Monday, April 08, 2013


Ha ha!  Yesterday I asked Stew what he thought of my hairdo?  The 'bun' in particular.  

He said he liked it, it looked quite 'up market, classy, hoity toity' ... then he asked me why, what 'look' was I going for?

I said "I just want to keep it off me damn neck so I don't get so hot"!  lol

'Up market, classy or hoity toity' was definitely NOT the look I was going for, that's for sure.
I could never be classy!  For one, I just ain't into air's and graces!  Just ask ANYONE who knows me!
They would all agree.

Anyway... it's DAY 60!  OMG I am so excited.  I get to weigh in again today.  I hope for a loss.  I'm sure it will be a loss.  BEARING in mind it's not really about the NUMBERS... and more about how I feel.
Having said that, I ain't gunna lie and say it isn't IMPORTANT to me to see the numbers going down.
There has to be something keeping me accountable to myself, and the bloody scales are it I suppose.
I hate scales.  With a PASSION.  Mine better be a little bit nice today or I might just throw them out the door. Or smash them with a sledge hammer.

Who would love to do that once in ya life???   I might do it one day just to get the satisfaction.  

Check back in around 1 pm, then we will know what I lost these last 30 days!

WHOOPS!  Before I go... how about a comparison photo or two?


I never thought of it before, but I am blessed with really FLAT ears!  Totally left-field observaton eh? ha ha ha!

Righty ho, better go make a start on the lunches, and get the kids off to school so I can finally wash me lovely floor!  I've washed 'bits' of it since it went down, but not the entire floor.  Today for sure it will happen!

AND... after watching Masterchef last night, Bex and I are both inspired to do some baking!  She is going to make a sponge and I'm going to make a Pavlova. 
That should satisfy my craving for something sweet!  We shall have them both for dessert tonight... then I can work towards another good 30 days.  

BLONDIE: re your question about the bra.  Yes, they do seem to be accurate.  Shop your top size seems to work.


I have to share this:

PASSENGER.  Amazing group.  Backing band/singers for Ed Sheeran.  I've been listening to their music since a few days ago... I'm in love with their music.

I went down to the supermarket to get the FEW things I didn't have, to make me Pavlova.  And I must say it... this Pav better be amazing cos it cost $40 for the ingredients!  And I got home and whoops!  Ain't got any vinegar.  Bugger damn and blast!

All is not lost though, cos Steve and Bex are going down to the supermarket now as well.  I get to watch over Dante.  *smiles*  I love that.

My Pavlova is in the oven, and my Praline is cooling.  I've never made 'praline' before.  I probably did it wrong, but we will see!

Bex is dyeing her hair.  She's sick of being blonde apparently.  Hmmmm.... wonder what colour it will be?

ONE HOUR till weigh in...  and I can't wait!  I got on the scales:

5.5 kilos
12.1 pounds

in the last 30 days.

I am really happy with that, it takes my total loss so far to: 

13.5 kilos
29.7 pounds

in 60 days.

Now let's see what I can do in the NEXT 30 days!
I'm loving this.  I've not starved myself.  I've not gone without anything I really, really desired.  I've just watched my PORTIONS and have not eaten crap every day.  ONCE A WEEK I allow myself a treat.
I've still not had that Movenpik icecream either!

My weekly treat will be tonight when I have some of my pavlova and Bex's sponge.  That should satisfy any sweet craving eh?

Pav has come out awesome... can't say the same for the praline.  Made a 2nd batch... but if it doesn't set like toffee, I will have to make a 3rd lot!  Masterchef ... I AM NOT. *smiles*

I'm still on a real BUZZ after the weigh in! So happy with myself.  And yes, this ONWARD FOR LIFE PLAN is sustainable, and yes, I can live like  this forever.

So... the 2nd batch of praline was a flop too!  So... third attempt just competed and... it worked.  Yes sir'eeee... I did it!  Now it just has to set, then I can chop it up and stick it on top of me Pavlova later on.

Bex's first sponge came out BEAUTIFUL... and now she's making the 2nd one.  She decided to make two sponges, rather than try to cut one in half horizontally and perhaps botch it.  Clever thinking Chick.

I wonder if I HAVE to eat dinner?  I would much rather just skip right to dessert!

PENNY:  can you imagine me NOT taking a photo of the desserts?  I photograph EVERYTHING... you should know that!  lol
Once they are both totally finished, I will update with photos... JUST FOR YOU.

