Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Yesterday Bex noticed Dante had a big blister on his finger.
We know how he got it...

ABOVE: on Sunday night Dante was crawling up the stairs with me right behind him when he paused, and poked one of the lights that run up the stairs.  

Now those lights had only been on for a couple of minutes when he touched one, yet it was hot enough to burn him!

We didn't even realise he had been burnt enough to blister.  Whoops.  He did grizzle a little afterwards, but not much.

Hopefully he doesn't do that again.  Lesson learnt, those little lights get REALLY HOT REALLY FAST!

NOW... if ya live long enough in this house you will know that empty plastic bottles are thrown out one of our lounge windows. They land down by the bins.

Dante has learnt very quickly that if he gets given a plastic bottle, he has to throw it out the window!...

ABOVE: he is VERY INSISTENT that HE throws it out too... but of course he needs help to reach the window.  So ... we help him.  It's so cute to see him striding over to the window trying to put the rubbish out.  

ABOVE:  Bex has had this fabric for months, and finally made it into a cuddly blanket for Dante.  She has crocheted around the edges.  Dante likes the dogs.

She has learnt how to crochet really well now, all self taught using online tutorials too.  

That's pretty much how I've learnt to sew too.  Well... I could already sew, but I'd not done any patchwork of applique etc.

Now, what's the haps today?  Well, the guys are back at work, Kelly and Rena are due here around lunchtime for a visit before school starts again.
I am going out to buy a Label Maker to name the new uniforms, I'm sure Brylee does not want her name plastered all over her uniform in bright fluro green stitching now she's at college!

So, that's us for now... catch ya later on.


So... slight change of plans.  Bex needs to visit the Dr... she has an earache.  So, I'm staying home until she gets back.
Then I'm out to get a few things necessary, but maybe not the label maker.  I think I will just make me own labels with fabric tape.  My sewing machine does letters so I can whip up a few labels and sew them on in inconspicuous places.

I've just been out and got what I needed to finish a couple of projects and name Brylee's uniform.

On the way home I decided to pop into a local Bakery for afternoon tea for everyone.
And there was this young man in the shop and he was acting really weird.  He didn't want to be served, he was just pacing up and down and looking at me and the people behind the counter in a weird way.  He made me feel really uneasy, and the shop owner had a worried look on his face too.  

I was in the shop long enough to start to think that he was up to no good... so I got out my phone and was going to take a photo of him... but he realised what I was doing and BACKED out of the shop!   Like, really fast... walking backwards!  Told ya he was weird.

But he stayed by the shop, so I walked out with my phone in my hand and he took off.

So, I rang the police and told them about him, how he was either drugged/drunk/or up to no good.  I could give a very good description of him too.  They said 'Thanks' and I had done the right thing.

At least if he goes back to that shop and does something bad the police will know who they are looking for.

Ahh... that was a LOT of VERY BAD WORDS Lacy ... REPEATED a few times too!  But thank you for the apology.

I just took me sneakers off... and OMG!  The stench... it's bad, really bad.  MUST find some Grandma's Remedy before even the dogs run from me feet!

♥ NICOLE ♥  What a lovely comment, I appreciate it, as Lacy does I'm sure.

End of Day:  and a big project finally finished.  It's in the 'show you another day' category, as it's a gift for our youngest Grandson, Liam.
I have enjoyed today.  Keeping busy is good.  And having Kelly and Rena to visit is nice too.
nite nite


  1. Woohoo! Vigilante! Love it!

  2. Weirdo! Quick thinking on your part!

  3. Dear My Ma....33 years ago you gave birth to a little wholy tearor (cant spell so shot me lol) I was to be the 'black sheep' of the family (and to all I am ANYTHING but Racist) it is just a saying. I have been a pure nightmare from day one and I'm sorry but 33 years latter....I still am, but you have to love me...coz it seems no other cunt will :) (mums sqrewing up her face right now)
    In the last week or so me and my Ma have had a few bad days coz of me and my ups and downs but My Ma turns up and takes a dam ear bashing and Why.....Coz she fucken cares is why....Im a Bloody little bitch for hurting my Ma and I am truly sorry Mummy *tearing up (but im only human)
    I want to say that my Ma is truly the BESTEST MUMMY a Girl could ever ask for, Ma you really are, you are a Crime Buster you caught those little cunts at my last place and you made that little cunt today fuck off cos You Ant No Push Over (nd not saying anyone is ok) just you are the Bomb, I am so proud of you Ma.
    I may be a bitch but at the end of the day I love you Mum & Day coz Dad you saved my mum and for that you are a true hero in my heart aswell...
    Now I'm a sobbing mess I shall say Good Day to all xoxoxo
    YOLO....So make this one worth it Xo

  4. That's lovely, Lacy. Hugs for you all xx

  5. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Lacy - You don't know me but I've followed your mom's blog for years. Like you, I'm also a single mom but I've got 4! It's hard and it sucks sometimes but it's also great sometimes. Life is a roller coaster and the one thing you have that I don't is a mom that's there to help you through the dips.

    I would give anything to have Chris as a mom. She's funny, she's tough, she's full of love and also full of piss and vinegar. The most important thing though is that she's always PRESENT and THERE for her children and grandchildren.

    Parents don't owe you ANYTHING after you turn 18 and I know that first hand. The love she has for her family shines bright through the words and pictures she shares with us. She doesn't know me at all and I live half a world away but I care what happens to her and believe it or not you and your baby girl.

    Your colorful apology was obviously heartfelt and that's a great start. You're just as strong as your mom ... there is always a good future for everyone if they choose the right paths in life. The good news for you is, if you look hard enough, you'll see your mom is a few steps ahead making sure your path is easier to walk.

    Love from California...

  6. Nicole from California....as I don't no you but from what you have said tonigh I will defiantly always think twise about you and your battle with your 4 young ones and also would like to take this chance to say I am very sorry about you not having your mother to be with you throught your journey.
    I would love to get to no you and follow you thro your journey and you mine or should I say ours :)
    Lots of love to you and your treasured 4.
    From Lacy & Keera x

  7. What lovely words Nicole…and I second all you said.

  8. Lacy it takes a lot in a person to say sorry. We all know you love you Mum!! There are a LOT of people who would give most things to have a Mum like yours. xxx Give her a big cuddle the next time you see her as you my girl are lucky to have a mother who gives a shit, picks you up when you are broken and never ever gives up on you. Nicole and myself would kill for that. Chris are you sure you dont want 7 children ?? I would fit right in ??

  9. Gosh that is a big blister alright, hope Bex is feeling better soon. Yes back to school requirements being done down my way too. Exciting times kids heading back to school Samuel went on camp last week for 7 days OPC Yr 13 leadership camp then next week he on camp for 4 days BEFORE school starts (he starts officially on the 10th) so $300 later before school begins NICE NOT!

  10. Anonymous12:09 AM


    Sounds like the bloke in the shop might have been suffering from an mental illness....


  11. One time, I was making some tea or soup and I hovered my hand over the (electric) stove to see if it was hot yet. My little brother saw me and went and put his hand right on the burner. He got burned bad and I will never forget the expression on his face as he broke into tears.


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