Thursday, January 30, 2014


Well... we knew it would happen...

 ABOVE:  Dante found his blister, and it got popped of course!

 ABOVE:  Fun in the sun...

ABOVE:  Griffin 'photo bombing' ...   doesn't he look a scream!
***Brylee is 'missing' from spa pool photos as she has a large graze healing on her knee and I don't want it to get infected.

ABOVE:  A lovely photo of Kelly.

ABOVE:  I had a go at putting an ink stamp on to fabric, to use as a label for me quilts etc.  It came out OK. But,  I think this will fade somehow, so I shall look at getting some fabric ink, if such as thing exists?

I hope it does as this would be a really neat way to label my fabric creations.

Today:  Bex and Kelly are taking their two to Playcenter for the morning.
Which leaves me and our two at home.  We are going to be sorting out their school stationary,  and they can name it all.

Then I do believe we will be READY for school again.
OMGosh, Brylee goes to COLLEGE tomorrow!  First day at 'big school'!  She's really looking forward to it.  Brave girl.  She is going to look TINY next to all the 13-18 year olds.

Catch ya later...

***  oh and I forgot to say... I DIDN'T have to cook dinner last night.  Thanks Kelly and Bex.  You two ROCK.


ABOVE:  me bruise.  It's not looking too bad today!  Yesterday it was much darker!

Why HELLO Marianne, thank you for leaving a comment.  30 degrees F is 2.2 degrees Celsius which is indeed rather cold.  I thought it was always warm in Florida!

 ABOVE:  da bruise has gotten a wee bit bigger over the course of the day.  Nice one!

ABOVE:  I found fabric ink so made some labels.  Waiting for them to dry, then iron them ready for use.  

It's a mad house here right now.  Lacy has dropped Keera off and has left for her course.
I've sorted out all the new stationery for the kids.  They are happy.

Now I just need to sit back and wait for Stew to get home.  It's takeaway night.  Yaaa.  No one has to cook.

Dinner is over, everyone has gone to bed and it's just me and the TV in the background.  I'm heading off to bed myself, it's been a long day.  Still feeling very battered and bruised.  I hope tomorrow is better.

End of Day:  a busy day.  I got quite a bit done, which is neat.  Less to do tomorrow!
nite nite.


  1. Griffin is going to be a real good looker . all the signs are there xx

  2. Anonymous8:04 AM

    I don't get to comment often but I had to say how much your daughter Kelly looks exactly like YOU!!! And all of your grandkids are adorable. Make sure you get a photo of Brylee in her uniform tomorrow - would love to see her!
    Christine in Kansas

  3. Blimey, that's a corker of a bruise you have there. You were very lucky not to break anything.
    Hope all the aches and pains get better soon

  4. Anonymous9:26 AM

    I have been reading your blog for a very long time and this is the first time commenting. I think your photography is beautiful and all of your grandchildren are so cute, especially Dante and Keera. I wish we could have some of your warm weather. It is down right cold today 36 degrees.
    Marianne in Orlando, Florida USA

    1. Anonymous10:57 AM

      We are in the middle of a bad storm. Rain, very cold and ice storms in Northern Florida. Here in Central Florida it is not a good day for the beach or Disney World!

  5. I think u need a good soak in the spa chris owwwie on the sore body take care chick

  6. Hi Chris, I agree, spa sounds like a good idea for that bruise - that's the kind of accident I would have. Kelly looks very well in these photos, and good to see her looking happy. Good luck Brylee and Griffin for the new school year! Penny xo

  7. I can't believe Brylee is starting college tomorrow. When I first started reading your blog--five years ago--she and Griffin were just babies! Hope that bruise heals up quickly!--Bonnie

  8. Gawd that's a whopper bruise, Brylee enjoy it before you know it yr 13!!! just like Samuel this year..... Griffin ya noddy LOVE IT photo bomber you! Love photos of Kelly and Rena too, oh and Dante...

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  10. OMG your BRUISE IS HUGE !! hope you are ok that really wasn't the best thing to be doing to yourself.. YUS adopted Perfect hehehe :) Loving your label for you quilts it very you and sea themed very cute.

  11. Great pictures! Hope that bruise is feeling better ouch!


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