Friday, January 31, 2014


Today... Brylee goes to College!
I can't wait until she's up and in her new uniform so I can take the obligatory photo.

I know she is very excited about going to a new school.  And I'm even more excited because her and Griffin will not be at the same school! So they can't argue and bicker to and from school!


Bex wants to go walking again this morning.  I think she's taking Griffin with her, so it could be a quiet morning for me.  Maybe I'll just go back to bed!
Nah, can't see it happening somehow.  lol

I've got a few photos to share until I can upload the 'uniform' one:

 ABOVE:  Last night.  Granddad arrived home.  Two toddlers and two dogs eagerly awaiting cuddles.  Did I mention Teddy is back in a cone?  *sigh*  Summer allergies.  Poor bugger.  He's got a mucky ear now, due to the cone keeping his ear moist. Luckily I've got plenty of medications for both the allergies and his ear.

ABOVE:  Two of 'the girls'.  So cute both of them.

 ABOVE: Coco keeping an eye on the littles.  Dante boosting his resistance to germs by chewing on his cousin Keera's shoes.  Ikkk.  His Mother didn't bat an eye. 


ABOVE:  The finished label for Liam's quilt.  2013 is his Year of Birth.  I am rather chuffed with my Label.

Right, I'm off to make sure Brylee is sorted and ready to leave with everything she needs.
And to get that most important photo!


Taaa daaa....

The BIGGEST debate this morning?  How to pack stuff in her school bag... and WHEN to leave for school?  
Rather cute listening to her fuss.  And now... she is leaving.  I hope she has a lovely day.

Stew just arrived home unexpectedly!  He had to come home because he had Dante's carseat in his car.  Whoops.
While he was here he picked up Dante, and umm... Dante had a crappy nappy and Stew got a little bit of 'seepage' on his business shirt, so he's having to change before heading back to work.  lol

ANGELA H:  Thanks, fixed it now.

What a lovely morning!  I've done more sewing, and now... I'm about to lie in the sun and splash in the spa pool for an hour or so.  Bliss.

I just put a turkey in the oven for dinner... it was a 'left over' one from Christmas/New Year.  Turkey and salad sounds just right for dinner, yum yum.

The lie in the sun didn't last long today, far too many clouds.  But it was still nice.  Brylee isn't home from school yet, she has a big hill to walk up EVERY DAY from now on.  I wonder if she will be all hot and bothered when she gets here? 

Dinner:  Turkey and salad.  Very nice.
TV and relaxing in the evening?  Nope.  Too tired to expand on that.  

End of Day: just another of those 'Days of Our Lives' sort of days.  Ups.  And Downs.
nite nite


  1. Cute photos so nice for Grandad to see of Dante Coco and Keera waiting at the top of the stairs...... Have an awesome day Brylee......

  2. Think you have your dates wrong??

  3. Drat lost my comment. Have the best day Brylee and no tears Chris

  4. Luv the pics..... Brylee hope you have an awesome first day of college .

  5. Looking very grown up Brylee! Enjoy you new school. Lovely photos of the grandkids Chris, all very cute:-)

  6. Wow Brylee looks so grown up. I hope she has an awesome first day.

  7. Wow, doesn't Brylee look like a beautiful young lady? She's growing up very fast. I hope she has a lovely first day xx

  8. Wow Brylee, all grown up, enjoy your day x

  9. Brylee looks so cute! Know you are proud of the young woman she is becoming,they grow so fast. Hope your bruise is better today!

  10. I have a turkey in the freezer too. College is like high school there right? She's such a cutie! Hope she does well there. Can't wait to see the quilt you made for the baby.

  11. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Congrats Brylee!!! Hope she had an awesome first day!!!!


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