Monday, January 20, 2014


And I will change me mind!

I made the girls move bits of fabric this way and that for ages yesterday, trying to make up my mind what to do for the borders for me quilt.

And I showed you a couple of contenders didn't I.

Well, I changed me mind later on in the evening, lay the quilt on me bed and had a play.  It needed to be done in situ, that way I could see how long it needed to be, and how it would hang.

I came up with this as my FINAL contender:

 ABOVE:  I am going to make two pillowcases in that dark blue and add a quarter of a Dresden Plate like that.  I think it looks super!  By keeping the borders much simpler, they don't detract from the body of the quilt.

Now... my sister arrived back yesterday, she catches her plane back to Australia on Wednesday.  So we have a few days together.

ABOVE:  some nice photos of Kelly, Rena and Lorraine.

ABOVE:  and YEP, some funny ones too!
Steve does that face to Dante and Keera, and they both literally 'run' away from him squealing!   I would too if I was a baby!
Lorraine turned around and screamed cos she didn't know he was there.   Hee hee.

ABOVE:  this photo defies definition.  It is what it is... silly buggers.

Today?  Spending time with me sister.  Griffin is going out for the day with a school friend, so he doesn't have to hang out with 'the girls' today.

Lacy didn't make it back yesterday, so we still have Miss Keera.  Hopefully she gets back today.  Actually if she doesn't I will be rather angry.  I'm already quite annoyed that no matter who's 'fault' it was, she didn't arrive as planned yesterday.  Having an extra baby for 5 days has been tiring on Bex!

I say that because Bex has done the bulk of the 'caring' for Keera, and I really appreciate it.


FROGGY:  not a bad idea chick!  I am going to be stitching the little flower pattern that's in the corner of each block in the large while patch, so I shall see if it needs more after that.  I can always put a photo up once I'm at the stage and ask for ideas!

Well, Lorraine, Brylee and I went out this morning to get the kids school stationary and Brylee's school uniform.
Came home almost $400 poorer.  That Government money isn't going to stretch to cover everything by the look of it.  Oh well... it IS a huge help, for which I am very grateful.

There was one 'older' couple at the Uniform Shop buying uniforms for the FOUR GRANDCHILDREN that they had just had to take in.   Those poor buggers, 4 kids in one hit!
The only consolation, there were no babies in that lot, so no sleepless nights.

Well... time to relax for a little while.

I agree with everyone on needing to break up the white a bit.  My problem is I only have 'so much' of that blue fabric left, I'm not sure I have enough of the blue left to go around the whole quilt again.  BUT, I will pin it out and see later on tonight.  

Quiet afternoon here.  I am walking around the place looking down at the filthy floors!  The entire house needs a really thorough vacum.   *sigh* and our vacum is a piece of shit.  And the central vac isn't much better.

Seriously, we had one years ago and it was the best vacum EVER.  It died of over use syndrome.  It blew up in fact.  
I had used it pretty much EVERY DAY, I had a bit of a vacuming compulsion going on!

I wonder how much they are nowdays???

DEE: Thank you, that would be wonderful.
I've looked and looked at various ways to do the borders and now I'm totally bamboozled and hot and crabby!

When I get like that I have to just walk away and not look at it for a few days, and that is what I am going to do.

Then when I come back to it I will be refreshed and ready to take a fresh look at it.

I'm cooking Beef Spare Ribs done in a sticky rib marinade, it's probably one of my most favourite dinners.  Add potatoes and veges into the mix and a lovely dinner.

BEFORE I FORGET:  sorry if your comment missed being published the other day.  I only just realised I had missed a few.  They are published now.

End of Day:  well after dinner I had an idea... partly thanks to your comments today about the borders.  And I will show you my "OH MY GOD IT BETTER BE... MY FINAL BORDER OPTION" tomorrow.   Though there will be a question for you too.
nite nite


  1. Luv the final border ......great choice!! Enjoy your time with your sister.

  2. Oh the quilt looks fantastic! Great pics of Kelly too!

  3. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Yea it has been tiring with the two kids and dante teething fun fun :) its been good tho oh and the quilt looks better like that :)

  4. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Hehe from bex from above :)

  5. Have a lovely week with all the family. Remember to take a little time out now and then for "you" time. It's the only way. xx

  6. Oh no! Hope Lacy gets back soon, hope all is ok.

    I LOVE the quilt picture. It's just sooo beautiful. I'm glad to see your sister and Kelly looking so well. :)

  7. PS Love the quilt, too. xx

  8. Anonymous1:18 PM

    OMG! that quilt looks amazing, you are so creative. Lois

  9. Hey, Chris, just looking again at the quilt and got to thinking. The little coloured pin heads that are above the border of that quilt set it off. Do you think you could find some little blue buttons to sew there in their place? Fiddly as heck but I think it would look rather bland without them, what do you think?

  10. Well done on the quilt, looks absolutely beautiful. Clever you!! xxxxxxxx

  11. I love the quilt but how about less white on the sides and a bigger blue border? It would balance it more. I hope you understand what I mean. The blue between the plates are about 2" wide? So the blue on the outside border should be more. Just my opinion. Great job :)

  12. Or following on from Froggys idea maybe a blue strip to join where the pins are ? It would break up the white a bit

  13. How about one inch strips of blue which will mean finished size of half inch finished which will mean it will be ithe same width as the binding. This can always be left as a flappy bit- technical term. If you are interested I can look for photos of one I did. Uses less fabric - you could even use something similar if you are running short because it will be so narrow that it wiont be noticeable

  14. Well Lacy could always vaccum and mop your house and do the windows AT THE VERY LEAST, how convenient for her has she not heard of the BUS? shit you can even hitch a ride with truckies nowdays I travelled length and breadth of NZ on trucks just went to local truck stops and waited.... Like the idea of blue buttons on the side..... could you do fabric covered buttons with any left over fabric? from the Dresden material pattern?

  15. Oh and because the quilt has been so long in the making YES dear GOD please get it right cause we don't want to be unpicking eh!!!!!! lol

  16. My God Chris. Your quilts are gorgeous! Such a talent. I'm always awed by people who can sew and are crafty. That was my mom, and although I can cook like she did, I never got the crafty, sewing bug from her! Kelly looks a lot like you:)

  17. Hmm, What happened to my comment. Anyway, as I was saying....

    Fantastic job not he quilt. It's really stunning. And the pillowcases-- love the 1/4 Dresden detail. It really ties it all together.

    I know who hard it is to "finish" a quilt, changing your mind countless times. But since you put so much work into it, that's perfectly normal in my book!

    Congrats on a job well done.
    xo jj

  18. Good fun family I love this pic.


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