Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Seriously, I don't think I have ANYTHING to blither on about today.... so far anyway!

NOR do I have any photos!

Bloody hell... what a bother.

I am going to be sewing again today.  I'm onto the 2nd row of the quilt... and I will show you how I'm going once I've joined Row 1 and Row 2 together.

Probably won't be until after lunch that I'm at that point.

How about YOU tell me what you are doing today/this week?
It's so quiet in 'blogland' right now, which happens every year I might add.
Having been blogging for... sheesh, over 7 years!!!  I do know how it goes quiet at this time of year.

Are you on holiday?  Snowed in? Bored shitless?  Ready to throttle ya kids, wishing school was back in? Shopping?  (If so, I envy you)  *smiles*

Oh talking of school.   I'm thrilled to bits with the government right now!  Yes I am... cos they are GIVING me several hundred dollars towards paying for Brylee & Griffin's school costs!  Yep, GIVING money away!

As we are not legally the kids 'parents' we get money from the government towards their care... which is a big help.  But this money is a 'once a year' thing, given at the beginning of each year, from now on. It's a new thing aimed at people like us, who take on grandkids or youngsters that need a home due to unfortunate circumstances, i.e. Orphans/Unsupported Children.

So no more worrying about the cost of uniforms, stationary and school fees!
What a relief, cos it costs us hundreds of dollars to get the kids set up for a new school year.
And until now, we have been paying for it.

Anyway, enough about that... come on, spill... what ya doing???

Well, not many people doing much!
I on the other hand, have been sewing all morning.
I made a boo boo right at the beginning of todays stitching, so had to spend a good half an hour unpicking... I mean 'reverse sewing' to fix it.
But, I am almost at the stage of sewing the two first rows of blocks together.  Can't wait to see them joined...

I knew this quilt was a lot of work... and my gosh is it ever!
I've only just got to the joining of the two rows.  Got interrupted before I could do the next step by the phone.

But talking to me Mum was just lovely, we can natter for hours!  Today, it was only 1 hour.  lol

Now I need lunch, so I'm taking a break, it is 1.50 pm after all!  Food, I need food.  I don't want to suffer a low blood sugar episode, they are NASTY!

ABOVE:  LOOK AT THAT.  Two rows done done done.  Now to start making the third row.  And always in the back of my mind is ... how to do the borders?  Plain fabric, or blocks like flying geese?  Or mini Dresden Plates?  I just don't know yet.

That is actually half the fun of it, dreaming up ideas. 

ABOVE:  Brylee & Griffin playing on the XBox ... in my bedroom/sewing room/gym.  Oh and Garage!  Lets not forget it is actually the garage.
I love my 'garage'.  It's nice and cool down there at night, something I am really appreciating over summer.

I just joined the third row onto the first two, OMG it was so difficult!  The quilt is starting to get very heavy, I had sweat running off me and down my back.  Gross.
Because it nearly killed me back and shoulders I'm taking a break.  Might even call it a day and relax for a while.

Quilt As You Go is a wonderful technique, but it's still freaking hard work.  Tomorrow I'm going to do rows 4 & 5, and join them to each other, THEN join them to rows 1,2 & 3.  Hopefully that is a bit easier?

End of Day:  I got a lot accomplished today, way more than I thought I would in fact.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Hi Chris, Love your blog. You have a beautiful family! Anyway, I am in the US, and it has been so cold here! I fell on the ice right before Christmas and broke my right wrist...ugh! My wonderful quilting friends finished up a very important Christmas quilt for my grandson, and then cut a bunch of patches for me. I can use the sewing machine, but I just cannot cut. so, I push patches through the machine, and the time passes. I work at a quilt shop, but cannot go back to work until Feb.
    I love seeing your warm weather, tornados and all! Carol

  2. I am on my first day back at work from a vacation. I had a Navy friend visit that I hadn't seeen since the year 2000. I didn't post any photos today either.

  3. I've been working on getting my computer to work after something weird happened to it yesterday. I'm not sure what caused the problem or exactly how I fixed it but it seems to be okay now.
    That is great about the money for the kids.

  4. Hi Chris not much exciting happening here. Been trying to make sence of my room having all the works in one room gets a bit overwhelming sone times. I get so pissed at having to move everything to get to something else so rearranging AGAIN only about the four millionth time in the 2.5 mths I been here love reading your blog and your beautiful grandies and all there growth. I thought kid you when I read about the government hand out well overdue

  5. Gah! Just about finished typing my message and Blogger reset the page! Anyway, as I was saying before it rudely interrupted me, I am sitting at work, reading your blog while I have a rare coffee and biscuit, about to start a bank reconciliation. Joy. Fluffy is on his 3rd day at his new job and seems to enjoy it. More professional and better people to work with. Dobby has been away until Sat evening, and since her return she's been out with friends so I've not seen much of her. She's back home today so I'll see her tonight.

    Other than that, very, very boring here in Sydney!

  6. I went to the gym, and a walk have done some replanting of pots ( flowers) off to work soon totally exciting I AM (NOT)! Boy is away on OPC camp until Fri night and the NCEA results are out AND we don't know yet all phones ipod etc were locked away for the week.....

  7. Hey wow, unexpected money is always helpful!! :)

    Not much going on here... hardly know what to blog about, yk? I have no pictures either!

  8. been doing internet research, some were wrong, some incomplete. Now that would have been great sending that to the solicitor ! Whats the old saying about if you want a job done right do it yourself ? Sorry rant over. just checked my blood sugar levels, thank goodness they are okay, havent had breakfast yet and its 12.30. We are in for another hot one to day but thank goodness those days of 40+ are rare here.

  9. Anonymous2:33 PM

    I've been at work since 6.30am. Boring!!!! I recon that quilt is gonna look awesome!!!!

  10. Luv' the quilt lookin awesome... Day off work first in 11 days now everyone is back. Back to working 4 days ahhhh bliss today catching up on housework yuck !!!

  11. Wow! That looks ao great!

  12. Maria6:49 PM

    You have to apply for that $$$ for grandchildren you are raising, so do that soon or you might be waiting until after school starts for the money! Applications opened on the 13 Jan.

  13. Maria6:50 PM

    PS the quilt is looking great. QAYG is amazing, and like you say will save heaps not having to pay a longarm quilter.

  14. The quilt is going to be amazing, I love the colours.

  15. Been working all day, raced home to take the fur person (Murphy) to the vet, he's not too good, but is getting,love,love the quilt.

  16. Your quilt looks amazing very clever you.
    I have spent 4 days thoroughly cleaning my house from top to bottom after all my visitors have gone home after Xmas. Included was some touch up on walls to cover scuff marks. And where suitcases had brushed walls on their way up and down the stairs.
    Today is a me day and will include a coffee out. Bliss

  17. What was I doing today? Sadly it wasn't very exciting .... I had to go to work. I'm sure I could have found much more fun things to do.

    Your quilt is looking amazing ... I wish I had half your talent. Sadly I missed out on the DIY and craft genes.

  18. The quilt looks great. Always wanted to learn how to do that. You've got talent.

  19. It's so pretty! You are doing a great job!

  20. Anonymous7:48 AM

    So you're bragging that the other taxpayers in your country have to support your daughter's children? Since you daughter turned out so poorly I would think that you would feel it was your obligation to financially raise your grandchildren ON YOUR OWN without everyone else paying for them. The same goes for your daughter. I'm sick and tired of people who expect complete strangers to pay for their poor parenting.


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