End of Day:  a fantastic day... so happy with myself.  And the scales live for another day! lol
Photos of our dessert will be tomorrow, I need something for tomorrow's post!
nite nite.


  1. Definitely more definition around your jawline, & cheekbones more prominent. Go you!!

  2. Good luck for weighin (not that you need it) will check back in later to see how you get on. Oh and I've often felt like throwing my scales out the window!!

  3. If your face is any clue you will have a loss today, but you already knew that.
    Oh yes, it would feel so good to just throw the scales out the window.

  4. Oooh can't wait. You can definitely tell you've lost it in your face but we wanna see your body, baby!

    Yay - roll on 1 o'clock ish.



  5. I suck at calculating time differences!! Waiting with bated breath!!!

  6. Well done Chris :)


    You have obviously put in the work and effort and it is paying off.

  8. Well done Chris - so proud of you - you must be feeling great!
    Keep up the inspiration

  9. That's a lot of weight. Good work! You have inspired me to have a go.

  10. Yay! Go you! Awesomeness.... give yourself a pat on the back!


  11. I'm so glad it's working for you - the smaller portions and 1 treat a week. I haven't lost any serious wt myself. I'm still eating whatever I like, whenever. So I'm going to do what you've been doing. Smaller portions and 2 treats a week.

  12. You've done so well!!! Yay go girl!! :)

  13. Well done Chris, thats just awesome !!

    Can see the difference in your pics too.

  14. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Chris.....OMG you are smashing it.
    Well done your an inspiration.

    Michelle xox

  15. Fantastic result Chris. This is really working for you and you can definitely see it in the pictures. Enjoy your dessert tonite.

  16. Congrats! You are doing so well! and you look so good-you go girl!

  17. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Well done Chris! You are doing a great job & the method you are using is sustainable!!!!! Can definitely see the difference in your face :0)

    hope the praline/pav & sponge all work out!!!! xo

  18. Congratulations! You are doing so well, and I think your plan to lose weight is an awesome one and so great to see it working for you!
    Leanne xx

  19. Wow, that's fantastic, good for you xxx

  20. woohoo knew you could do it over and over and over :) great losses me girl and you're looking great...


  21. Fantastic Chris!! I am just so happy that you are in the zone and doing it :) I saw you the other day and thought you looked smaller.

    Next time put the comparison to your first face photo, now that will be different!

  22. Well done Chris. It is so good to hearing the motivation and positive attitude in your voice / writing. As you said, it is sustainable long term, which is so important. I also think you and Stew are modelling great habits for Brylee and Griffin - not off-limit food that is banned for ever but occasional treats and healthy eating the rest of the time. Just what we all need. I'm so pleased for you - you have done this on your own. And if we are lucky, might we be able to see pictures of the dessert?

    Enjoy your well deserved treat. Penny xo

  23. I had a feeling you would but thought they might be devoured before you had a chance! Thank you, looking forward to seeing the masterpieces. Penny xo

  24. What a great result for the month! That is excellent. I love your hair up in a bun, looks good.

  25. awesome effort chris well done....dessert sounds yummmmmo ...enjoy

  26. Wow! Great difference in the photos! You are looking wonderful!
    Awesome loss for a month! You are doing so well!! Bring on next month!!!

  27. Awesome loss, you have finally nailed a way of eating that works for you. I am looking forward to seeing the pics of your baking efforts today.

    I am also looking forward to seeing Bex's new hair colour.

  28. Oh that's so awesome I have been at work ALL DAY and karate and then dinner (crockpot cornbeef) dishes and haver just sat down!!!! SO now I see the rsult of your weightloss WELL DONE.......

  29. Anonymous10:40 PM

    Congrats on the weight loss - do you feel that the Metformin has helped you to lose weight?
    Great job!

  30. Anonymous11:47 PM

    Congratulations Chris on the weight loss. Almost 30 lbs in two months is awesome. You are doing a wonderful job!!

    Can't wait to see the dessert pictures.

    Ky Girl

  31. Anonymous12:16 AM

    YAYAYAYAYAYAAY! Well done Chris!
    You have taken control of your life!
    You have put a stop to the bullshit adult kids dish out to us,their parents.... that have feelings and emotions.
    And in turn you have taken control of your eating.
    Much love to you and BIG CHEERS FROM WELLINGTON!
    YOU are doing it!!!!
    Kate in Welly.

  32. What wonderful news big Congrats, keep up the good work Chris!

  33. WTG that's awesome!!!


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