Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Yesterday I noticed that my left heel wasn't quite as sore or painful to walk on ... and it didn't get worse as the day wore on either.  I am tentatively hoping that my Plantar Fasciitis is finally settling down.
FROGGY:  Plantar Fasciitis can be a contributing factor behind heel spurs, and really bad heel pain.

I didn't get a photo of Lacy's hair yesterday... but I did get one of Bex:

ABOVE:  Streaks and tips of purple.  Lacy suggested that she do my hair too... but I said "LIKE HELL!".  Knowing my luck I'd end up with fluorescent green hair!

At some point soon I shall have to get my hair colour re-done.  Maybe next week, when the kids are back at school.

ABOVE: The runner for Mum.  I'm not 100% happy with it.  I mucked up the brown edges when I had to take off the first binding.   And I didn't have enough navy blue left to do the binding in that colour, so I used that stripy fabric instead.  It's OK, but not quite what I wanted.
I am sure my Mum will like it though.  She's mad about linen and doilies and stuff like that!

This afternoon I am back at the Hospice Shop in Manukau.  I am really looking forward to that.  There is something about 'working' in a shop and meeting lots of people that I really enjoy.  Shame it's not a Jewellery Shop... NOW THAT would be my perfect job!   All that ♥bling♥    *smiles*


FUNNY, brotherly ♥LOVE♥

This morning.  I'm about to get in the shower.
I tell Brylee and Griffin NOT to turn on a tap or I will kill them.  
So Griffin immediately said: 
"Brylee, can you turn on a tap?"
Sharp is our Griffin.

Every time I look at that Runner for Mum... I feel cross.  I think it is going to be unpicked this afternoon!  It is annoying me ... and I will not be happy knowing I could have fixed it before I posted it off to Mum.  That will be my job tonight.  FIXING it.

I'm  off to Hospice Shop now... wonder if I will find some treasure today?  You just know it's highly likely eh?

LYNDA:  Read above in green.  I am not happy with the runner and will be unpicking the binding and fixing the problem tonight.
Also, the 'Treasure' I buy at the Hospice Shop is not always for me.  I often give lots of my purchases away to the kids/family.  And yes, I do take stuff I no longer want down to the shop.  It's called sharing it around.

 ABOVE:  today I bought this lot.  The little glass leaf dishes will possibly be used as gifts... I can see lots of chocolates on them!  The magazines will be read by us, then taken back to the shop.
That top might fit me next summer, if it doesn't, I will give it to one of the girls.

ABOVE: Bex ♥LOVES♥ orange.  So this cute handbag screamed her name... so I got it for her.  Steve said "Oh great, another handbag".
Clearly he has no idea, us girls can never have too many handbags!

End of Day:  well I've had a lovely day, and plan on having another one tomorrow too.
nite nite


  1. Nothing wrong with purple hair. Or fluorescent green. Go for it!

    apnyted common

  2. Anonymous12:04 PM

    I love the striped binding. Its perfect. Your mum will love it. Kayjay

  3. Purple hair is awesome :) I have it regularly lol you either love it or you don't! I am due for a colour too... Looking and feeling flat! Time for a pick me up .. I can't afford bling so its a supermarket due job for me !

  4. I like the stripped binding but not how it is crooked - do you see what I mean? on the left side there is more brown and the bottom, can that be fixed?

    Of course you will find treasure! I just don't know where you put all of this treasure :) I assume you recycle and take other treasure back?

    Good luck with the nurse tomorrow too... wahoo, she will be pleased :)

  5. Well I think the runner looks great and the flaws that you see I see as rustic additions to being homemade, I love the orange handbag!

  6. Yes, I saw that you were re-doing it, just wondered if it was to straighten it :) I have no idea how you do these bindings, I think I need to learn!!

    Of course, I know you give away a lot of the treasure. I meant my comments in a nice way.


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