Thursday, January 02, 2014


I feel like a weather forecaster!  But... after yesterdays mini tornado, we are expecting nice weather today.

If it is a lovely day we plan on going to the beach.  That would be lovely.  I'm not sure what Steve & Bex's plans are for the day, but I'm sure they will have a nice day too.

I've got a few photos from yesterday that I didn't get on here, so here they are now:

ABOVE:  first of all... finally.  The garden shed is done.  Now we can transfer all the garden tools and mower etc into it, thus freeing up the storage room for household stuff.  Yaaaa.

 ABOVE:  I had a play with the macro function on my camera.  It's not too shabby!

ABOVE:  amazing detail on my tomatoes!

ABOVE:  Teddy, Coco and Stew relaxing.  So cute all 3 of them.  *smiles*

Right, I'm off to check out the day... fingers crossed it's a lovely day and we can go to the beach!


The weather is utterly gorgeous today, so we are making preparations to head off to the beach for the afternoon.  
Hunting down our beach bag, and swimming gear... it's taking a while.
We won't be going until after lunch, that way we are not having to lug food around.  
Good idea Stew.  

I just did my Treadmill exercise.  Went a wee bit longer today, and I hope to increase the time up to 40 minutes most mornings.  Today I did 31 minutes, so getting there.

The pace was fairly slow @ 4.7 kms per hour, I'm hoping to get it up to around 6 kms per hour soon too.  But... slowly does it.

Right, I better go and hunt down our beach bag...

Beach bag found, towels and togs packed... just having a quick lunch then we are off.

First time ever, Coco decided to play with Dante, and I got it on video:

A bit weird, the vocals do not match the video?
Might have to investigate that later.

Our trip to the beach went wonderfully.  I took 512 photos!  And I will show you some of them tomorrow.  For now, it's "make dinner time", and get all the washing done and hung out.
Masses of towels.  The joys of going to the beach can sometimes be outweighed by the washing having to be done once ya get home.  

Oh well.. it was lovely.

I even had a swim today, it felt so nice to be in the sea again.  The water was WARM!  

After dinner we are watching Kick Ass 2.  With some wine.  I've got a bottle of Henkell Trocken with my name on it...  it's one of a very few wines I do like.

End of Day:  today was fun.  And watching Kick Ass 2 was fun too.  It was gruesome in parts, but everyone enjoyed it!
Photos to come of beach trip tomorrow.  I've still not had a chance to edit them.
nite nite


  1. Strange weather huh!!! It's crazy....luv the new camera great pics....enjoy the beach today is a great day

  2. Envy you the beach, that is my number one regret, I grew up beach baby and was there every afternoon, weekends etc, then once I had kids and moved away, was hours to drive there and with owning my own business plus kids, well, never seemed to have the time.

    Now of course, there's no way I could walk on sand, wheelchair is too heavy for sand, the beach wheelchairs you can hire well, I'm too heavy for, so closest I get now to a beach is .... :(

    So lots of pictures please :), sand, sand castles, water, waves, sun, kids, whatever, just snap away please and I'll live vicariously through you guys today lol

  3. Anonymous12:43 PM

    That video is just the cutest! Loving Griffins face so happy watching it. Have a great relaxing day at the beach.

  4. Shivers that mini tornado what a scare for you all outside nearly lost ya shed before it went up ( oh imagine shelving in the shed I got zinc alum shelves $30 4 shelves they hold heaps ). Lovely video of Dante Coco and Griffin enjoy your day I have just washed 10 loads doing blankets and duvets and mattress protectors sheets and valances it is hot sunny but windy been at it since 7am some washing already dry and last load JUST finished ( sheets mind!!) Now me spring/summer clean is complete!! haha

  5. Wow, I'm so glad you all are safe. And good to see you back on the treadmill, fighting again. I am rooting for you! :)

  6. OHH my that video is too cute !

  7. Happy New year wonderful! Hope that you have a fantastic year with that gorgeous family of yours!

  8. Happy New Year to you!
    I'm envious of your garden shed, I need one too!


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