Saturday, February 01, 2014


Stew's sister Khady turned 60...  but didn't have a party.
But now she is!  13 months later, better late that never eh?

So, that's this afternoon.

Before that, Stew and I are doing the grocery shopping.  A necessary evil.  I'm sure most of us loathe grocery shopping.  Right?

Steve is working, so if he feels up to it after a day's work, he and Bex will join us at the party.

I'm in the mood to have a fun afternoon.  My sister in law has invited over 100 people to her party, so I expect bedlam!
Could be fun.

Before we go shopping, Bex has to pop down to the Dr's and get her ear sorted.  Something like syringing?  Whatever.  We shall mind Dante until she gets home.

What else?   Hmmm... I have finally decided I am going to build up the borders on the 'Bird In Tree' project and have it on my dining room table.  It's bright and fun.

ABOVE:  Note... birdy now has a 2nd wing.  And we have raindrops and a cloud... and I've quilted the entire thing.   I love how my cross hatching on the blue border has come out.  It matches the cross hatching on the birdhouse.
I WAS going to give it away as a Birthday Present, but ... I like it and want to keep it!
That's OK eh?

Course it is!  LOL

Right, better bugger off and get ready to go out and get the freakin groceries.  Yaaaaaaaaaaaa  sarcasm that is ...  Need to put some 'face' on.

Just home from grocery shopping.  As we went through the check out the lady running up our total asked me if we were shopping for a 'School Trip?'.  I wish!  But no... just our regular fortnightly shop I told her.  She was very surprised.  I wasn't.  $700+ is becoming the 'norm' for our groceries nowdays.  

I'm having lunch, then making club sandwiches in me Tupperware Jelly Rings, to take to the party.  Eggs on the boil as we 'speak'...

Sandwiches done and 'setting' in the fridge.  Face on - tick.  Hair done - tick. Motivation - NONE.  tick.

Feeling really down and out today.  Didn't get to sleep till very late last night, and feel like I've got razor blades in me eyes.  How to snap out of it?  Don't know.  Maybe a few stiff drinks?

ABOVE:  It does not matter WHERE or WHAT Granddad is doing... Dante wants to be with him.  I think this will be the only time Stew mows the lawns with him though, Dante is heavy!  AND he doesn't hold on, so he's a dead weight.

End of Day:  and the birthday party was just lovley.  I had been thinking of staying home as I felt rather ikk and tired, but so glad I went now.
It was lovely to just relax and enjoy chatting with so many people, some family and heaps of Khady's friends.
nite nite


  1. I'm loving the bird mat/quilt looks superb, SO NOT fair that all those people will be getting those yummy club sandwiches!!!! Hope ya'll have a lovely afternoon.

  2. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Dante is so cute, he adores his grandad so much.


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