Sunday, January 05, 2014


I am starting to get to know a few aspects of my camera, and having fun with it.
Still only using the idiot proof settings, but I think that's good as it gets me familiar with some basics first.

Here's two photo collages I took yesterday and the day before:

ABOVE:  progression shots!   This is fun!

ABOVE:  Teddy hates having his photo taken!  Hee hee... after he completely turned away I tried to sneak up on him so more, so he up and went and hid under the dining table.  Little shit.

Today he and Coco go to the groomers.  It's a full month AFTER they should have gone, but as the groomer in Takanini REFUSED to groom Coco after saying she would, I have had to wait this long to get an appointment.   And I ain't taking them to Takanini, I'm going back to Sylvia Park.

Yes, he's the git who did such an abysmal job on Teddy a while ago, but I am giving him another chance to get it right.  Fingers crossed eh?

ABOVE:  Stew's man shed.  *smiles*  He's got plenty of room for all the garden stuff.  It's a good, secure shed now as it's fixed to the wooden floor, and has a good padlock on the door too.

So, today is dedicated to a bit more housework and then off to Sylvia Park with the dogs. I'm not sure if I will drop them off and come home, or just hang around the mall until they are ready for pick up.
I will talk to Stew and make a decision a bit later on.


MORNING.... to you who have forgotten.  (family thing).

So very happy today.  So many aspects of life in the H household are going well... Round-tables are good.  Getting the washing out is good.  Having room in the cupboards is good.  Eating a tomato for breakfast is good.  Feeling positive about re-establishing some connections is good.


I'm back!  We had arranged to meet up with a girl I'd met a couple of years ago, so we did.  I had met Lisa a couple of years ago through the blogging community and seeing her again was just lovely. 
I had forgotten what it was like to just sit and natter away for an hour!  Thanks so much for meeting us Lisa, it was neat to see you again.

We dropped the dogs off at the groomers before meeting Lisa, and it was with a fair amount of trepidation I must admit.

We had a good while to wait for the dogs, so after our afternoon tea with Lisa, we did the grocery shopping.
We finished that and went back across the road to pick up the dogs.... again I felt worried they would be looking awful!

BUT... they both look FANTASTIC!   I just love how they have groomed them, and in particular their faces.  Coco's eyelashes have been kept long and she looks ADORABLE!

I've taken heaps of photos and if I get a chance I will put some up today, if not ... tomorrow for sure.

I'm off to cook dinner now, Nachos.  After that I have to make dog food so it's a busy night ahead.

End of Day: another good day... a great start to the New Year I must say.
nite nite


  1. Yip photos getter much better, fingers the groomer does ok if NOT groom HIM within an inch of his life!!!! Next you will be wardrobe and clothes culling again too small, unmendables, unwearables etc I do that at the end of every school year last year Nov 5th, and before school starts its amazing how much kids grow over summer IM sure it is because they get to sleep a bit longer etc.

  2. Glad you are having a good day. Bodes well for the groomer doing a decent job on the dogs :-)

  3. Whoaaa. I see, like, every hair on the dog and every little leaf on the flowers. Very good job! :)

  4. So happy for you that things are going well! Teddy is a cutie,love his pictures.

  5. so glad to hear the dogs look great and it was awesome catching up - hubby out at the moment so will forward the info as soon as I can

  6. Anonymous11:44 PM

    Hugs Chris xxx


  7. It is good to hear that your new year has started in a positive way.
    You are really taking great photos with your new camera.


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