Friday, January 03, 2014


First up for the day, photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE: our pozzie at the beach, Orewa.

Dante had never been to the beach, so this was his first time...

 ABOVE:  the first ever 'wave' to wash over his toes!

LOL... I literally had HUNDREDS of photos, so you are kinda lucky I showed some restraint!  
I am disappointed I didn't get more of Stew, Griffin & Brylee... but I was concentrating on getting Dante's first beach trip recorded.

Next time I will remember them more.  *smiles*

Today Steve goes to work at Southern Traders, his 'part time job' while the building company he works for is closed for the holidays.  He starts up there again on the 13th January.

So, he's supplementing his little family's income by working some of his holiday time at Southern Traders.

As for us, I want to go into the city and have a browse around the boats, and there is a shop that caught my eye last time we were down there. It looked like it specialised in 'nautical' stuff... right up my alley.  So, going to go have a look-see.  

Once we get home I am going to see about moving stuff around from the 'dungeon' storage room to the new garden shed.
I can't wait to get more stuff out of the house and into storage... like blankets, cushions, suitcases etc.  My cupboards are going to have ROOM in them soon!  Yaaaa.


Well... we went into the city, but the shop we wanted to look in was closed.
So, we grabbed an ice cream from Movenpik down by the waterside, then came home.
I got some more of those vacum sealed plastic storage bags for bagging up linen to put in the Dungeon, probably do that tomorrow.

I had a go at using my camera on the motorway with the 'Sports' setting and it worked really well. 

ABOVE:  a Tui sign we often see in Ellerslie from the Motorway.  This is their latest sign.  Tui is a Kiwi beer, and there signs are supposed to be semi sarcastic/ironic sorta.  'Yeah Right' is kinda like saying "who are you kidding?".

ABOVE:  Griffin combed his hair up after his shower last night... and wanted me to take a photo.  I'm glad I did, it will be a good one to bring out when he's all grown up.  *smiles*

Sorry I've taken so long to update today, I forgot!

Since writing the above, I've been 'snoozing' on the couch.  Just totally ran out of energy.  

Feeling a bit down, I know why but can't really talk about it.
Just opened a door that was, I thought, rather firmly closed.  Got stuff running around in me head and no matter what way I look at it... I'm probably going to end up doing the 'wrong thing' by someone.
How can one person be pulled in so many directions without going nuts?
You can't please everyone.  So, maybe I need to just please myself?
I'm going to have a yak about it with my buddies I think.

End of Day:  a quiet evening... 2 hours of Coronation Street tonight!  Loved it.
Ate a shit load of peanuts and raisins.  It's called emotional eating.  *sigh* didn't help.
nite nite


  1. Great photos, he's just adorable!

  2. Lovely photos and Dante looked like he had fun so bonus all round. Im doing under furniture and behind 2 draws ( I ended up with 15 loads washing yesterday all up) AND I have none today surprising!!! Enjoy your decluttering and remember shelves!

  3. Happy New Year Chris.
    Stunning pics…your camera and you are working well together. :-)

  4. Great pix!!! I particularly loved the ones of Dante's first trip to the beach, so fun xxxxxxx

  5. Such lovely photos! Dante is a doll! It looks like your weather is beautiful.

  6. Love love love the picture of him with his tongue out. The "sand" the tent was on looks so much like dirt me to but then again I am in FL so I am used to different stuff. :)

  7. Great photos! Love the short summer shadows. Looks like the sun is directly overhead!

  8. Hey, Chris. You just do what you think is best... and other people are going to be who they are with their own hurts and hangups. Griffin just is getting so old now. Sort of bittersweet, really...


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