Friday, January 10, 2014


MAD FLUCTUATIONS:  I stepped on the scales on Wednesday, and I had gained 5 kgs (11 pounds) since Christmas.  I wasn't that impressed with myself I can tell you.

Yesterday afternoon (Thursday), I stood on them again... I wanted to see if I'd added even more damage from eating Stew's birthday cake twice.

And the bloody things said I had LOST 4 kgs since Wednesday!

Now this is quite 'normal' for ME.  I have these mad as fluctuations with my weight due to my stupid body retaining fluid all the time.  

So.. now I don't know if I did in fact GAIN 5kg, or lose 4 kg.  

Either way, I'm revving up my determination to lose ANOTHER 20 kgs this year (44 pounds).  I know I can do it... I did it last year didn't I!

To help with motivation...

PHOTOS:  these photos are about 9 years old.  They were taken at my HEAVIEST and my LIGHTEST at that time.  

 ABOVE:  I have taped them to the pantry door.   I am going to use this as 'visual' motivation.   While I do not aspire to ever be my lowest adult weight again necessarily, I do want to look and feel a healthy weight by this time next year.
I can do it... I have to keep reminding myself that nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.
Cake/chocolate/pies WILL NOT make me happy in the long run.  They only end up making me feel angry and sad.

Right, moving on... MAIL:  we got this in the mail yesterday:

ABOVE:  I read it... checked I'd read it right, then said 'What the f*#k???'   I am totally bamboozled.  

Computer glitch?  Idiot in the office? Clearly we are not paying our Overdue Bill of $0.00.   I mean, how can you pay $0.00?

What else?  Today we hope to go out to the beach after lunch.  Maraetai this time.  Fingers crossed the weather is nice.


And it's not weight focused like every other year.

I am going to be more transparent, I will not be saying I'm having a 'lovely day' if in fact I'm not.  And I will always endeavour to say what is pissing me off, or bothering me, or stressing me out.  As long as it's not breaking a confidence, or telling you all when I last bonked Stew, or anything really, really private like that!

I have been guilty of keeping heaps of 'behind the scenes' stuff off my blog.  I didn't want to sound like a bitch 'n' moaner.  But I've been accused of pretending my life is just wonderful, when in fact sometimes it's NOT.

I have never lied to anyone on my blog, there are just some things that have been better left unsaid, or are very private.  But, from now on, as I said above, I will be sharing MORE SHIT.
Be warned... lol.

Lacy just popped in on her way to an appointment, and bloody hell... all Keera has done since she arrived is scream and cry!  I know it's normal but hell... Lacy is leaving again in a minute!  
Keera is going to bawl her eyes out.  Lovely.

That baby needs to spend a bit more time AWAY from her mother, so she doesn't get so upset all the time.

Our trip to the beach may be off.  Dante has diarrhoea and is very grizzly.  I know Griffin still wants to go, I'm not that fussed, so if Stew takes the kids I might stay home with Keera.  I find Maraetai too crowded over summer.

My back is KILLING ME.  I knew it would after sitting in front of this computer virtually all day yesterday.  My shoulders hurt too.  It was hard getting out of bed I can tell you.

FROGGY:  I am not going to 'air' shit as such, just say if I'm feeling unhappy, sad, crabby etc a bit more.  No more saying all is WONDERFUL if in  fact it's not!
Lacy... is being a good girl again, she will get time out from Keera, we will happily do that for her... for the 'right' reasons.

She is doing a course right now to get her driver's license back.  Once she can drive again and can afford a car, her world will open up a bit more and she won't feel so housebound with just Keera for company.  That is going to be a good thing.

I'm off to sew!  Can't wait to get back into that freakin' quilt!
Oh and I just found another photo of me that I am going to use as me Desktop Background... added motivation:

See.... I was smaller back then, I really did do it.  Now I just want to see me collarbones again!  Gimme 6 months.

So... I have done a little sewing, and now I've decided to go to Mataetai with Stew and the kids.  Keera and I shall go for a walk along the waterfront while they have a swim.  I just don't feel like a swim today... salt, sand... nah, giving it a miss!  I will enjoy the walk though, it's exercise!

Well... the beach was just GORGEOUS.  Keera and I did go for a short walk, but as it was so hot we didn't go far.
The water looked so enticing, I ended up getting in with Keera ... and it was so refreshing.

A few photos:

ABOVE:  it was just the most gorgeous afternoon.  Hopefully we can go again tomorrow!

End of Day:  it has been a weird sort of day.  There were some up's and some down's.  But I weathered them all.
Loved the beach.  
nite nite


  1. Good Morning Keera & DCR
    See you guys soon

  2. Take the 4kg loss & be happy. I hope Keera settles down soon & Dante feels better.

  3. So if Keera needs more time away from her mother, perhaps Lacy is quite justified in wanting a weekend off now and then, but perhaps she needs to go about it differently. If she wants to hook up with a guy, then so long as Keera is taken care of first and foremost, then I don't see the harm, she is a female and has needs I guess. But it does call for maturity all around. I like your thinking for transparency. It can be a good thing. But do be careful of what you say and how you say it. You want to find a good balance between airing your dirty laundry on here (which we all love to read, right?) and offending people. So by all means, entertain us (cause we read you every day) but do so tactfully. And speak to the person(s) concerned about the issues before it makes it up here. That way, hopefully it's either resolved or in the process of being resolved, before we read about it. Does that make sense?

    You know we all love you, and we love the rest of the family too, so be kind to each other and good luck with the weight loss. I'm as fat as I've ever been and it's starting to affect my health, so I'm taking a leaf out of your book and looking toward a better eating plan. Thanks for the motivation, kiddo. Love to you and the crew. xxx

    1. Hi froggy, just read your comment, my Ma and I have a kind of agreement atm witch is working well as far as my breaks away go, and as far as Keera is concerned with my breaks she does and always will come first, I will not let her stay with anyone bar my parents atm.
      And yes my breaks are my and my mums business I tell her where I am at all times and who I am with as I have a few good friends in the bay of plenty, but my Ma does no everything I do, my Ma and I have no secretes.....that's just the way 'we roll' now :)
      But thank you for your comment it is appreciated :)

  4. That bill was a total crack-up! Gave me a good giggle this morning!... OMG, I'm sure Tom wishes I was much "less transparent". No-one could accuse me of being a poker-face! Have a great weekend! xxxxxx

  5. I always put it all out there and never have regrets when my Dad died I resolved to not harbour hold or hinder and I call it how it is, Most who know me accept it for what it is those who are offended then that's their issue not mine. Nice photos and a good idea to put photos up. Hope walking along the beach is soothing for all.

  6. Love the before and after photos... :) We all need motivation to keep going! They should just about do it! P.S you really are a gorgeous woman!!

  7. Looks like a lovely day with Stew and the kids! I've made a secret blog for my ranting lol

  8. Personally...I don't think you "owe" it to anyone to put anything on your blog that you don't want to. If you only want to talk about good times and successes ..... that's your prerogative. Any sane, ADULT, person knows that life isn't always unicorns and rainbows and not talking about bad stuff is not being deceitful or dishonest to your readers - its your business, not ours!!!


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