Sunday, April 07, 2013


Well ... we had Keera overnight, so I took the chance to grab a few photos before she went to bed:

 ABOVE:  *FLASH* went the camera.  
Dante: "shit what was that?"  
Keera: "I poke my tongue at you Uncle Steve".

ABOVE:  *FLASH* went the camera.  
Dante:  "shit what was that again?"   
Keera: "I still poke my tongue at you Uncle Steve". 

ABOVE: *FLASH* went the camera.
Dante: "Are you getting my good side?"
Keera: "Oh you are so funny Uncle Steve"
Me: "Look at Grandma Keera!".

ABOVE:  Bloody hell!  Now I've got both babies looking at me, and Coco decides it's time to butt in ...
ABOVE:  *FLASH* went the camera.  Now NO ONE is looking at me.... I am ready to give up...

ABOVE:  *FLASH* went the camera.... and I caught this cheeky face on Keera...and Dante, well he has had enough of that damn flashing thing!  And Stew?   He said:  "Get these kids off me, I'm roasting hot!"

So I did.

The BRA.  It's a Thin Lizzy one.  I was a bit dubious about how comfy it would be.  But after two days I can say it's damn lovely to wear!  I really, really like it.
So, I will buy a couple more at least.  
I would show you them in situ, but this is not an 'R' rated blog... so maybe not.

Steve, Bex and Dante are off to Hamilton today. They are meeting up with family as today is Bex's Dad's Birthday. He would have been 50 today.  I'm sure today will be a little hard for Bex.  

It's still so recent her Dad's passing.  She struggles with that, as one would expect.   She's had a lot happen over the past few months.  At least her family and most of her NEW family (us) have been there for her.   Losing a parent is one of the hardest knocks a person can take in life.  We expect it to happen EVENTUALLY, but not when your parent is still so young. 

I hope the day goes well for them and they have a lovely time with family and friends.

Moving on...Once Keera has gone home I think Stew and I will go back to bed!  Keera kept waking up, almost hourly during the night.  NOT impressed.  I hope Lacy comes and gets her real soon!

Thankfully, Lacy arrived nice and early.  Now I'm not so sure about going back to bed!  It's such a lovely day, I'm going to fling all the doors open.

It's DAY 59!  Weigh in tomorrow at lunchtime!  Wow it's going fast.  And I can see and feel a difference in the body now too!  Exciting...


ABOVE:  a little video of Dante laughing yesterday.

Would you believe we have done NOTHING today?  Just relaxed and enjoyed doing nothing!
Not too often we do that I must say.  But, after being up and down all night with Keera, it's what Stew and I needed.

Stew has a leg of lamb due to go in the oven for dinner, looking forward to that. 

I just took a new set of photos for tomorrow's comparison shots.  Stew reckons he can see a difference.  Me?  Maybe just a little?  You can see them tomorrow and tell me what YOU think... ?

Steve, Bexs and Dante are due home soon, just in time for dinner.  I hope they've had a good day.

Watching Masterchef on the telly... OMG I just saw jellybeans.  *drool*... I love jellybeans.  I am gunna have to have me something sweet soon... I've got major cravings going on. I've resisted EVERYTHING sweet for 59 days except fruit!  That is quite amazing to me.

End of Day: a really decadent, lazy day.
nite nite.


  1. Good luck at weigh-in tomorrow! Day 59! Awesome:)

  2. Haha those kids are so cute and the dogs poor Stew he must of been roasting 4 little hot bodies, BRING them down here it is only 2 degrees here!!!!

    So is the ahhh bra true to its sizing T shirt size Bra size? I notice some of the models wear more than one I feel could need 4!!!!! on at once

  3. Loving Dante.... he is one cutie patootie...

    Best of luck for tomorrow! :) you won't need it.

    Kate 444

  4. Can't wait to hear how well you did this month ... go you!! The lamb roast sounds yummy - we're having roast pork. :) Gorgeous photos - as usual :)

  5. Leanne7:58 PM

    Good luck with the weigh in tomorrow, I bet you have done really well :)

  6. Aww so cute those babies.

  7. love the pics with the captions too cute!


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