Tuesday, January 07, 2014


I'm juggling a few new ideas around in my head for sewing projects.
I just DON'T feeling like tackling my big Dresden Plate project yet.  
But I do want to sew SOMETHING.  
So, I have grabbed some pictures off Google Images and I'm going to make some different mug rugs.
Boats.  Fish.  Nautical themed ideas.

Some of the pictures that caught my eye:

Bex suggested I try and incorporate felting into them somehow.  So, maybe I will try that.  I can see how it might work making felt with different shades/colours then cutting it into fish shapes and stitching it on fabric.  
Of course, I could also use Batik fabrics, which have amazing colour variations too.

Quite excited to do something slightly different ... I'm kinda tired of birds just now.

While I'm playing around with that, Stew has a list of jobs he is working on.
He painted the windowsills yesterday, and today he is filling in a few little holes in the plaster exterior walls, then once they are dry he will paint them too.
He also wants to re-stain the garage door, front door and a few other wooden bits around the house exterior.  So, he's going to be busy.

We are expecting rain tonight, so he wants to get it done today.

MUST. NOT. FORGET..... to pick up my Sister Lori from the city late this afternoon.  She's en route to Palmerston North from Whitianga and is staying the night here.
We will drop her back at the bus terminal bright and early tomorrow morning.

Next ... some of my progressive collages, Day One, Two and Four, it's fun watching the flowers and tomatoes growing....

ABOVE:  This kid is growing up so fast!  He's walking, babbling, showing quite a bit of attitude, and utterly adorable.
Miss Keera is coming over with Lacy on Friday, I can't wait to see her.  It feels like forever since she was here.

Right, I'm off to see what fun I can do with felt and fish...


It's freakin midday and we have done NOTHING except go and buy the stain for the garage door etc.
I doubt I'll get any sewing done today as I plan on helping Stew with the painting until I go and pick up me sister.

*shaking head*... don't know why I bother to 'plan' my days sometimes, as they very rarely do go as expected.

I decided to get the spa pool up and running over summer as a cold plunge pool.
But first I had to buy new filters (2) and chlorine and PhDown.
So I drove over to Botany and got all that I required.

Got home and bugger me... got the wrong filter!

The guy in the shop said that was THE ONE I needed.  *sigh*

So I drove back to Botany, with our old filter, so we wouldn't stuff it up again.  It was equally my fault and his that I got the wrong filter.  I should have taken  the old one with me when I first went there.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I couldn't afford the filter I NEEDED, it was exactly double the price of the 'wrong' one.

So the guy said he would give me a discount for having to drive back over there!
How lovely.   But... he wasn't sure how to get the discounted price loaded on his computer, so he JUST GAVE ME the new filter for half price!

What a nice man.  Griffin shook his hand and said "Thank You very much mate".  *smiles*
Griffin is lovely too.

Painting the doors etc won't happen today.  We simply don't have time before we need to get into the city to pick up me sister.  But that's OK, it's not like the door is gunna go anywhere.  It will still be there on Friday, when the wet weather is supposed to have passed over again.

So... we have picked up my sister, and as you can imagine... LOTS of yakking is happening.  I've not seen her in a few years so it is lovely doing some catching up.

Sure, we have had issues over the years where we simply don't get on at all... but sisters...
We always manage to mend fences.  That's what families do.

I'm going to get some photos done tonight before bedtime, cos we have to get up bloody early to get her to the bus on time.

End of Day: catch ya tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous11:33 AM

    What a cutie Dante is Blonde hair blue eyes Lock up your daughters. MaryH

  2. I'm so glad you got the filter for half price. Makes the blunder so worth it. Can't wait to see what projects you sew up.

  3. Love the fish mug ideas! Cute as! Don't we love our handy men? So clever!

  4. Do't you hate that double trips I always take stuff with me just incase and then me car looks like a second hand dealer wagon ( hence car clean today declutter and vaccum and wash!!!) flower photos great Dnate photo utterly gorgeous...

  5. ohhh that Dante is gonna be a heart breaker!! Lovely pics Chris :-)

  6. Ohhh that Dante is gonna be a heart breaker! Lovely pics Chris :-)

  7. Very cute photo of Dante. I hope you and your sister had a lovely time together this evening.

  8. I like the second picture, the boat, for your sewing project.
    Dante is getting big fast!

  9. Have fun with your sister :)

  10. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Lol we did have fun. A happy loving envirlment and grt to feel included not that i didnt physically crash onto poor Bylee and insist on my poor nephew stephen and neice hex for kiss san cuddles. Haahaa guys now u know what to expect when jaunty arrives. Love all an Tks again

  11. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Anonymous is me Lori sister. Wont accept my google account so after all this time had to pit in anonymous. Just left New Plymouth. Not feeling the best. Solo tired. Grt bus drivers to. Funny as. XxI highly recommefd zzzx Z NAKED BUSES. BY ALL FOR MOWING

  12. Oh my goodness......Dante is losing his babyness and becoming a little boy!!!


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