Monday, January 06, 2014


So.   I finally got a chance to edit and put up some photos of Teddy & Coco after their groom yesterday...

ABOVE:  see why I'm so happy?  They have never looked better!  And this is the first time a groomer has not cut Coco's eyelashes, she looks so 'girly' with long lashes.  Adorable.
And I even got a few good photos of Teddy too, which is saying something cos he hates having his photo taken.

 ABOVE:  yep, found tummy buttons.

ABOVE:  I used the 'Sports' function, but they didn't come out very well at all.  Still working on speed AND clarity.  Might have to learn about shutter speeds, aperture etc to get a decent 'moving' photo.

 ABOVE:  just did a collage of all the photos I took last night.  300+ photos, all in one!  I love Picasa!

TODAY:  not too sure.  Steve is working at Southern Traders.  Stew is home for another week.
He wants to paint the house windowsills, and the garage/front doors too.
Fingers crossed the weather fines up so he can.

I want to go out and post a parcel to Mike and Joyce... forgot to yesterday when we were at the mall.  

Right... I'm off to do some housework...  happy, happy, joy.... joy!


Well... we've been busy all day... housework, off to the mall to post a parcel to Mike and Joyce, home, lunch etc.

I've now finished two more mug rugs for Debbie M, who won my little contest to guess my weight loss up till Xmas.
So Debbie, once I've gone back and found your address I will post it... most likely by tomorrow.

Bex took the kids to the park after lunch, but they were only out for about an hour as it was just TOO HOT.

Even now as I sit here with a fan directly on me I'm sweating like a pig.  It's awful... and we don't even get the REALLY hot temperatures like in Australia and other places, where it goes over 40 deg celcius.  Today here it's about 26 in the shade.

ABOVE:  Debbie's mug rugs.

End of Day:  well it's been a really cruisey day, didn't get that much done, and I'm fine with that.  Stew painted the house windowsills, that took him all afternoon.  He copped a bit of sun on his back, he's looking a bit red!  
nite nite


  1. Grroooovy photos! Loving the one of Dante in the air (and as for the tummy button ones - how precious!) Love 'em.

  2. Your pooches are such cuties!!

  3. Wow Bex is looking very relaxed there as Daddy is throwing her boy up in the air ... I would have been besides myself.

  4. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Thanks nicole lol dante is a very rough and tumble boy. He loves when daddys home to play and chase him round the house, ya cant throw himround for long tho hes to heavy lol :)

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous photos of Dante tummy and in the Air..... being thrown . Very hot here but lovely this morning very fresh crisp start................

  6. Luvin all the pics cute dogs cute kids what more could you ask for :)

  7. Love the photos of Dante being thrown, kids LOVE that. The groomer did a good job, mind you, woe betide him if he ballsed it up again this time.


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