Sunday, April 28, 2013


On our way home from having lunch with me Girlfriends yesterday, we stopped in at Amanda and Andrew's new home in Hamilton:

ABOVE:  Me and Liam, who is now 11 weeks old.  He's still so little ... 

 ABOVE:  just a little man... and he's got blue eyes.  Wonder if they will change?

ABOVE: our two and Amanda and Andrew's four. I'm sure Amanda never thought she would end up with 4 kids!

 ABOVE:  Yep, I had to post this one!  She's looking a bit ... frazzled!  lol   Her house is still a shambles, they have only been in the house a week and there's still masses to do.  
She had just bought a shelving unit to use in her 'scullery' off the kitchen, hence the packaging behind her.

ABOVE:  last one for now of Liam... looking adorable.

Today's plans?  No idea.  Rest?  Sew?  Watch a week's worth of Home and Away?  Grocery Shop... ikkkk... HELL NO to grocery shop!


*sigh*  we just did the grocery shopping.  How I love doing the grocery shopping.  NOT.

What else?  I'm now going to watch all Home and Away episodes I missed last week...

'POOR' Griffin is learning all about CONSEQUENCES today.  I am coming down hard on him... as I am over his pissy attitude.  He has not been allowed to play ANY electronic games today.  And WOW... now he can't on MONDAY or TUESDAY either.
I hope he learns fast because I am about ready to scream at him.

Some days being a mother pisses me off.

End of Day:  well I've been feeling a bit 'flat' today.  Seeing my friends yesterday was so nice, but today I have to face the fact that our getting together is only a once in a blue moon type of thing now.  And I miss them.  
And I let some things get on top of me today and I ended up really crabby.  NOT  like me at all!  Yeah right...  I'm renown for being crabby.  *smiles*
Tomorrow will be better, I will MAKE it a better day.
nite nite.


  1. Love seeing family photos!!! Your family are all so photogenic! Liam is so cute (just like all your grandbabies)!
    Enjoy a quiet day (if you can)...

  2. Love the photos Liam looks so cute and you do too the photo with stew and the kids is so cool all the kids look adorable! including the older ones.

  3. I am glad your visit went well.

  4. Aaah yes - consequences, love it :-) my two have had some hard lessons especially Samyson. Griffin with no electronic games - he will hate that.

  5. Anonymous8:27 PM

    im sorry mum....

  6. Hope Griffin learns from this ban on electronic games!
    Rachel is learning about consquences as well lately! She hates it when she loses TV or her bedtime music etc! But one day she will learn that if she is good and speaks to us nicely that she will be a lot happier and not lose things (and we will be happier too).

  7. Adorable grand baby and great shot of all the kids. You had a busy weekend and understandable missing your friends. Cherish those meet ups.

  8. Oh yayyy the family meets Liam! So happy for you.


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