Wednesday, January 29, 2014


So... here is a sneak peek at the project I finished last night for a certain wee man on Sunday:

ABOVE:  I love it.  Fingers crossed they like it.

Today?  well we have Kelly and Rena here, so I think we are going out for a lovely walk in the park... maybe an ice cream down at the mall too.

And I want to get back to my sewing at some point too.  That Bird In Tree has heaps to be done before it's finished.  I already have someone in mind for it, for their birthday too.

THEN I will be able to get back to my Dresden Plate Quilt.  Yaaa... I'm looking forward to that.

DIET:  Well.. it's been up and down the past couple of months, but I am trying hard to get back into the right frame of mind to put it first again.
Cos, it's all or nothing with me!  It has been nothing for a bit too long.
It is so hard keeping up the motivation.  Summer is here and I'm not where I really wanted to be, and that is just messing with my mind.

I know it is TOTALLY UP TO ME.  But ...but.... and there should be NO BUTS.  MY BUTT is far too big!  I think once the kids are back at school I will be able to concentrate on me a bit more.  And there will be less temptation around!  

OH!  Before I forget... VIC:  Sweetie, if I 'adopted' you, you would be NUMBER NINE!  Not 7.  Remember, I've got 2 'bonus' kids already!  lol
But, if you really want a surrogate MUM, I'm here for ya.  And I'm not just saying that.

*sigh*... anyway... time to go.  Stuff to do...


Oh my, it's a glorious day out there today. Everyone has gone walking except me.  There is no way I can walk in that heat.  I would melt after having a massive hissy fit! The hot weather combined with hot flushes?  Nah, ain't gunna happen.

So... I will sew in my cooler garage.  Awesome.

I just learnt something new...

- My nifty new ladder WILL slip on painted concrete.

- I can land on me feet like a cat!

- Everything DOES go in slow motion when something awful is happening.

- And if you are a bit 'cuddly' your ribs won't get broken when you land on them!

I just fell off the ladder downstairs trying to reach for a box.  I am proud to say I didn't scream when my ribs connected with the freezer, or when my arm connected with the cubby shelves.  My toes are not happy either, they slipped down the ladder ... it kinda hurt.

I've got the shakes right now, so am just sitting quietly pondering how many bruises I will end up with!  A few I'm picking.

Oh and I really AM going to get my Medic Alert Bracelet this year.  As I'm an 'internal bleeder', after that fall it might just be prudent to get it.


Well since that fiasco, I've recovered... and have been sewing for hours.
Time to take a break ... lie in the sun and hop in the spa pool to relax before making dinner.
My turn to cook *sigh*.

Oh, progress on Bird In Tree:

ABOVE:  She's looking very nice.  I added a bit more 'detail' than the original... like on the tree branch and cross hatching on the birdhouse.  I am tempted to add 'something' more, just not sure what?

OK... the sun awaits...

And the sun and spa were wonderful!  The kids and I are really loving being in the spa pool, I have it down low so it's just perfect for getting in and cooling down.

I'm feeling pretty battered and bruised now... aching all over really.
Stew asked me what I'd taken for the pain... and ummm... NOTHING?  I didn't even think of taking something to help.  What a twit.
So I've just taken some painkillers, hope they kick in soon cos I'm in a fair amount of pain.

There is a cracker jack bruise on my torso already, wonder if it looks even worse tomorrow?
I'll no doubt take a photo to show you tomorrow  *smiles*.

End of Day:  a lovely day, apart from the fall!
nite nite


  1. Oh no - sorry to hear about your fall - I hope you don't have too many bruises !!!!!
    I hear you about your weight - I am in a very similar position - was doing well but for too long I just couldn't be a*sed. I MUST get my act together.
    I hope you have a better day today and that you aren't too stiff from your fall.
    Me xox

  2. Be careful Chris. Need to nurture yourself not bash your body up. Cx

  3. Oh Chris, glad you're ok. Make sure your phone is always with you so can phone for help.

  4. You are very lucky you were not seriously hurt - you should not get on a ladder when there dis no one else at home. And organise that bracelet TODAY. Take it easy for the rest of the day, delayed shock and pain are not nice.

  5. NOW when your darling husband reads that I bet you get a telling off too!!!! my goodness you could have knocked yourself out woman!!! and lay there in pain NOTE TO SELF don't get up ladder again....... cyber rubs and hugs for all the ouchy bits.

  6. maybe a little weather vane on the roof of the bird house?

  7. The bird has only one wing - how is she going to fly to her house?

  8. maybe some raindrops... after all, she is holding an umbrella xxxxxxx

  9. Anonymous9:12 PM

    I love your always do such nice work!
    You'll get in the right frame of mind. Just remember why you want the goal to lose weight~ Restore your vision~ hugs~

  10. I feel your pain! two saturdays ago I slipped on the chair I was sitting on, right onto the hard floor, I have bruised my tail-bone (coxus) the most horrible pain, cant sit, cant lie on my back etc etc etc! and its my sons wedding on Friday - I have been in tears about it all. I do hope your ok and not too battered and bruised.

    Take care x

  11. I was afraid we would hear that you were hurting a lot from the fall. I hope the pain killers give you some relief and that nothing is worse tomorrow.

  12. Opps be careful. Sounds like it has been a super busy summer for you. Love the quilting bits and pieces. Hope you're not too sore tomorrow.

  13. TG you didn't break something owie!


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