Wednesday, January 08, 2014


We are dashing out to drop my sister Lorraine off at the bus depot... so just a few photos from last night on here for now:

 ABOVE:  gorgeous old building at the bottom of Queen Street...

 ABOVE X'S 3:  Meeting family...

 ABOVE: Opening Christmas Presents.

 ABOVE:  Lorraine with Steve, Brylee and Griffin.
Griffin is HUGE beside her!  I can't even think when she would have last seen our Steve?? !

ABOVE:  having some fun ...  can you tell I've GAINED... YES GAINED 5 kilos since Christmas?  OMGosh, it has all settled on me cheeks!

That would be me face cheeks... and butt cheeks.  *sigh*

Silly me.  Will have to pull finger seriously... I am so over being friggin FAT.

I'll be back later....

OH ... AND... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DARLING HUBBY... Stew, I hope you have a lovely day.

The sister is on her way down to Palmy, a ten hour trip on a bus.  I hope she sleeps!  

After Stew and I got home, I went back to bed for a couple of hours!  Nice.

Now... doing the housework, then helping Stew with the painting. 

Well... I made a month's worth of dog food this morning, and a Birthday cake for Stew, got steak out for dinner (steak, wedges and garlic bread for dinner), then as I was feeling a bit down, Bex took me down to the Hospice shop.

I loved catching up with Debs, and I told her I would be back as soon as school started again.

I TRIED really hard not to buy anything... I'm kinda broke.  But I did score another cane basket and a round cake baking dish in that stuff like rubber... silicone?

Anyway, it helped with me mood.  Then we came home and I had lunch at like... 3pm, then not much else yet!

 ABOVE:  Stew finally got all the painting done, and all the little holes in the plaster fixed too.  He's working on his list, but keeps adding to it!  He's only got  a few more days off work... wonder if he will get it all done?
I'm really happy the spa pool is up and running again, I've got it on a 'tepid' temperature, but Dante didn't want a bar of it.  
That is bound to change.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Number 5 in my little series.  The tomatoes are growing, but not about to change colour yet... unlike the flowers which are really going for it.  Gorgeous colour too.  I don't even know what sort of flower they are?

End of Day:  everyone is tired in this house.  We really just fade in the evenings.  Stew and I watched a very ...  interesting movie tonight called 'The Reader'.  It was sad.
Time to head off to bed.  
nite nite


  1. I think I've gained a lot of weight this holicay season too. I feel my belly bulging. Great photos!

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous catch-up. Boy Lacey is like your sister - I can see the likeness with Brylee too :). Fabulous happy pics :).

  3. Happy birthday Stew! Hope you have a lovely day! xx

  4. Happy birthday, Stew!!

    Chris, you still look great, you're going through a lot lately. You WILL kick this thing, maybe up and down a little, but you will.

  5. Hahaha dad crack up......
    N Happy Birthday From Me & Keera xo

  6. Lovely lovely photos ohhhhh lucky lady getting your mug rug creations and placemat/covers. I can see her in Griffin, that's for sure.I was up at 6am but alas didn't get to go back to bed.....

  7. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Happy Birthday Stew!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous2:51 PM


  9. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Happy birthday stew hope you have had a great day from Richard, Lucinda, Sophie and mikayla

  10. Happy Birthday Stew. I hope you get some time to put your feet up tonight & enjoy a beer or two.

  11. I haven't seen that movie but I read the book! I bet the movie is interesting.

  12. I've watched The Reader too. It's definitely interesting but also disturbing as the teenager was played by an actual teenager. I wonder if his mother struggled with letting him play the role.


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