Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Today my sister leaves for her home on Russell Island, Brisbane, Australia.
I hope she has a good flight home and has had a wonderful holiday here in New Zealand visiting all the family.

ABOVE:  Steve took these photos.  They are just a few of the 70+ he took in the space of about 1 minute!  The little shit kept tilting the camera as he took shots, hence the skew wiff angles.  

Stew makes himself a smoothie every night for his breakfast the next morning.  Last night Dante decided to get in on the act and 'taste test' his Granddad's smoothie for him.

 ABOVE:  pretty sure he liked it!

Stew was getting shirts out of the ironing basket last night... and he found a round tablecloth I had long forgotten I had!
Shows how often I delve into that basket!

ABOVE: isn't it gorgeous!  AND I have a small round table to put it on ... though something tells me Dante will quickly haul it off.  *sigh*

Lastly for now... found some cheese in the fridge.  I think it was some that Tracy down in Hawera (Molly & Ruby's Mum), gave to us.

ABOVE:  so I tried it, and it was to die for!  OMGosh, it's probably the nicest cheese I have ever had.  All the others thought the same, so that rather small block has long gone.
I'm going to look for some more today while we are out and about.

I had planned to buy an External Hard Drive today, but I'm waiting for Steve to come with me so I get the right thing.  A 1 TB is all I need he reckons.

We are going to Spotlight for a bit more batting and blue fabric for my quilt.  Not sure what else we will get up to while out, but I'm bound to tell ya later.  *smiles*  


LYNDA:  the triangles on the photo yesterday do not 'match up' because I simply pinned them on willy nilly to get an idea of how it would look.  None of the border is sewn on yet... when I get to that stage I will be trying to line them up.

We have had a lovely morning out and about.
We went to the Bernina/Crafty Needle shop on Jack Connely Place first.  OMGosh I had forgotten she stocked so many AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS fabrics, ones you never see at Spotlight!

ABOVE:  most of these are $1 pieces, and a couple of fat quarters.

 ABOVE:  I got this sign for my 'bedroom/sewing room' door.  I couldn't resist.  From The Crafty Needle too.   AND...

ABOVE: Bex spotted it on the wall... I HAD TO HAVE IT!  Who knows when I will ever get around to making it into a quilt or throw?  But... I have it to tuck away for now.

ABOVE:  totally shit photos from Bex's phone... but you get the gist.  I adore these cushions!  So cute, gives me ideas... dum deee dooooo...

KATE: it was lovely to see you at Spotlight this morning too.  I hope you do check out Ngaire's shop, it is so worth it.  Take money.... LOTS of money!  lol

It has been a very quiet afternoon.  Batteries ran out and I tried to have a 'nana nap' late  this afternoon.  Didn't work though.

A quiet evening too.  I simply didn't feel like doing a bloody thing, so I didn't.

End of Day:  a bit up and down.  Feeling a bit 'off', got shit on me mind that won't shut up.
Can't run away from your own brain can ya?
nite nite


  1. I'd better try some of that cheese myself! Never had Havarti. About the quilt, on the photo yesterday the diamonds around the bottom were not lined up with the top pattern - will you do this? I meant to say something yesterday.

  2. Cheese! Best food in the whole world...

  3. Hehe... of course I knew you'd do it properly, just my symmetrical eye at work.

  4. Nice table cloth! I love finding treasures that I have forgotten I had. Looks like you had a nice time with your sister.

  5. Oh, BTW, we have havarti hear in the states. It's so creamy and buttery, isn't it? I love it. It's not waxed here, though.

  6. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Mmmmmmmmmm Cheese. Loving the new quilt - looks fab.

  7. Will definitely pay that shop a visit next time I'm out that way. I think we talked about it before. it sorta close to the Cavendish end...there used to be a massage parlour upstairs. I spent waaay more than I planned today so will have to tighten the purse a bit. ;)

  8. Love love the tablecloth and the fabrics especially the lighthouses. that smoothie looked yummy as.

  9. Lots of lovely stuff on your blog . I have not been on my L/top for about 4 days, so quick catch ups .


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