Monday, April 22, 2013


It has been really interesting to watch Dante grow and change.  He started out looking hugely like Bex and her brothers.  Now we can finally see some of his Dad in him:

ABOVE:  I shall try to find more of Steve to compare to Dante... but for now the photo on the right is of Steve at 6 months, and on the left, Dante at 4 months.  

I've been having fun with my camera too... last night I FINALLY found the right setting to get decent photos at night.
And using the zoom more too.
Here's a few random photos I took yesterday/last night...

ABOVE:  Steve and Bex cooked up a storm last night!  They bought a pasta roller and then proceeded to make their own pasta!
They made beef ravioli, it was lovely!  It was served with a mushroom/bacon sauce and veges on the side.  

ABOVE: My dinner, served on my little plate.  I still feel like I am having too much, so will hunt down an even smaller plate today.

ABOVE:  A lovely shot of Dante.  Chubby little cheeks.

 ABOVE: What I was so thrilled about with these photos is that they were all taken at night, and so often I get real bad photos taken at night.
But I've finally found a good setting to get half decent photos.

ABOVE: My glass grapes.... amazing clarity... and this was taken from over 7 metres away!  In a dark room... very happy!

 ABOVE:  Yep, I know it's just a foot!  But I thought it was a cute photo!

ABOVE:  Ha Ha!  I love this one!  The circle on his Right sole is around his little red birthmark. 
He looks ALL FEET in this photo, that's why I like it.

It's school holidays now.  Kids are home for two weeks and the weather is FINALLY crap.  Wet.  But it's not really a problem because our two kids like to do all sorts of things INSIDE the house.  
And Stew bought them both a new book each to read over the holidays.  I love seeing them reading.

Time to go and think of something to do today...


Yaaaa... we popped out to look at a shop in Kingsland... and I found just the things to bling me door!

ABOVE: Can you imagine them all painted in bright colours???  I can.  *squeals*  gunna have some fun doing that!

Lunchtime.  Time to feed the kids.  They want toasted sandwiches... so better go make them.

MARY H:  not that I know of.  They have taken his hand and foot PRINTS and incorporated them into a picture on the wall.

The door 'bling' won't happen just yet, I've got to get my Mum's Mother's Day/Birthday present made first.
ABOVE:  4 Mug Rugs almost ready for their bindings.  I am going to make a quilted Tablecloth for Mum too.

ABOVE:  Close up of the detail stitching I've put on them.

ABOVE:  Bex's first ever Mug Rug... in it's early stages of 'done-ness'.  Is there such a word?  lol

While we were sewing, Dante was in his Bouncer beside us... he was 'busy' too:

ABOVE:  Just GUESS what he was doing???

I've been sewing for a while.  Stopped to make dinner.  Lamb chops 'n' veges.

End of Day: yet another good day, on track, productive, and I haven't been driven nuts by the kids yet!  That's got to be a good day!
nite nite.


  1. love the photos mum . Definitely a Steve baby now. Love the eyes.

  2. I love the feet pics. The comparison photos of Steve and Dante do look alike, especially around the eyes.

  3. You guys seem to be doing so well. Pleased for you and loved the ring. Can't wait for our Hawaiian rings to arrive in the post. Hopefully this week.


  4. Loving the photos as always! And wow, Master Dante is sure a mini Steve in these photos!
    Yay for working out night time photos and zooming :)
    Can't wait to see your "new" door :)

  5. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Have Steve & Bex thought about doing hand & feet casts of Dante
    Mary H

  6. Love the pics..

    ahhhh door bling...can't wait to see the results.

  7. Love the fotos especially that cute little foot!

    Your tactic of using a little plate has set me thinking about my own portion sizes. I'm going to start using a lunch plate for a while to see what happens. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Lacy and Keera5:57 PM

    yea hi am just putting a bla comment on to see if i can make myself a 'name' instead of an 'anonymous' lol

  9. Love the feet photos and the pasta dish looked yum as. Dante and Steve photos really neat! have you thought of sewing a huge bright quilted DOOR inner like a panel for the inside of the garage door?

  10. My guess for Dante - is that he is filling his pants just for Mummy or Grandma to change :)

    Oh love the mug rugs too - I got my sister some fabric ones from a market 2 christmas's ago and she loves them! So easy to wash etc :)

  11. Lacy and Keera7:19 PM

    yea i did it lol, now for my actual comment, i want a doggy bag of that pasta and Keera says she misses her Grandad and Grandma H and the cuzzys, watch out Dante lol Keera wants a poo face challenge lol xoxoxoxo

  12. Great photos!
    I've seen it before where a kid starts off looking like one parent, then switches into the other.
    I don't want to guess what he's doing in the photo.....
    ampurgu 0102

  13. Ha ha, love the "all feet" picture. He looks like a giant. And the "guess what he's doing picture": ummm, I'm going to guess he needed changed pretty soon after that!

    All your craft pictures make me wish I never sold my sewing machine! I may need to buy a new, fancier one now.

  14. Wow they made pasta how fun! I've never done that or seen it done.

    Love all the pics!

  15. I love all the photos! I love the comparision of Dante and Steve, and the foot ones of Dante are adorable! He is just too cute!

    Dinner looked Yummy!!!


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