Sunday, January 19, 2014


As requested, the instructions for my Quilt As You Go, using wider sashings.


- For the top sashing (the one you want to see), cut your fabric into 2 and 3/4 inch wide strips.

- For the back sashing cut your fabric into 5 and a half inch wide strips.

- Fold the back sashing in half width ways, and press with iron.

- Lay your back sashing down, then lay quilted block on top (the BACK of the block), matching the cut edges together, then lay the top sashing onto the quilted block (right sides together) ... again getting all the edges even.

- Stitch a 3/8th INCH SEAM.

 ABOVE: once stitched, it should look like this.

- Flip out the front sashing, press.   

ABOVE:  Front with sashing pressed, ready to attach to the second quilted block.

-Lay 2nd quilted block on top of front sashing, right sides together.  Stitch them together.  Press the seams.

 ABOVE:  this is how the two blocks should look joined at this point, from the back.  Note the back sashing is still flipped over and double thick, the fold is on the right in photo.

 ABOVE:  this is how the front will look.

- Cut strips of Vliesofix AND batting into 1 and a  1/4 inch widths.

ABOVE:  Now lay strips of VLIESOFIX in the 'gap', iron to get it to stay there.  Peel off the paper.

 ABOVE: now lay your batting in the 'gap' as well, on top of the Vliesofix.  Pin it on, flip it over and using an iron press to get the batting to stick to the Vliesofix.  Don't hold the iron on for too long or you will melt the batting!
(I did it a couple of times, bugger!)

 ABOVE: now you bring the back sashing over and cover the batting/vliesofix in the 'gap'.  Iron/press in place.

 ABOVE:  like this.  Sew the back sashing down, running the stitching as close to the edge as you can without going off it.

- Press, flip over and sew a 1/4 inch seam on the front...

ABOVE: like this.

-Lastly, quilt the sashing however you like.  I just sewed a decorative stitch down the middle.


I hope that helped you Cheryl.
I know that now I've done this 'Tutorial' I will never forget how to do it!

If you want an even thicker sashing, you will have to work out the widths yourself!

It took me ages to get a 2 inch sashing worked out.


Right... back to 'normal' blogging.  *smiles*

It's a glorious day and I am determined not to waste it.
I am going to suggest to Stew we go to the beach again.  It's a perfect day for the beach!

If that isn't a go, I shall stay home and sew some more.
I'm THRILLED to see the quilt take shape.  The next exciting stage will be making the borders. 

Oh almost forgot!  My sister is arriving back this afternoon.  So if we go to the beach we will need to be home mid-afternoon. 


The beach is a 'NO'.  We have to do a few jobs out of the house and still get home in time for Lacy arriving back from Tauranga, and Kelly, Rena and Lorraine arriving from Hamilton.
Oh well... it was a nice thought.

I shall get onto deciding what sort of borders I want for my quilt.

CHERYL:  I shall be attaching the borders exactly the same way I have been joining the rows.

Kelly, Rena and Lorraine have been here for a while, they helped me with trying to decide how to do the borders of me quilt.

We came up with two viable options, with one looking more likely than the other:

 ABOVE: option one, pretend there's a blue strip along the bottom....

ABOVE: and this one, minus the white at the bottom probably.  This one is the one I'm leaning towards more than the other one.

End of Day: a long, hot day.  Hope we get some sleep tonight.  Miss Keera is not settling down tonight for some reason.  Oh Yaaaa.   Oh and I've changed me mind about the border... something I was bound to do given enough time to ponder it!
My latest idea will be revealed tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Chris, thanks very much for your tut and photos. That was really nice of you to go to all that trouble. Your quilt is going to be spectacular once it's finished. Pls let us know how you going to attach the borders!
    Cheers, Cheryl xoxox

  2. Good lord I even understood that tutorial but what a load of work glad it isn't me and its lovely to see it taking shape looks amazing, we went walking early grocery shopped and now home before the heat.....

  3. That quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Stunning! A work of art really. I adore how it is turning out there. I haven't hit here in a few days so I just scrolled back. Your craft/sewing room is awesome! I have a little table in the corner of the dining room for all my crap. Hubby just organised it today so I plan on pictures tomorrow. Seeing your machine reminds me I have my mothers about five ft away on the other dresser. I should put it out with all the stuff in the dining room. (Obviously we don't use the dining room LOL- that is where the turtle/snake/fish tanks are)

  4. I prefer the second one border and wow stunning..

  5. Option 2 flows much better. The v of colour feels like it is part of the top, it has a reptilian of the top side patterns. the first one looks too disjointed.

  6. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Chris, I told you the quilt is spectacular. I think the second border looks better. It amazing how you also worked out those half triangles in the border. Again, I wanted to finish off a house quilt with the same half triangles, I just couldn't work it out!! Well done Chris, it's gorgeous.
    Cheers, Cheryl xoxox

  7. yes I like the second one much better than the first one...

  8. I too liked the second border could do some fancy stitching in the white ......but you have changed your mind lol looking forward to the new plan ....luv the quilt....keera's probably hot like the rest of us makes me cranky too lol

  9. Love the border I'm seeing

  10. thank you very much for the great photos. Do you mind if I pinone of the pictures on my pintrest board? I ned a reminder because I want to make something like this too.
    It looks so beautiful!


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