Monday, January 27, 2014


Stew is home today... our first 'long weekend' for the year.  Steve is working at Southern Traders today.

I shall probably be sewing again today. 

BUT... I feel the need to take a couple of days 'off' working on the Dresden Plate Quilt, so am making a new Bird 'Mug Rug'.  Only, it's going to be a bit bigger than a mug rug, probably more like a small quilted tablecloth. 

A dear friend in Wellington sent me a photo over Facebook of a cute bird, so I'm doing it:

ABOVE: making the pattern took a bit of time, and it's not finished yet.  One has to get the proportions right after all.  I can see now that I've made the umbrella handle too big, it's not in proportion at all. And the bird house isn't tall enough. Actually, I have to elongate quite a few parts me thinks.  I shall fix it.
This is the beauty of computers... you can take a photo and step back and see it better.

This bird's name is KJ, after me girlfriend of course.  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  Steve last night showing me how to use my new External Hard Drive.  It doesn't look too hard at all.  Excellent.

ABOVE: his nibs in the bath last night. He was having a whale of a time pretending to crawl fast, but going nowhere.  He was giggling his head off... until he got carried away and tried putting his face in the water.
Yep, he didn't like that!

So, that's me for now... catch ya later on in the day.


JEN:  Hassle back potatoes: 

You cut up the potato like ABOVE, then in the gaps you can put cheese, bacon, butter, herbs etc, it's totally up to you, then you bake them.  The cuts should NOT go through all the way or else the potato will just fall apart.
We sometimes put sour cream on the top once they are cooked too.

You are welcome Jen. 

I have been in me sewing 'room' all morning, but had to come up for a piddle.
Steve arrived home and told me he wasn't at Southern Traders, he was out building.

At least he's home early and can enjoy more time with his girl and bubba. 

Once again, thanks to the computer and camera, I can sit back and see which blue to use on the border of me Bird In Tree, mini quilt. 

ABOVE:  well I can rule out the top one!
I kinda like the one on the right, but the plain blue one is appealing too.   Bear in mind I've done none of the stitching around the various pieces, or added eyes.  

That will come next.  So will the final decision on the border colour.  

Damn!  I just saw a couple of boo boo's.  The bird's neck doesn't connect to the head!  And the umbrella on the right side is a bit off.  Luckily both boo boo's can be fixed.

Most of us in the house have watched the Grammy Awards this afternoon.  Very exciting to see LORDE win two Grammy's!
She is an amazing singer and inspiration to other kids out there.

Suffice to say, once me bum was on my lazy - boy chair, it stayed there!  We went on to watch the final of Australia's Got Talent, another good show.  The winners were wonderful too.

End of Day:  another nice day, I've quite enjoyed doing something different on the sewing front.  Hopefully I will get the Bird In Tree finished tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. Thanks for the hassle back pic Chris….going to try these…they sure look yummy.

  2. We love HB potatoes, I love the bird rug/quilt....... will look stunning.......... I am watching Grammys and blobbing.Just watched Lorde yay go NZ.......

  3. LOVE the pics of Dante! He's so adorable! And your talent is insane. That is all:)


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