Sunday, January 26, 2014


Let me show you my new phone:

ABOVE:  I love it.  I love the blue cover I got for it too.
Funny, I had NO INTENTION of getting a new phone yesterday.  I only went into Telecom to discontinue getting the internet on my phone, cos I couldn't use it!  My 'old' phone refused to open me emails, or let me blog from me phone, so I didn't want to be paying for something I wasn't using.

But... she (and STEVE) talked me into getting a  'SMART' phone.  And because I am on a Telecom 'Plan', and I was due for a free upgrade, the phone only cost me $49.  SCORE!

Since getting it, I've managed to work out how to do the basics on it... so going well.

I had a big boo boo on me quilt last night too.  I stitched two of the triangles onto the first border, then realised that the stitching was not even:

In fact it was utter crap.  So I had to spend the entire evening unpicking it.

And it was a right shit to do too.  That stitch doubled back on itself over and over again... so I didn't even get it all unstitched last night.

THAT is my first job today.  Unpicking.
Last night my eyes had double vision after 5 hours of unpicking!  Felt weird.  No doubt that will happen again today.

As for what the rest of the household is doing... I have no idea.
I'm sure Stew will be only too happy to watch some sport on the telly.
The kids keep themselves amused pretty well.
Steve & Bex?  Well they do their own thing too most weekends.



Well... I finally have finished the unpiking nightmare.  Now I'm going down to Dave's Emporium to find some blue  tape/rick rack or binding to outline the triangles with.

As anticipated, it's a quiet day here.  Everyone is just chilling out.  The weather is starting to pack it in too... it's very overcast and dull.

MARIA & JOY: thanks for the advice.  I will remember that for next time.

I've sorted how I'm doing the border stitching now and will show you later.

NOW, in light of being more HONEST on my blog...  

I'm in a VERY UNHAPPY MOOD right now.

I have been screamed at, ranted at and generally told I'M HATED today.
So... I have been thinking about stuff for the past hour, and I think space ... LOTS of space is needed.
I am going to be changing how I deal with certain issues in future.  

And now I move on.  To sew.  Or sit here and blog/read the news/or just listen to my music.

Cos that's ALL I DO apparently.

ABOVE:  two down, 13 to go!
I bought some bias binding for the edging of the 1/4 blocks, then did the fancy stitching on top so it matched what was on the quilt sashings.
It's not PERFECT, or even anything resembling perfect, but I don't mind.  I'm no expert sewer and that's fine with me.   I'm just happy it's looking semi OK.  *smiles*

Smiles, even though it's the last thing I feel like doing right now.

TRACY:  thanks. An apology?  Empty words.  True feelings once again shown today.  NOTED again.

The weather has packed it in big time.  Thunder and rain... so now it's mega humid and nasty.  Right on dinner time.  Ikkkk.

Steve is cooking.  Rosemary Lamb, Hassle back Potatoes, gravy and veges.  Wow.  Looking forward to dinner.

End of Day:  dinner was gorgeous, thanks Steve.
A bit of a mixed day today.  One I'm glad to be ending.  Off to bed, it's 11.33 pm. 
nite nite


  1. Maria8:25 AM

    When doing decorative stitches that going backwards and forwards a lot, it's best to use a stabiliser. You can use tissue paper if you haven't got any. But I usually don't like using a big stitch like that because if anything goings wrong it is a bitch to unpick!

  2. Oh dear that's a bugger of a job! Nice phone too btw. hmmmmmm wonder if I'm due an upgrade? probably......

  3. For those sort of decorative stitches use "tear-away", it's a paper like stabilizer that you just tear off the back when you're done. Keeps the stitches even :).

  4. Big hugs. Hope whoever upset you apologises for being so nasty.

  5. Dinner sounds yummy! Enjoy it... xxxxxx

  6. Ummmm. Poor you. Doesn't matter how much you love your children my experience tells me because they also truly love you they use their mums to rant and rave at. You should have been in my house over Christmas.

  7. Dinner sounds yummy…but what are hassle back potato's??

  8. Beat them up! Who ever is telling you they hate you just smack them right across the face! Ok not really but apparently it is ok for them to verbally smack you? I don't know if it is the littles or the bigs acting like that but that is unacceptable! You all do SO MUCH for so many people. Strike in order? Good Luck!

  9. The quilt is going to be gorgeous when you are finished!


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