Friday, April 12, 2013


Last night I was preparing dinner, and was making a rather favourite baked carrot dish.
I went out to our little herb pots to get some chives.  
Brought the chives inside... and sniffed them... cos I love the smell of fresh chives.

And ... umm.... I said to Bex "This does not smell like chives, it smells like grass!"

Bex said "No, it's chives.  Steve has been using them in the dishes he's been cooking for us".

Then she sniffed the chives too... and agreed with me!

We have been eating grass !!!

I think I will go out today and buy some more CHIVE plants.  *smiles*

Other things on the agenda today?  More titivating ... I want to paint the 'feature' wall in the spare bedroom before I move a bed in there.  It won't be a feature wall anymore, I'm going to paint it the same colour as the rest of the house.  Off White/light sand.

KATE IN WELLY:  I know it's not you who leaves bitchy comments!  Relax Chick... and have a lovely day.

LOSE2LIVE: Oh you smart arse!!!  Grass Vs crackers?   Crackers WIN!  I didn't know I was eating grass, whereas you  did know you were trying to look through the holes in ya crackers! na na nah nah.


  1. For one moment I thought they looked like carnation leaves !!

  2. Moochus-grassie-arse... a bit of Spanish for you.

    OMG I can't believe you guys have been eating grass! That's hilarious!!

    Oh well, cats and dogs eat it for digestion so it can't be too bad! Hee hee...

    Oh that has made my morning!


  3. HAHA, that is freaking hilarious. I certainly hope it is a exotic species and not just boring old lawn grass.
    Congrats on the move. I understand about doing stuff for your kids. When I first had Connor (Oldest) Andrew's step daughter moved in with us for a while we already had a full house as both my step sons were at home with us too and we moved into the lounge. it is just what you do :)

  4. You've been eating grass???? Hehehehe explains your weirdness then eh woman and you call me cracker lady pffft least I'm not high on "grass" lol hehehehehehe

  5. Maybe grass is the new weightloss secret lmao shhhhh dont tell everyone. Have a good day painting :)

  6. LOL!!! - Have a great day!

  7. Congrats!! I ACTUALLY laughed out loud at the grass!! (doesn't happen very often) Nice :)

  8. grass...had to chuckle about that!!

    I have to paint too....really don't want to either !!!

  9. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Hey you could always send your big clothes down to someone who's still big but getting smaller. Another couple of stone and I could maybe fit your clothes lol.

    Kayjay Wellington

  10. No wonder you are losing so much weight! I imagine the grass totally explodes your intestinal system...

  11. Too funny on eating the grass!

  12. That is so hilarious that grass has been your 'secret' herb. I think you're smoking it wrong :)

    Can't wait to see pics of all the bedroom changes. Sacrifices for our children are the best ones to make!

  13. Maybe Steve has something with the grass, you have been saying how great his meals taste :-)

  14. That is so funny - I know I shouldn't laugh but I couldn't help myself. Thank goodness I am in the office by myself !
    Have the best weekend !

  15. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Has anybody had a furr ball moment?
    Mary H

  16. I'm actually quite relieved that it was just plain grass you were eating.... for a moment there, I thought you were going to say it tasted like dog pee!!!

  17. That's great all the rearranging was been done so quickly, you're getting a good workout this week! Flowers are just lovely and wow you can see the weight that you've lost in that pic. The colour pink near your face just lights you up, beautiful. Enjoy putting your feet up tonight!

  18. wow Chris, what a lovely pic of you...

  19. Oh hell grass chives at the very least it could have been lemongrass, MAYBE that is the magic ingredient... Look at allt he room in Steve and Bex and Dante room heck that room is big, I am thinking flowers dinner and a lie in the NEW room NICE!!!!!

  20. Love that photo, you should have it framed or canvassed. have a great weekend x

  21. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Listen cranky, that smiling pic just shows how lovely you are when you smile. No more pouting looks please! :P


  22. Anonymous12:39 AM

    Chris - your last picture is precious and proves all of the hard work you are doing on your OLFP. Keep it up!!

    Good for Stew to bring flowers to you. Sweet!

    Ky Girl


  23. Grass, chives, same thing.

    3841 ixeopi

  24. I used to always want more closet space. Then I lost weight and didn't have any clothes to fill it haha. I've almost built it back up but now I need new spring/summer clothes again.

  25. That's really funny about the grass!

    That is an awesome picture of you. You look TERRIFIC!

  26. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Catching up on your blogs. This photo of you is awesome Chris. You have a beautiful face when you're smiling. As for the rooms they're looking wonderful. Love your new room. Diet coke might rock but you rock more Chris. You have a huge heart. Kayjay


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