is that they are really, really awful again, I get an instant headache and I feel ill.

I certainly suit my 'nick name' of Snapper!  I am very snappy!

Right, that's me for now... I've got stuff to do.


FROGGY:  ahh I know that "I want to kill everyone" feeling so well!
Mostly I go ape-shit in the malls and anyone who stops dead in front of me or cuts me off is lucky I don't bitch-slap them!  
I can't wait until I'm an old crabby snapper with a walking stick so I can whack them with it!
I'd probably end up in prison, but hey... in this country that ain't so bad.
Free food, tv, education, recreation and NO HOUSEWORK!  

Fook I might enjoy that.  (just kidding OF COURSE).  I would miss me shopping expeditions.

I went out to get my camera card copied onto disc as it is full.
Only it was going to cost $160 to get it onto 8 discs!   I was like, hell no!  And went and looked at External Hard Drives instead.
But I couldn't make up me mind what one to get, so will wait until Steve is home cos he can help me choose what is best.

In the meantime, I shall start deleting some of the photos off me card so I can take a few more photos.

Right ... time for lunch, I'm starving.

My sister and I went down to the Hospice Shop in Manukau, where I will be going back to once the kids are at school... and we got:

 ABOVE:  some clothes for Keera to wear when she's here (cos we ran out this weekend), and a really lovely blue vase-type thing.

 ABOVE:  My sister got this old jacket (faux fur I think) for a steal because it has ripped lining in several places.  She loves it.

ABOVE:  And my sister got all these bits 'n' bobs too.

ABOVE:  my pretty blues.  

Time to get dinner going... I'm making Spag Bog for dinner.

Well, Bex ended up making dinner, which was lovely.
And it was a very nice dinner too.

End of Day:  well... a nice day in all.  Loved going to the shop for some bargins and it was lovely to catch up with some of the girls I work with.
I'm looking forward to going back once school starts again.
nite nite


  1. I hear you on the hot flushes I'm over them too bugga being a women sometimes lol..... This version of the border looks awesome ..... As they all did....but you have to be happy with it a lot of hard work.....enjoy your at home day on this wet windy day...

  2. The good news is that you will know that you have considered all your options and will have just what you like when you finish the quilt.
    Sorry about the hot flushes...not fun!

  3. I used to take Remmifemmin for menopause symptoms until I ran out and didn't have the funds at the time to get more. They seemed to help. It's a natural product, something root, maybe black or dry? Ask your chemist. you may be able to run them in conjunction with your other medication as an extra boost? I'm starting to get hot flushes (headaches, feel sick), now so I'm thinking of going back on them. Plus, they help me not want to kill the idiots around me some days :-D

  4. A few weeks ago I started battling with hot flushes and sweats again - I also wasn't sure whether it was the weather or the medication not working. Hopefully it stops soon whatever it is !!!!
    Have the best day !

  5. LOL! If they are anything like the Aussie prisons they have a "buy up" where you can put in orders once a month or so for outside stores like Myers, Targets etc for things like craft supplies, make up, alcohol free skin care, wool, etc, so I reckon you'd be good to go :-)

  6. lol do let us know and see the finished product, of the quilt and I like the longer look myself but that's me, I am hot n sweaty cause it's muggy hate to be crabby hot n sweaty....

  7. Oh my! I cannot friggin' imagine going thru hot flashes in the heat! It is -20C here tonight where I am and I have them now. I feel for you!!

  8. Easy. Get a 1 terabyte (TB) and pick mid rage pricing. If it's only storage, go for around $200 but you can get them cheaper. Good luck :-)

  9. I trust your judgement on the bedspread. Looks like great odds n ends in the other pictures too. Happy Wednesday to you!

  10. Glad to hear you had a good day. Hang in there!


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