Saturday, January 04, 2014


Starting on a good foot today.
We are taking all gardening/tools/handyman type stuff out of the Dungeon and putting it in the new Garden Shed.

Then I can sort out and organise the Dungeon... get all sorts of stuff out of the house's wardrobes/cupboards/under beds and get it into there, out of the way but easily accessible. 

I've been wanting to do it for ages and now that we have the garden shed it can be done.

Steve is working again today, so Bex is meeting up with Lacy and Kelly for a girly morning.
Kelly is up spending the weekend with Lacy and Keera.  Lacy was going slightly bonkers with her own company (I understand!) lol.

Brylee & Griffin can help us with the tidying up... and do a few odd jobs around the house too.  Nothing like sharing the load.

ABOVE:  Teddy in his new bed.  He was flat on his back just before I took the photo... he looks so cute.  

 ABOVE:  My hydrangeas are almost done.  So sad they only flower for a short time.  I 'tweeked' the shit outta this photo, gave it more blue and made it 'crisper' ... cos in reality my hydrangeas were not vibrant this year as I'd forgotten to put Sulphate of Aluminium in the soil before they flowered.

Well... there is always next year!  I rather ♥like♥ the word 'tweeked' btw!  You might want to get used to it!  lol  I think I shall be 'tweeking' a lot.


Right, here's some quick photos before I turn my OVERHEATING computer off for an hour or so:

ABOVE:  today's clouds, don't look quite as scary as the other day.

End of Day:  lovely evening tonight.  We all sat down and watched 'White House Down'... Steve and Bex hadn't seen it at all, and we had only seen it once, so it was nice to  watch again.  Still enjoyed it.
nite nite


  1. I'm guessing tweaking is more circumspect than twerking for women of our age! ;)

  2. Love that hydrangea .
    Beautiful Teddy .!!!! my eyesight isn't so clear these days , At first glance I thought it was cake mixture , till I tweaked my glasses

  3. I'm sure there will be before and after shots of the stair clearing and shed filling!!! Nice photo you are getting better..... There's some exercise for you today moving and hucking......

  4. better "tweaking" than "twerking"!!LOL!!

  5. How is the situation with the neighbor's work next to your fence?


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