Monday, January 13, 2014


Ummm... I slept in!  Kinda late in the morning already...

So, Stew and Steve are back at work full time today.  I'm sure neither of them is that thrilled.
But needs must and all that.

At least with Stew back at work he can get on with the big project that's ahead and hopefully things will settle down at his work in the next couple of months, and we can all relax again.
Fingers crossed for a positive outcome there.

Steve meanwhile, will now get back to his full time building job, and do his part time Southern Traders job as well.  I worry about him working so much, I hope it's worth it at the end of the day and they can afford to branch out on their own eventually.

It can't be fun for them having to live here, with no privacy as such, and no chance to just be their own little family together.

Oh well... at least we all rub along together OK.
There is a fair bit of give and take, but it's working.

Here's a few photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  how gorgeous!  No more progression photos, I'm over them!

I tried to get a nice photo of Lacy and Keera last night:

 ABOVE:  she wasn't playing nice...

ABOVE:  not much better.  *sigh*

 ABOVE:  a fairly nice one of Steve.  He has ginger whiskers.  *smiles*, just like his Dad used to have.  Now Stew's are more grey than ginger.  But I still think he's my hunk.  Love Ya Stew.

ABOVE:  Playtime.

ABOVE:  Keera and Dante getting boxing lessons.  

 ABOVE:  one of the dogs favourite places to sleep.

ABOVE:  Steve chopped these down.  I'm not sure I like the naked corner look.  There is talk of putting a 'shelf' in the corner to put drinks etc on while in the spa.  We shall see how long THAT takes my guys eh?

ABOVE:  well... that's the first row done!  Now I have 4 more to do, then I sew THEM all together and move on to borders.  It's like, NOWHERE NEAR finished, but it's certainly getting there now.

ABOVE:  the next thing I have to think about is how to quilt the sashings ... they are the dark blue strips between each block.

I am going to think about that for a little while while I have lunch.

Well, since lunch I've watched a couple of TV programmes, and then done a few test strips of stitches, to figure out what is going to work best on the sashings.
I could have gone for plain wavy lines like I would normally do, but I wanted something different.

ABOVE:  I am going for the leaf frond as it matches the fabric beautifully.  Not sure yet if I will have to do one or two rows ... it might have to be two to hold the batting down enough through the sashings.

Bex is cooking dinner tonight, we are having sausages/coleslaw and hassleback potatoes.
Should be yum.

Well, I don't feel like I got that much done today after all that.  My hands were tied in relation to the quilting as I'd run out of Vliesofix to adhere the batting to the sashings, so will get some more tomorrow.  Plus I need to do a few jobs while out tomorrow... posting a few things I didn't get to do last week.  

End of Day:  a nice day really... so happy I'm enjoying sewing the Dresden Plate Quilt.  It's been so long in the making... I mean sitting in a box being neglected!  lol
nite nite


  1. Gawd kids and cameras they're either posing or being silly love the boxing bag and Dante one.. No sleep in here work for me. Windy and fresh here and overcast .....

  2. Anonymous1:58 PM

    That's a lot of work you've put into that quilting! Great job.


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