Sunday, April 21, 2013


Today I have naked boys to show you!


ABOVE:  Bex took the photos, not me.
Luckily ... YES LUCKILY... there were no rude ones... just one photo of Steve's bum, and I've seen THAT before!
And nope, it won't be on the blog.  *smiles*

Apparently Dante enjoyed his shower.  Even with water spraying over his face.  Well done baby boy.

Not sure... I keep saying I'm going to sew, but for the past few days it simply has not happened.
Maybe today.

I might even go down to David's Emporium to price fabric to use in my 'bedroom'.  I was thinking of making free standing screens to seperate the 'areas', but now I'm thinking of a curtain that spans the entire width of the garage?  Not sure yet.  

Oh and I really, really want to do this to the inside of the garage door:

ABOVE: they are called 'Fairy Doors' and are little decorative things.  I have no idea what you would do with them?  But anyway... I would love to make the inside of my 'bedroom' door look like that!
Utterly love the idea.  Wonder what Stew will think when I tell him?

So many things I want to do... so little time!


I tried on some jeans, size 16, from my wardrobe.  They fit... BUT ONLY JUST.  Stew took some photos... I took one look and deleted the lot.  And took off the jeans.
Tis a sad day today.  I'm still huge.  

I am going to work really hard this week to fit them better by Saturday, when we meet up with my girlfriends for lunch.

Trouble is, the biggest 'problem' area on my bod is the top half.  What can I do about that?  NOTHING.  Just keep plugging away eating right and getting some exercise.  It will happen, just not in the next few months.

Lesson learnt today?  ... don't take photos because they will only bring me down.  I was on Cloud 9 when I could get into those jeans.  Shot down in flames when I saw the photos though.
No photos from the neck down.  Until say... August!

Just got home from being out and about for a few hours.  We went to Bunnings and Mitre 10 to check out wood mouldings for my door... not much to choose from.
I've found a place here in Auckland that makes heaps, so will probably go and visit their shop during the week.

After looking at mouldings, we went over to Sylvia Park and had some lunch. NOTHING I buy for lunch nowdays seems to be nice anymore.  I had a salad with chicken and it was decidedly average.

As I needed cheering up after the jean photos, we had a browse in Michael Hill Jewellers... bling always cheers me up!  And there was this really nice young man named Ollie who clearly had the gift of the garb.... cos....

ABOVE:  I came home with a new ring!!!   It is the 'twin' of the other curved 5 stone ring I already had.  Now my 'wedding ring' is on my other hand with my Sapphire and Diamond ring.
Ollie tried VERY HARD to get us to buy something else, but I said 'NO'.  One at a time!  *smiles*

We actually got a very good deal on that ring.
When I bought the first curved one, it was $XYZ.00.  Today the price was $700 more... but Ollie sold it to us for the price I paid 6 years ago for the first one.  SCORE.  I just love a bargin.

My mood has certainly improved now!

DIANA:  thanks for the jelly info, that would explain why one of the jelly's was a bit watery.  

Well, it's 10.30 and nearly time to hit the sack.  Everyone is watching a Bond Movie... I'm just not into this one at all. (Quantum of Solice)
So, I'm gunna go to bed.

End of Day:  well it's been an up and down day.  Personally, I liked the 'up' way more than the down.  Who wouldn't?  *smiles*
nite nite.


  1. Those photos are so cute! Honestly, Dante is such a beautiful baby he should be in the movies!

  2. Anonymous8:29 AM

    shot Steve and Bex, i am so wanting to get Keera in the shower with me but im to sacred butter fingers and all and shit sacred i might slip, but one day lol xo

  3. Such beautiful boys!

  4. Ohhhhhh nakey photos STEVE you look much bigger in the flesh haha no seriously Dante makes you look bigger, Dante is so cute his wide eyed expession gorgeous. Chris I love those fairy doors and an inside garage door would look awesome doen up like that. THANK goodness for delete just keep focussing on this coming summer and how much more comfortable and lighter you will feel EVERYONE has different body shapes and yours is forever changing..... downwards

  5. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Dante is so cute in that first shot! You are so lucky to have him.
    I know how pictures can ruin your day - funny how looking in the mirror can give a whole different view - just keep up the good work!

  6. Love the photos of Steve & Dante.

    I lnow what you mean about photos of yourself. I hate photos of me, hence why there are very few.

  7. Diana1:43 PM

    From the other day
    Hey I was just talking to my mu who is food quality controller she said Jelly has best before date not use by date and really dates placed on them because they are legally have to. They worse thing that would happen would be jelly wouldn't set due to gelatine been old. Mums used jelly yrs pat its best before date with no problem.

  8. Ohhhh, lucky you! Pretty diamonds... glad you had a good weekend xxx

  9. Love the diamonds! I showed my husband your post, but he didn't take the hint :( Lol

  10. I've totally had that happen with pictures before. It sucks :(

    Love the ring! I used to want a band for the other side of mine but now I'm like "eh" it's fine.


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