Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Our little monkey is developing in leaps and bounds!
I can't believe he's a year old and getting into so much mischief now.
This is his latest accomplishment:

ABOVE:  yep, he can get up those stairs SUPER fast!  Not that he's allowed on them without an adult right beside him.  Next thing Bex/Steve will have to teach him is how to go down them safely.

But that might just be a way off yet, he's far too young!

I'm going out first thing this morning.  I've got several jobs to do, and Spotlight to visit for a few items I need for working on me quilt.
Quite excited to be going out to the mall, it feels like forever since I was out shopping!  Probably isn't though.  lol


This just in.  A couple of photos of Molly (Litter 2) and Ruby (litter 3).  They ummm... got in a bit of trouble.   Apparently Molly has NEVER dug holes before, but she copied little Ruby and helped out!  Whoops!
Ruby is turning into a little whirlwind by the sound of it.  Too cute.

I accomplished something today that is a very rare event!
a) I made a list and remembered to take it.
b) I got everything on my list.
c) I did NOT BUY a single thing other than what was on me list.
d) I went past numerous eateries and DID NOT buy a thing.

On a roll people!  
Now home, and about to make lunch then do some more sewing.   Can't wait!  So excited about my quilt.

Which is weird as it sat in a box for almost 2 years, neglected and forlorn.  *smiles*

PEPSI:  is no longer open to anyone.  It is no longer required as such.  I shall continue to write on it, but for my eyes only.  This is not a reaction to anything, but something I have been thinking about doing for quite some time.  'End of Day' for PEPSI.

I'm in the lounge, ... *KNOCK KNOCK* on the front door.
I yell out "Go away!"
Brylee's down there so she opens the door.
She yells up the stairs... "It's a MAN".
I yell out "What do ya want?"
He yells back 'Want your car serviced?"
And I yell back "NO, I've got 8 kids, they can do it"... so he goes away.
EXCELLENT, except none of my 8 kids will clean my car.  *sigh*

MEATLOAF... is cooking.  I'm famished.  I'm drooling with anticipation!  SOooo hungry right now,  I've got the shakes!

End of Day: dinner was lovely, nothing like a tasty meatloaf.
nite nite


  1. Maria9:40 AM

    It might not be too far away that Dante can manage the stairs. My neighbour is raising her grandson and he is 14mths old. he can go up and down her wooden stairs. She taught him to crawl down them backwards. (She is always with him watching & helping so don't worry!)

  2. Such a cute video of Dante climbing the stairs....looks like he has going up mastered. Most of my grandkids learned to go down by turning around and sliding around backward on their stomachs.

  3. Ohhhhhhh heck he be waiting for Grandad at the bottom soon!! Grandma that gap is a worry! both in the wall and on the guard then there's the cloth on the stand by the stairs it's all too tempting!!!! lol

  4. Oops....that should be "down" backwards.

  5. Fair enough re Pepsi, Chris, I think that is a good decision for you. IT gives you room to explore your head in privacy. You are a prolific writer - it might do you the world of good to have that space.

    I am still reading here every day, just not commenting much. Trying to get back in the habit of posting and commenting! Looking forward to seeing the quilt. Penny xo

  6. Dante is too cute, well done on the stairs. He certainly is growing by leaps and bounds. Take care.

  7. He's getting so big so fast. Soon he'll be out skateboarding with the big kids ;)

  8. all I can say is YUM meatloaf :) oh and Happy New Year Chris, I know I am late as all hell.


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